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  1. Maybe this was down to his caddy not supplying enough balls to his bag,dont know but having caddied on the European Seniors Tour it never failed to amaze me how lax the so called professional caddies were about how many balls they supplied to their players with comments like "i'm not putting anymore weight in the bag",amongst other things.Who could forget Woosnam's caddy leaving 15 clubs in the bag dq'ing his man whilst leading the Open Championship!.The bags down to the caddy,its not rocket science.
  2. England's Eddie Pepperell was actually disqualified from the European tour's Turkish Open during his third round yesterday because wait for it..............he ran out of golf balls 😆.Apparently he hit his approach shot to the 4th into the water,he then had more attemps at the shot losing 5 more balls into the water.Pepperell is no slouch having career earnings of $8.3 million on tour,this begger's belief that a tour player playing to this standard doesn't put enough balls in his bag before he hits the course,surely a fine's applicable here.
  3. Agree,he's the best driver of the golf ball in the world and if they ALL played their best golf in a given week Rory would come out on top for sure 👍.
  4. I do agree with that there's more to take into account with a win.I guess Rory has hit his form this week with his WGC win but cant agree he's overrated as the OP suggested.
  5. Agree with this,also McIlroy is such a natural talent that when he hits his form periods he's the best player in the world for sure.
  6. McIlroy is the most naturally gifted player on tour and Koepka has to work very hard to be better than Rory,If Rory could be bothered to step it up he would win much more but he does it his way,its up to him its his gig 👍.
  7. It just goes to show that a club within reason can be adapted to manufacture any shot 👍.
  8. Seve was the master at this and could play a 3 iron out of a bunker 😯. Last 2 medal rounds with the half set and still playing to 12 and improved with last round,hope to start getting my handicap down with the half set.
  9. That would come down to sponsorship and club sales 😉,be interesting to see how they play with a half set though.
  10. Ive been playing in my local monthly medals that log handicap for these rounds with the half set and maintaining my handicap and if the last one's to go by I could see a reduction.I thought this may be easier to do this on your own course as you pretty much instictively know the distances so ive been playing on other courses and the principle is pretty much the same,its just all about working the distances and the results are the same.
  11. Can't agree,ive always got the right club in my hand but it a case of manufacturing a shot with that club which start's to give you more feel for the game and my score's are comparative to playing with a full set,with a half set you've always got a club that will cover any needed distance you wish to manufacture,the hickory guys in days of old would carry just 5 clubs and if you check out British Open scores at the turn of the last century they are pretty impressive considering how bad the balls were!.
  12. When I first started playing golf when I was a kid I couldn't afford a full set so played with a half set and got my hdc down to 14 after 3 years play,when I could afford it I bought a full set but scored pretty much the same as I did with the half set.I was thinking about making the game more simple and for the last 2 months have been playing a half set and again am able to maintain the same scoring as I used to.My bag consists of Driver,4 wood,4,6,8,pw,sw putter.Ive found that with using a half set that you become more creative with your play and learn how to adapt each club to a given dista
  13. 83tobeat


  14. Hi guys, just joined the forum.My name is Paul ive been playing golf for 27 years,have worked in golf retail and have caddied on the European Seniors Tour,my nickname on the forum "83tobeat" came about after playing for a year I cardied an 83 but it took another 3 1/2 fustrating years to beat that score! Golf eh,anyway look forward to being a member of this forum and posting time to time.
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