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  1. It has the highest percentage of most boring and lowest percentage of most exciting. Ahead of golf: snooker and darts. Ouch. Who knows what a poll in the US would say? https://yougov.co.uk/news/2018/01/10/what-most-boring-sport/
  2. nevets88

    My Swing (nevets88)

    I've been Playing Golf for: 7 years My current handicap index or average score is: 10 My typical ball flight is: High The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: left Went to Golf Evolution and took a lesson with Erik a couple of weeks ago (of course it snowed) and contact feels much more solid now. Grip and backswing adjustment and more weight forward. I think I finally understand some aspects of the backswing plane I didn't before and it feels like I added more speed around the impact area without spraying the ball. Hitting fewer quick hooks and distance is better but can definitely do more weight forward.
  3. nevets88

    My Swing (nevets88)

    Bought the changes to the course, shot 44 short game rusty, driver was good, much more controlled, pretty much all nGIRs, focused on the one thought, feel that stretch at 4. Getting same distance feeling like less effort although that stretch at 4 takes energy out of me more when at the range. Don't like the chicken wing at 8-9 but will focus on that later, want to make new feeling at 4 automagic.
  4. nevets88

    Does Modern Golf Instruction Always Help?

    I took lessons way before instruction underwent its transformation and didn't get that much better and now with video and radar, my swing is by leaps and bounds better even though I'm older and more importantly, I understand a lot more, most lessons circa 2000, I was not quite certain the why of what the they told me what to do. Granted, I think there were good teachers as you go back further in time, but the were much harder to find.
  5. nevets88

    Why Do You Play Golf? A Two Option Poll

    But that majority of the time I'm not shooting lower scores is the process of working towards shooting lower scores, which is fun? My head hurts. I dunno, it's complex, I have a complex relationship with this game. Maybe if I got a look at that Twitter thread, it might help me understand having fun vs getting better, better.
  6. "It's not that hard." Oh, okay Mr Hinge and Hold... 😜 "Stop that!" It's not that hard. It's incredibly hard.
  7. nevets88

    Why Do You Play Golf? A Two Option Poll

    The fun part for me is the swing is a Rubik's Cube and I'm still trying to get all the colors to match up, getting out into the sun on the grass with the people is definitely fun, but as boring as it sounds, I think I enjoy the process of learning new things and building up the knowledge, which in turn should translate to better scoring and requires getting out into the sun on the grass with the people. It's all kind of connected.
  8. Hey, Reuters wrote a piece. Golf: New rules meant to be make golf faster, fairer and simpler | Reuters The New Year will usher in dozens of new rules in the biggest revamp of golf regulations in decades...
  9. nevets88

    The Films and Movies Thread

    Twin movies. Twin films - Wikipedia
  10. Am hits driver 255, Norman Xiong can hit driver, 3W, 3 iron, 4 iron past his driver. What about the 5? The 6? This is depressing. I'm out.
  11. I mean I guess you could just look at a photo sequence, but video is so much more dominant in teaching nowadays, guessing this is what kids nowadays would prefer using.
  12. For some reason I thought Day switched, and I thought McIlroy was indie. Totally forgot about that commercial with McIlroy and the curved face thingy.
  13. nevets88

    Tiger Woods Master Catch-All Discussion

    The font of the iron numbers is so... modern.
  14. Golfweek listicle of some of the changes coming next year. New Rules of Golf: 15 things you need to know for 2019 The U.S. Golf Association and the R&A have made changes to the Rules of Golf that will take effect Jan. 1, and there’s plenty to consider. These changes are part of the ruling bodies’ efforts t…
  15. I wonder who had the rights to these previously. Guessing local media companies or maybe none? For these markets: https://corporate.discovery.com/discovery-newsroom/discovery-strikes-agreement-with-european-tour-to-expand-golftv-portfolio-and-establish-the-digital-home-of-golf/
  16. A long time ago, I really liked Sergio Garcia's swing but have long since learned to do everything NOT to emulate his swing.
  17. nevets88

    Torrey Pines Local Rule

    Not sure whether this belongs in rules or tour forum, so put it here. This was posted in reddit, guessing it's very recent. Growing the rough for 2019 Farmer's?
  18. Some kind of multiple purpose helper for smartphone camera? I think that's a big honking battery top left. A bubble on the right? What is that circular thing?
  19. nevets88

    What Is This Thing that Holds the Phone?

    Ah yes, that could be some cloth fuzzy material in the middle of it. Did a search on professional smartphone holder and found that the nomenclature is rig. That circular thing is probably to hold a lens? Amazon.com : Beastgrip Universal Lens Adapter & Rig System for Smartphones : Camera & Photo Amazon.com : Beastgrip Universal Lens Adapter & Rig System for Smartphones : Camera & Photo I guess there are products where an iPhone can access an external HD via BT? Maybe that's not an iPhone. Oh wait, that's not a hard drive, that's an LED light.
  20. nevets88

    Tiger Woods Master Catch-All Discussion

    I see... I see... A funny commercial in the horizon, two red shirts...
  21. More players choosing to not endorse club manufacturers and pick whatever they want - I dunno if it's more Nike penalizing players for endorsing other brands rather than players just going out on their own. But I totally see McIlroy's pov, having recently switched iron sets. https://www.wsj.com/articles/the-year-of-the-golf-free-agent-is-here-1533729205
  22. nevets88

    Do You "Slow Drop" the Flagstick?

    So NoLayingUp says they've never or is it rarely, seen this. I think I recall seeing people doing it, but it's something I do, so I don't think anything of it and don't really note it. But hey, if The Big Cat is doing it, shouldn't you? The Tweet thread is interesting reading. My reaction to this is, wait, what, you've never seen someone do this? How long have you been playing?
  23. nevets88

    Favorite TV Show(s)

    My Brilliant Friend is my favourite show of the year. Based on the first of four Neopolitan novels written by an Italian novelist who prefers to be anonymous, but worked with the showrunners closely, the show, 8 one hour episodes, takes us up to the late teenage years of close friends Lila and Elena in the tenements of a small town on the outskirts of Naples in the late 50s. It combines elements of classic Italian movies, like Cinema Paradiso or La Dolce Vita, the time jumps of the Before trilogy and gives you such a delineated point of view from the female perspective of well, everything, it is totally immersive, you lose yourself in the lives of not just the pair, but all the families, it is literally stepping back in time. Yes, there are some difficult to watch scenes of violence, but if there weren’t, it would belie the almost casual violence in the patriarchal post war 50s and 60s. We witness the characters, without the means we normally take for granted, scrape and survive and even find joy and brief tinges of fulfillment. There are so many 1% porn shows these days with the shiny buildings and helicopter commutes, I’m actually relieved to spend some time in the dilapidated close quarters of families with as many as 5 kids in cramped 2 bedroom flats. The casting of the show is impeccable, they somehow found amazing child/teenage actors, for two time periods, who really bring the characters from the page to life. And Italian for me, is a beautiful language, it just falls off the tongue, all those vowels. If the music sounds familiar, yes, that’s the same composer who scored The Leftovers, which contains the piano bit that makes you dusty. Not only do you get the score, which was recently released and I’ve had on repeat for the past week, but the whole catalog of Richter’s body of work stretching out almost 20 years is interspersed within the show. Where else would you watch kids throw rocks at each other to the strains of post classical Vivaldi’s Spring? Just… watch this show. The second season has been green-lighted. Yes! So compelling this story is, I have all the novels sitting on my desk and am almost done with the first.

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