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  1. This course, what can I say about it that hasn’t been said already? Unconventional but not forgettable. And cool tee markers.
  2. I'm still gonna watch the hell out of it. The postgame for this show is fun, lots of interesting discussion and podcasts. And it used Massive Attack in the first episode, that was great.
  3. Lol. The location, the music, the acting is great, but I'm just not crazy about the storytelling. Maybe I'm still reacting to the what the hell is going on from last season, I just find the show a little cold and clinical.
  4. Westworld is boring although 2nd episode Thandie Newton was good. Plot Against America is good as is My Brilliant Friend. Picard ended OK. War of the Worlds is very loosely based on the book and seems to be withholding the aliens way too long. Ramy is funny. Just started on Kingdom (Korean zombie show) and I'm actually watching a zombie show despite swearing off the genre.
  5. Just a little fade. Brave cameraman.
  6. Congrats! I think you should take up this thing called golf, lol.
  7. I think COVID may change the way people practice. I posted a thread (look below) awhile back of photos and videos of people practicing using their DIY stations, at home, or someplace they have access to that has nothing to do with golf. Fast forward to the present and I am seeing so many people practicing at home with makeshift setups on my social feeds, I don't even bother to capture them and post to the thread anymore, it's not a novelty. You see huge beach towels, nets built for other purposes co-opted to catch golf balls, or no net, but a rubber golf ball, etc... I don't know how exactly how practicing will look like say a year from now, but I think people will realize how much they can get done not at a range, with online lessons, video conferencing lessons and/or they may not have a choice given the economy. Also mass market radar/launch monitors are getting better and cheaper. On the other hand, things might go back to normal because humans are social, there is nothing that can simulate you seeing the complete ball flight, and golf is a culture where things aren't amenable or slow to change. How social isolation can actually help *improve* your golf game You may be stuck inside, but when it comes to your golf swing, that may be a blessing in disguise that could help your game.
  8. This person playing golf on a farm in NZ. First time I've seen a ball hit off a pile of poop, fear not, it doesn't look too gross in the video. Warning, turn down volume or mute.
  9. Not used to this setup, feels claustrophobic and afraid to swing out. Need to break out the PVC and the alignment sticks, especially the front one. Pants are dirty from gardening. Oh and the net, I thought I was buying a golf net, not a soccer net. Jeez. I don't think it's big enough. Thanks!
  10. All these professional musicians from across genres streaming from their homes, it is cool to see what their places look like.
  11. Not a ladder, but... Joshua Mayer(@trickshotjmay) on TikTok: Target practice 🎯 ...wait for it #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #boredathome #golf #trickshot #targetpractice Target practice 🎯 ...wait for it #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #boredathome #golf #trickshot #targetpractice
  12. This is an old post, but I've never seen it before.
  13. I wonder how this deal is looking now, lol.
  14. This is a clever design. Coronavirus: Linksoul donating money from ‘Flatten The Curve’ shirts Forty dollars might seem like a little much for a T-shirt, but when all the proceeds from it go to a great charity, it can be money well spent...
  15. The submarine action in Hunter Killer was video game-y, but it was good escapist fun. Captain Flint from Black Sails was in it too. Par.
  16. CBS All Access is free for a month. I forget the details, just look it up. And use the code for the no ad version. It should work.
  17. I read the first 2 parts of the 3 part piece on Golfweek and pretty much agree with everything Chamblee said. In the second piece, it details him taking out his phone and playing a swing video of Spieth and pointing out which move he thought Spieth should fix. The smartphone era, wow, lol. I'm not surprised he was called out for his choice of words, but the substance of what he said made a lot of sense. What Breed said about Chamblee taking it out on instructors because he didn't have better results on the PGA Tour (kind of like in the movie, Moneyball) was low though. Poor form, Breed.
  18. ‘We Take the Dead From Morning Till Night’ - The New York Times No country has been hit harder by the coronavirus than Italy, and no province has suffered as many losses as Bergamo. Photos and voices... The coronavirus test that wasn’t: How federal health officials misled state scientists and derailed the best chance at containment The CDC botched the coronavirus test. The FDA took weeks to allow others to fix it. Those delays contributed to the current crisis.
  19. Finally watched Rocketman. Par. I liked the musical numbers and I love Elton John's music, but it was kind of a standard musician recovery from addiction movie.
  20. Of course! I was wondering what those really were.
  21. Guy at the end is showing off with the cans, lol.
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