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  1. I know you wrote this years ago, as I am new to this site this year but I agree with you 1000000000000%! haha. My quick story - I played alot of golf when I was in my 20's and hovered around a 10 handicap. Fast forward years later, I am 45 and my kids are 17 and 12, so I now have had a lot more time to go. This past year I got back into golf, as I have always loved it, slightly obsessed I will say! Anyway, I tried out so many different irons this year, as technology has changed a bit on the past 20 years, but I read up on new and old irons, and the Ping Eye 2 kept coming up, so I figured what the heck. Got a set or orange dots 3 through w, and man o man!!! These things are amazing, and my scores went way down. The irons dont go that far, but the distances are really consistent, which I care way more about, so basically from about 170 in I feel pretty good. Using a hybrid for anything above like 175 ish, and working out pretty well. So these irons are really pretty great, and they are 30 years or so old. After all the irons I messed around with this year, which was alot, nothing even comes close for me, other than some Mizunos I played briefly with. So now my scores are in the mid to high 70's depending on my approach shots, as I tend to have two or three rough holes I butcher up sometimes for some reason. Love these dam irons!
  2. Thanks John, I was thinking the same thing. I also found a Wilson 3 wood at Play it Again Sports (Deep Red 3 Wood), for 15 bucks. I dont know why, but I really like Wilsons. I tried all the big names, and other than Titleist, which I would end up paying a fortune for, the Wilsons just fit me well for whatever reason. I have seen some of the new models for Wilson, and I am thinking of getting new set after the holidays. Weird thing though. I have 90's era set of Golfsmith Jetstreams irons and they are pretty decent, but I tried the vintage blades (Wilsons I got off ebay for 30 bucks!!) and ever since I started with them I have shot an 80 - 81 - 80 - 81, as I am usually in mid to low 80's. Had it not been for 2 or 3 holes I butcher up for some reason, haha, I would have been in the 70's which I have not been since I was in my 20's (45 now). Anyway, thanks for the heads up with Wilson, have a good one!
  3. So I have been toying with the idea of getting new clubs off and on for about a year or so. I do play with my current set that are Wilson Superpower Irons, probablly from the 70's, but I love...love...love the old smaller clubheads for irons ( I use modern-ish driver, 3 wood and 5 wood). Long story short, I go to second swing to look around, and hit some balls with different clubs and one of the clubmakers there spent some time with me making small talk ( i was cool with this as I will chat with anyone) and anaylzed the data from my session. So I tell him that I really dont want to spend alot of money on new clubs, as I love the old ones I have, but the issue is that they do not go very far (but I am accurate and comfortable with them). For example, I hit the 7 iron around 130 ish with the old irons, and tried a few new ones, and hit the 7 around 160. He told me with my swing speed (around 91 ish) I should be hitting current 7 irons around 170, which sounds insane to me. Anyway, he informs me that they can adjust the lie according to my swing, which he did, as well as the loft, which he adjusted by a few degrees. So major difference, as I hit 1970's 7 iron that I love about 155 - 160 ish, and hit every shot after his small adjustment really well. So to anyone out there in the same boat as me, definitely go to a pro shop (I went to Second Swing in Delaware) and ask about this. I did not get fitted, but he showed me how to analyze the data that came up for me on Trackman (way cool!!). After he told me they can bend clubs real quick and it only costs about 10 bucks per club, which is far cheaper for me than spending on new clubs, and also allows me to continue to play my REALLY old irons. Found that when I hit the newer clubs, it was basically just a 6 iron loft on a 7 iron, which I had no idea about until I started really researching this. Anyway, again, definitely look into adjusting the lie and lofts if you can and you get to keep your irons and save some cash!! So glad I stumbled upon this option.
  4. I demoed a few new clubs the other day at Dicks Sporting Goods, and I was hitting a 7 iron 160, which is about 10 yards farther than I hit my current 1970s wilson blades. However, I just really hate the way all the newer clubs have the bigger clubheads, and I hate the way it feels with an offset. I really love the blades, and I noticed that when I play the blades, if I mishit it, the ball seems to stay in play far better. I did like the Taylor made Speedbladez, but I cant see spending 400 bucks for clubs. I am too cheap. That being said, I really do dig the older clubs, and for me, feel is more important than a few yards. So I got my Wilson blades in the mail three weeks ago, played twice with them and shot an 80 and an 81. So for me, I understand what youre saying about the groves being worn out, as theres not really much you can do, other than sharpening them. You are right with the spins off the new clubs. After my demo it was really eye opening to see how advanced some of the new clubs are. Lots of great ones out there.
  5. So true, as I replied to someone else earlier and commented that I have tried all kinds of new clubs over the years and scores stayed the same (80-83 consistently). In my late 20's I would be in the 70's for about a year or so, then had kids, got married, went back to school, etc.. Ironically this hitting old blades started for me at the driving range about two weeks ago, as I saw an old club and wanted to see if I could still hit them. Glad I tried, and felt like I could control the ball much better, and did not really care about distance, as most of them were straight, or if I butchered a few, they were not as bad as when I hit my offsets. Anyway, I like what you said, "It doesn't matter what you hit, its how you hit it"...so dam true! Hey there, thanks for the response. To be honest, I have no idea what the difference in distance is. I just assumed. So I hit my blade clubs (the old ones) and was actually hitting them farther than my offset Pings. Have no clue why, but I really do love blades. I tend to slice bad with the offsets and dont have a good feel like I do with the blades. I am around a 10 handicap, usually around 80 to 83 or so, and most of my bad shots are irons, or hideous chips. Still working on that, haha. I hated my old irons and was getting fed up, as I dont want to spend a fortune on new ones, only to have the same issues (its not just the club, its me). That being said, I still may treat myself to new blades for xmas, just to see. I only spent 29 bucks on the blades I am using from the 80's, so I got that goin for me, haa.
  6. Hey man, great post, and I agree 100% with everything you said!! I around a 10 handicap, mostly 83 to 80 consistently. I used to be in the 70's back in my late 20's but havent been in the 70's since. Very frustrating. Anyway, trying new stuff here and there and scores never change. So I tried blades again and as you said, I cant hit cavity backs either. No idea why, but the small club heads appeal to me and I love the set up. I also think its in my head that I struggle with the offset clubs but I know I hit blades pretty well. I am 45, and at this point I think I have learned that distance is great, but its the accuracy that really matters. I remember being around 13 or so going to play the 9 hole course near us in Philly, and me and a buddy were always around par - using blades, not caring at all other than enjoying ourselves! Getting back to that, and will never deviate again. Too many options with clubs and clever marketing these days, but I am a believer that you really have to stick with what works for us individually.
  7. So true, and for the life of me I cant believe I hit the older ones better, makes no sense but I am not complaining! haha
  8. Hey everyone I am new to this site, and really diggin it! It started out as a simple google search for vintage clubs, and here I am, haha. Anyway. I am a golf lover, always have been. Played young, got married, had kids, left for a little, and now that kids are older, I am WAYYYYYY into it again. Cant get enough of it. Quick question....does anyone else out there hit the older (talking about 70's 80's) blades with the small heads better? I used to make my own clubs and that was fun, but I am very tempted to but the Taylor Made Speedblades, but dont want to pay for clubs that may only go 10 yards further. Plus, playing old clubs is so dam fun, and nostalgic. Anyway, anyone else caught up in this, where you still can hit old stuff but wonder if the new stuff will make a big difference?
  9. Hey there, I am new to this site, but agree with alot of what you say!! I have hit newer clubs, and older ones. I went out to the range last week and for kicks and giggles I hit a Wilson blade probably from the 80's or 70's, I think they were the Superpower blades with the small heads. Anyway, I hit them so well I ordered a set on Ebay for 29 bucks, and cant wait ti use them. I understand why the new clubs are awesome to use, but personally, I feel the same as you, in that I feel some sort of connection to being a young kid again playing with the old blades. I am also cheap by nature and really dont want to spend hundreds on clubs, only to have them go 10 yards further. Just not worth it to me. Plus, I love the way the club sets up with the small heads when I am ready to hit! Good post about your dad to, Thats the best stuff, nostalgia and honoring our homies!
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