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  1. OK, Tiger Woods is in this one. I checked. There's video evidence. Genesis Open PGA TOUR And it looks like Woods is in the featured groups on PGA Live coverage: Featured Groups: Genesis Open Tiger Woods was 16 when he made his PGA TOUR debut at Riviera Country Club in ’92. As he makes his 13th start at the Genesis this week, it remains the only tournament he has played 10 or more times without winning... Ooaaff, you duffed it. No mercy.
  2. He handily won by 7 strokes at Dubai and note this:
  3. Trying to remember when Woods was an amateur, I don't recall him ever being in any Nike spots, right? It was Hello, World right after he signed with Nike and announced intention to turn pro, drop out of Stanford, right? What are the implications (naive to think not) if she didn't take any money or compensation? Here's the ad: USGA looking into Lucy Li's participation in Apple Watch ad campaign | Golf Channel The USGA is looking into Lucy Li's participation in an online ad campaign for Apple Watch. USGA reportedly investigating Lucy Li’s spot in Apple advertisement Lucy Li’s appearance in a recent Apple advertisement has raised questions about her amateur status. The 16-year-old who first rocketed onto the golf scene when she qualified for and played in…
  4. I thought I got lucky, waited about a year to get the 2016 MBP and haven't had any issues with the keyboard. Then couldn't login and finally was able to with an external keyboard. Made an appointment with the Genius Bar, hope the bill won't be too crazy and I get the repair done within a reasonable amount of time. Good thing I kept my old MBP in order.
  5. This is weird. Tried compressed air a number of times, the keys still don't work when logged in, but my password uses some of the keys that don't work and I was able to log in using the MBP's keyboard.
  6. nevets88

    Finally Got A NAS; Synology

    It's only 2 4TB drives, gonna go with RAID 1, but finally got one of these. Was debating the DS218+ and equivalent QNAP, went with Synology because more established/history. Planning on using it as a backup of course, it'll be one part of the 3-2-1 backup rule. Will install Plex on old MBP and serve up videos from there. May cancel one of my cloud storage accounts. Nice to know I'll have all the options that a NAS offers and finally centralized storage at home.
  7. nevets88

    Finally Got A NAS; Synology

    Tried running Plex off an old MBP and also off the NAS itself, turned out it ran better off the NAS. Almost done loading movies onto it, next will be tv. It's faster than streaming from Netflix/Hulu/Amazon/HBO for the HD movies, not sure how 4K will be. Probably will buffer and stop.
  8. nevets88

    My Swing (nevets88)

    I've been Playing Golf for: 7 years My current handicap index or average score is: 10 My typical ball flight is: High The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: left Went to Golf Evolution and took a lesson with Erik a couple of weeks ago (of course it snowed) and contact feels much more solid now. Grip and backswing adjustment and more weight forward. I think I finally understand some aspects of the backswing plane I didn't before and it feels like I added more speed around the impact area without spraying the ball. Hitting fewer quick hooks and distance is better but can definitely do more weight forward.
  9. nevets88

    My Swing (nevets88)

    Yes, I tended to not finish swing, I guess there is some merit to phrase swing to a finish. Teacher has been coming up once a month and this is the most in person instruction I’ve ever had through the winter. We keep cycling through similar things I noticed which is fine because I never feel like I’ve quite mastered really of the pieces he gave me, could always do better. Worked on Key #4, via some backswing adjustments and extension Key #1 head not going forward at 1. I’m fine with toe strikes, coming from shank land. I like how I’m much more comfortable with arm higher at 4. Clubhead farther from body, more speed. Face is open in face on vid, could add a touch more lead wrist flex at 4.
  10. nevets88

    What Are You Listening To?

    Brandi Carlile. An American treasure.
  11. nevets88

    Tiger Woods Master Catch-All Discussion

    Heh heh. The facial non expression casualness there.
  12. nevets88

    Finally Got A NAS; Synology

    It's amazing all the apps/options - web server, vpn, stream music, surveillance video storage, print server, etc... Mine maxes out at 24 TB. I think 12 TB is going for 350 ish now.
  13. Yeah, I don't wanna sound like an idiot when I go to the GB and not give it a half decent go at it myself. Rescheduled to a store that I think will get better service/not as busy too.
  14. On closer examination, these are the keys that don't work - 7 8 9 U I J K L M. So it's one isolated area. My compressed air can ran out just as I started so didn't really give it a good go, so rescheduled GB appointment for later and will try the compressed air again.
  15. The BBC gave a synopsis of a recent report from a medical journal calling the condition that powerful swings exert on the back, repetitive traumatic discopathy. It uses the term X-factor, I wonder how many are going to recall Jim McLean's book, it's probably too small in the rear view mirror to be a blip now. It's all Captain Obvious to us that swing speeds have been trending up and the BBC quotes one of the doctors saying it's still a theory although they're noticing an uptick. All the usual stuff you hear about fitness for injury prevention follows. Golf is still nowhere near as contact as basketball (or similar) as anyone who has ever played a pickup game lately can attest to. I wish I had a high swing speed "problem", going to guess I don't swing hard enough to get into this danger zone, still reading this makes me less likely to delay my next stretching routine. Golf: a contact sport. Repetitive traumatic discopathy may be the driver of early lumbar degeneration in modern-era golfers in: Journal of Neurosurgery: Spine - Ahead of print 'X-factor' golf swing linked to back pain Going for a supercharged swing could play havoc with your back, according to spine surgeons.
  16. Thanks. Glad keyboard program is free because I didn’t get AC. Should have gotten that in retrospect. The left side of the keyboard works @jamo, when I start typing with my right hand then nothing happens. The space bar works. And the function keys.
  17. I totally missed the telecast of Pebble last weekend and missed this, don't know if this was explained on TV, but here are the details. Those aren't just three lines on Phil Mickelson's golf ball—they're science Three lines on Mickelson's ball are a Callaway technology by way of octogenarian entrepreneur and optometry researcher aimed at improving your aim.
  18. Asinine, debaucheries. I had to Urban Dictionary porg. Everything cute is debauched, huh?
  19. nevets88

    Tiger Woods Master Catch-All Discussion

    I'm not sure if general consensus of experts guessed he was playing next week or it's already on his schedule but here it is. Tiger Woods officially headed to WGC-Mexico Championship next week Tiger Woods will be playing in the 2019 WGC-Mexico Championship at Club de Golf Chapultepec in Mexico City. “I’m playing next week,” Woods said in a press conference Wednesday prior to the Ge…

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