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  1. thanks! and I'm just shooting into the field at my house and I like being bare foot. I have also found it to be helpful when it comes to feeling where my weight is distributed throughout the swing.
  2. same, things got taken a little over the top and I apologize for any perceived hostility. I really have no dog in this fight, and at the end of the day, golf courses are generally privately owned entities and as such they can require people to wear whatever they want. if a course has an enforced dress code, it is only respectable to honor that. at the same time though, there are plenty of courses that do not have dress codes. each serves its purpose and is attractive to different types of golfers. It is a course by course decision, my only point is there should not be required attire to play g
  3. because I don't want to wear chinos when it is 90+ outside? neither does anyone else, there is no other time you would expect someone to wear long pants outdoors in that weather except for a funeral or wedding. why are you so salty about me not wanting to wear a polo? not like my attire effects yours or anyone else's game. As another poster pointed out, if you really want to respect the tradition of the game, wear a full suit complete with bow tie, hat, and a dress shoes.
  4. this is exactly what I was referring to. Its this attitude that scares a lot of people, especially the younger crowd, away from the game. It is hard enough to learn to play the golf as it is. if you don't like people not wearing collared shirts, maybe you should quit. or go hang out at a private club with all the other people who have a putter up their rear.
  5. obviously I don't golf shirtless, it would be nice when It is 95 with 100% humidity. and it would serve my tan well. Wife beaters are just an eye sore, I was being facetious on that matter. I feel it's pretentious to expect everyone to wear a collared shirt while they whack a ball around a big field. especially at a place that cost $20.
  6. Had my shot of the year yesterday. was playing a short par 4, dog leg to the right. played a 4 iron off the tee and pushed it right into the rough. ended up about 210 out in the rough, ball was a little fluffed up. green was protected by water in the front and sand on the right. pulled out the 5 iron and played a high draw right at the pin. ball mark about 8 feet in front of the hole and stopped about 5 feet behind it. drained the putt for birdie.
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  8. Bad for the game. I would play barefoot, shirtless in board shorts if I could. since that is generally frowned upon i typically don black athletic shorts and a solid colored t shirt; even on the nicer courses I play. If a dress code is in effect, Ill wear a polo and some nicer shorts only out of necessity. I think golf needs to be more inviting to the common man, and people need to get off their high horse when it comes to the "tradition" of the game. The golfist attitude is off putting to a lot of common folk who only get out a couple of times per year. Unless someone is wearing a
  9. Looking for some feedback on my swing. I have been working on it for the past couple of years, and I am finally pretty happy with it. there are still some quirks I would like to fix though. mainly my two killer misses, which are a hook, and the other is a push slice. my usual ball flight is a fairly high slight draw, but sometimes it fades a little bit as well. distance is good, and I'm happy with that. average about 285 with the driver, in the videos I am hitting my 7 iron which usually carries about 175ish. The first two shots with the behind view were both the hook I am talking about.
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