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  1. This is a great help. Thank you all who responded. Some great tips here!
  2. Hi, I'm a 5' 10" tall woman looking to purchase the Callaway Rogue driver. Can anybody tell me please if I should I be looking to buy a Callaway Rogue driver for a senior? I believe the club shaft on a senior's club will be almost as flexible as a ladie's driver, but have the extra length. I'm asking this question because I've played with some ladies drivers and found them to be long enough. Ladies drivers seem to come in varying lengths, and I don't know if the Callaway Rogue driver has a longish shaft or whether I'd need to get the senior's instead.
  3. Thank you so much! This is all really helpful.
  4. Thanks Eric, I take it that men's chippers are all the same length?
  5. Thank you for your response David. When you suggest getting a chipper that fits me, are you suggesting getting a men's chipper? Sorry if this is a stupid question, but are there varying lengths for men's clubs (and women's clubs for that matter)?
  6. I'm a fairly new golfer and have decided to get a chipper. I'm a tall woman at 5'10" and wondered if men's and women's chippers are pretty much the same or if I should get a men's chipper (for the added length of club) or a ladies club (for weight or ?). Can anybody tell me if there's much difference between the two?
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