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  1. Not a big surprise, but here it is, he is playing the Northern Trust. Tiger Woods announces he will play Northern Trust in Boston It’s official — Tiger Woods will be in the field at the Northern Trust when the FedEx Cup Playoffs start next week. He tweeted the news on Friday...
  2. Many moons ago, I chafed at some of the decisions made by a beginner who made his progress for all to see, the 10,000 hour hypothesis remember? Now I'm following someone doing something kind of the same, going by the Instagram handle of miaellax, there's no set goal, at least not that I know of, but from what I'm seeing, she's going about it every smartly. Figure I'll make a thread for it. The big difference between now and people who tried it previously like 10 years ago, is that online instruction is much more prevalent, although I think you could do the same things albeit not as great video quality, 10 years ago. Probably a larger percentage of instructors who know what they're doing as well. Definitely the tools to keep track of progress, remotely, are much better now, cheaper, easier to use, etc...
  3. I don't shill often, but will shill for my current instructor's new studio, will let the video speak for itself. I think it will officially open in a week or two. Roomy bays and Flightscope. Will post photos when I take next lesson.
  4. The USGA posted the answer, so I'll post it as well, will put it under spoiler tag.
  5. Pretty obvious as we all known, balata will spin more. Distance loss more pronounced for driver vs irons. But a lot of subtle differences mentioned in the piece. And lots of data. Robot-testing a balata ball with modern clubs produced fascinating results What happens when you test modern equipment with a balata ball? GOLF.com linked up with an industry leader in the independent testing...
  6. Last postgame thoughts from Shackelford. Final Thoughts On Harding Park's Successful Week, Now About Those Bunkers... — Geoff Shackelford
  7. Guess this comes as no shock to anyone, I'm coming to this late, thought it would have been posted here already. November's Masters golf tournament at Augusta National to be held without guests or spectators The Masters Tournament rescheduled for November will take place without spectators or guests, due to the coronavirus pandemic that postponed the...
  8. When you hear the winner attached to the year, you'll be like, huh!
  9. I see a lot of swings on social media, Instagram mainly, and more than a few people are wearing AirPods while swinging. Just something I noticed.
  10. This was a good listen. He talks about cracking a golf ball at 206 when he was younger in front of Phil Mickelson. And some details on how he went about increasing his distance. Here is the episode.
  11. Rose Zhang won the US Am too! Trifecta. Got the major Asian countries covered. Japan, Korea, China.
  12. I think this might help me. may try it. Right hip/knee tends to go towards ball. I think getting the pivot less heading towards ball and right hip more going with left hip, more turning in place rather than turning towards the ball.
  13. Typical progression. After hitting like half a dozen drivers with the sticks, swing hard. All sorts of things not crazy about, but need to learn to swing hard. First swing w/o sticks. Doh, too armsy handsy trail arm extended way too much too soon. Not great golf instincts. Almost a total whiff. Not discouraged though, know the "fix". Rotate. Turn into lead arm. Imagine sticks are there. Transition is losey goosey though. Contact towards heel. When swinging hard, overcompensating for over the top tendency at transition by exaggerating shallowing. Last swing of the day. Transition cleaner. Project driver no shank continues.
  14. Doh, you're right, I totally forgot. Yeah, it's like Nadal vs Federer. Like the No Laying Up guys said about Champ. Finau looks like he has more in the tank.
  15. No wikipedia allowed, lol! Source is US Open Twitter account:
  16. Ratings for CBS are good, but not as good as 2018 when Woods was in contention. ESPN fared better, relative to TNT. 2020 PGA Ratings Roundup: CBS Up With Final Round Peaking At 6.8 Million Viewers; ESPN Draws Best Cable Numbers In Decade — Geoff Shackelford ESPN’s PGA Championship Coverage is Cable’s Most-Watched in 10 Years - ESPN Press Room U.S. ESPN’s live coverage of the PGA Championship at TPC Harding Park in San Francisco finished as the most-viewed edition of the event on cable since...
  17. Classic TV with some interesting numbers on shots televised. Granted, tracking only started in 2014. I guess with The Masters on YouTube, one could record these numbers for a much longer time period but The Masters I'm guessing is an anomaly. Classic TV Sports: Shot chart from CBS Sunday PGA Championship telecast - 2020
  18. Agree - the problem is when I take the sticks away is - I think I'm out of jail, go nuts, which is not the right frame of mind.
  19. I would pay handsomely for like a Chambeau, Champ, Finau face off.
  20. It's hard to compare apples to apples. IIRC, in one Instagram video, the machine was a Foresight and on another it was Trackman? Guessing Bryson it was a Trackman? The only way to really tell is to get them together, have them tee it up I dunno, 15 times, say hit it as hard as you can and see what happens?
  21. Project driver continues. I am now seeing more evidently when I take away the sticks, the swing is much less... hard to pick a word, disciplined, key #4 is all over the place. Will try and swing harder with the sticks in place, was reluctant to do so before.
  22. I looped this little bit from the PGA ad, lol.
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