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  1. Finished Chernobyl and am halfway through the official podcast (with show's creator and writer) and other podcasts (Slate) that are reviewing it. Not just about the disaster but insight into what it was like in the Soviet Union circa Gorbachov. I'm four episodes into Good Omens and it's okay. I should love anything Gaiman, his writing seems right up my alley, but I've never finished American Gods, the book. The most compelling thing about the show is David Tennant. It is funny, maybe too tongue in cheek. One more episode to go with Les Miserables, have seen the musical and the movie and this miniseries, with more time to breathe, and less sugarcoating, is still a compelling watch, although I'm still at odds to the motivation of Javert and his endless drive to capture 24601.
  2. Anecdotal, but it seems a lot of people love his swing. Whether or not it's technically perfect or just aesthetically pleasing, I'm not in a position to judge, but guessing maybe they're thinking, great swing, eventually wins? Despite your Jim Furyks.
  3. nevets88

    Loopers Movie

    It's interesting looking at the locations. Alaska gets a screening. The Villages already showing it. Makes sense. You can kind of use it to find courses in the US. See the Movie Opens in theaters June 7th. Gravitas Ventures presents Loopers: The Caddie's Long Walk, a feature length documentary, narrated by Bill...
  4. The Washington Post folks...
  5. I wish there were more opportunities to watch golf like the USO Sectional. The actual USO is just a major headache as is any regular Tour event. To be able to park, walk 5 minutes to the first tee and follow a group with barely any encumbrances, no masses of people, is quite the experience. Much easier to follow the ball when you can position yourself anywhere you want. And this time, I remembered to use Game Golf and got yardages while watching. Maybe I should try and watch more women's events. The ironic thing is I got way more closeup videos at the actual USO because the ropes were so close to the tee boxes, wheres in the Sectional, I wanted to give the players their space, and hesitated to take any videos from close quarters. The thing I noticed yesterday was how aggressive they were playing. Instead of taking the side route, a lot of these guys tried to hit through the trees when their tee shots were off. I heard a lot of knocking on wood. I guess they have to though, they have to go low.
  6. I've been playing more, a lot more than previous seasons, but I agree I could play more than that and I plan on doing that this season. This game is a struggle.
  7. To get as good as I can but apparently that's a low ceiling. I don't enjoy shooting in the 90s or higher. There's no way that score is going down if I don't improve the full swing, which I think I understand better, but I just don't have the talent for this.
  8. OK, I am this close to calling it quits. Lots of work and scoring still sucks. This may be my last season. I just don't have the knack for this thing.
  9. Spent a quick 3 hours at the Sectionals in NY. It was either spend 3 more hours and still hit bad traffic or leave early and get a wee bit of traffic, something in between would have been mind blowingly bad traffic. This guy hit it to 6 feet, 180ish yard par 3.
  10. Congrats on the USO win, Jeongeun Lee6. (Name makes me think of Jennifer 8. Lee, the journalist)
  11. I used it for putting and it exposed a fault right away. My head was tilted like 20 degrees away from the target. Once I got it level, distance and start line better and head stayed more still. Thank you app. I could have just video’d myself but seeing yourself live is easier. Imho this alone made the price worth it. Need to get some kind of screen cover for glare. It’s much easier to use when you’re not struggling to see the screen.
  12. Glad I tuned in late in the day to see Thompson make her late charge. It seemed the announcer kept underestimating her distances. I didn't even bother with The Memorial, no time. That 3 wood Thompson hit was right on the money.
  13. Well, it's a Raynor/Banks designed course, but since Raynor's course is the Women's USO course now, I put his name up there. Also, technically, it has been opened for two weeks now, so opened for a bit already. Interesting, the management company that took over also operates Skyway, Blue Heron and Galloping Hill. From the little I've seen of Skyway, I like how they run it. Green fees look reasonable. Based on the Google comments, looks like it hasn't drained out yet, but that's a lot of courses around here. Home - Rock Spring Golf Township of West Orange purchases Rock Spring; course open to Public
  14. Nice to have the complex back.
  15. Chernobyl is brutal to watch, but I can't stop watching. It's an eye opening look into the nuclear disaster. I would recommend it, but I have only watched 4 of the 5 episodes.
  16. Yeah, everyone would ruin it, wouldn't they? Or a small percentage will. Judging by the people here who can't do anything golf etiquette right because it's all about themselves.
  17. Not to beat a dead horse, but this is kind of on topic. Here is a map of a small portion of Port Washington, one of the "eggs" referred to by F Scott Fitzgerald in The Great Gatsby (actually, the area around the course, Sands Point, is said to have provided Fitzgerald background for the novel), full of old money. It's about 20-25 minutes, the distance between the furthest apart golf clubs, Sands Point to North Shore. Count 'em, there are 7 courses, pretty close together. One is public, 6, SIX, are private, like buying a NYC house to join any of them. Just a little bit off the map are 9 more private courses. Deepdale, Fresh Meadow, Old Westbury, Glen Oaks, Glen Head, Cedar Brook, Brookville, Piping Rock. There is a lot of great golf just in this little space. But it's only for a select few. Imagine, if you had access to all 15 clubs and lived nearby, you'd always have good golf available.
  18. That Edola stretch with your back against the wall helps me a little.
  19. Phil: If your head were a touch softer, I'd be in the fairway. Ha!
  20. I dunno, now with how connected we are now, if that's the case.
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