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  1. Doh, I saw this after I posted the pic, lol.
  2. Scott Fawcett had some interesting bits on the latest How's My Hand Path podcast. He said something like when Bryson was in college or just got on tour, can't remember, he showed him two swings, his regular and something like the one we see now. So it was something he had in his bag, although probably less polished, way back when. 211. Sick.
  3. Tired of them ripping apart. Hopefully these are more sturdy.
  4. No guesses as to whether it'll survive, but I would think whether it does or not, streaming is going to be more prevalent. Despite the problems with Peacock and the USO, maybe they're going to broadcast some tournaments via Peacock? I don't see the COVID situation changing drastically anytime soon and with the uptick in people golfing, you'd figure there would be a chance to capitalize on that but that's not happening AFAIK.
  5. Pent up demand from down months of shutdown (Mar, Apr, May) boosts August? Wedges selling well? Thought it would have been drivers. Balls, irons, wedges, bags and gloves are the crux of equipment though, I'd guess. YTD, in the black, just barely. U.S. RETAIL GOLF EQUIPMENT SALES FOR AUGUST 2020 UP NEARLY 32% OVER AUGUST 2019 | Golf Datatech Golf Datatech: Highest Third Quarter U.S. Retail Golf Equipment Sales Ever — Geoff Shackelford
  6. Shackelford weighs in. MorningRead.com: "Changes at Golf Channel could get a fuzzy reception" — Geoff Shackelford
  7. This is the closest the course swing has matched the range swing. Hole was 425, cut the dogleg a little, 150 left to pin, center of fairway. Still hate the right knee kicking out and hip going towards ball around A7. One of the rare occasions where I turned the brain off and coming off the face, it felt like it wasn't going to go very far, but carried the bunker, no problemo. Bethpage Yellow #13. When you put the camera far back, less chance to screw up the angle. Backswing around the green has always been too long, too much hinge. Have been working on making it more compact. This chip went too long, but the backswing is much improved. Tempo is a little quick, snatchy, will work on making it more smooth.
  8. I want to go back one day. Got to play Bandon, but not Pacific. One day...
  9. I wonder if Peacock might fit into the equation somewhere. Probably not. Also wonder if the Olympics delay might have put even more of a dent into NBC's bottom line, and thus a snowball effect. Well, not NBC as much as Comcast?
  10. Here are two examples, lol.
  11. 11 out of 10 degree of difficulty
  12. Aaron Hicks has a good looking swing.
  13. I posted this during the USO, you can tell who it is just by the silhouette.
  14. I thought this was funny. Made me lol. Long pants and shirt during a SoCal heatwave. Okayyyyy...
  15. I thought this was a pretty good cover. Note they used a separate piano for the ending cover. The Beatles took great pains to lengthen the sustain of the piano at the end in the original recording.
  16. I wonder what Barkley's swing looks like nowadays. I guess we shall see. Well, he said he wasn't a role model, lol.
  17. After a lot of videoing on course and reviewing, narrowed it down to 2 major swing faults. First one is across the line at A4, top of backswing, wrist is cupped, too much external rotation, pull down the arms. Basically, the ball ends up right but usually something not good. The good news if identified, can fix it right away, the feeling is more internal rotation and lead wrist flex before getting to A4 but "turning into lead shoulder" otherwise drop the arms and chunk it. When trying for more club head speed, this problem is exacerbated, transition is chaotic, so working on that. Bad transition Fixed, next swing, maybe a little too much lead flex and shallow? Second fault is shifting plane out to ball and hit towards heel or heel, fix so far is more "cover", hit the toe, keep right elbow closer to body on downswing. Will post details later. Also videoing short game shots and learning tendencies as well. Wish I started videoing course shots earlier.
  18. Latest episode of Subpar podcast, Como says he is hitting 200 with the 48 inch driver. Didn't say anything about dispersion though. That's not yards, that's MPH. 😜
  19. I've never seen anything like this. Elevated platform with elevated tee. Interesting idea. From his post:
  20. I would 100% play another 9 if the pace was good, like 1:45 ish, but that's 100% never going to happen where I am, so for me, nope. I do see a fair number of people sneaking onto the 10th for another 9 though. A lot.
  21. I put the vid on YouTube if you don't want to go on TikTok. At first I thought these were good players just making bad swings on purpose, but I think it's authentic?
  22. Here is the whole piece if you can't access it. Defending District 3 golf champ disappointed after season ends due to Camp Hill... Paige Richter doesn’t even have a sniffle and she can swing her clubs just fine so she figured if she showed up Friday morning at Briarwood Golf...
  23. Thanks Scott. The test will be if I can retain all this over the winter to next season.
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