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  1. I would love to see Sergio or Fowler win one (most likely not though)
  2. Thanks for the reply guys... I was shocked when I caught her. To show how bad the tension is between my father and his sister (aunt), we had suspected it was her (my aunt) who has been stealing my grandma's money. This might have been a coincidence but anyway... I confronted her and told said: "so you took my money yesterday I would like it back please" She had that trying to look innocent but knows shes been caught face... and with a half hearted "no, no" she went into her bag and grabbed my money and returned it. I told her "I expect you to resign after you finish today" (I
  3. So I live with my grandma and she was complaining about money dissapearing. I figured she missplaced it because she has slight dementia (which is why she has to live with someone that and she has fallen in the past). She doesnt like using the bank so I hid her money for her in my room and got myself a camera just in case. Ive had the camera for over a month no action... then yesterday, the aid who watches my grandma in the mornings (while Im out) came in my room and took my moneyz! (not the my grandma's money). So im going to confront her about it later. Should I just ask for my money
  4. Hey guys: Would you trade: Jamaal Charles (KC, rb) - Feast or famine type of guy D Moore (oak, wr) Julio Jones (Atl, WR) for: Ray Rice (Bal, RB) Steve Smith or Mike Williams (WRs) Greg Jennings (GB, WR) - Injured for dont know how long. I would LOVE to add Ray Rice to my team, but I cant seem to get myself to let go of Julio Jones: my current team (position players) is: Matt Ryan Julio Jones AJ Green Matt Forte Willis Mcgahee Martellus Bennett Jamaal Charles Brandon Pettigrew Lance Moore Andrew Luck
  5. Thanks! I even had the song in my ipod I just couldnt remember who sang it, it was driving me insane! *I actually have the Buddy Miles version
  6. Its been stuck in my head but i cant remember the name!!! its on the tip of my tongue http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PZuIBTRRRgI&feature;=plcp
  7. bnz506

    2012 NFL Season

    LOL http://sports.yahoo.com/blogs/nfl-shutdown-corner/video-green-bay-tv-station-uses-replacement-weather-222926781--nfl.html
  8. bnz506

    2012 NFL Season

    The packers are run like a corporation I believe so they do have a board of directors... I was at the christmas game last year in a suite next to the president's suite.
  9. bnz506

    2012 NFL Season

    LOl @ the Packers getting hosed! I keep forgetting... as a NFL owner I vote to bring back the old Officials and give them what they want. Wouldnt want to see what happened tonight to happen to the Giants. note: I am and will always be a Giants fan.
  10. Had bad week last week but this is looking like a good week! I was unable to make any pick ups last week because I was so high on the waiver list but thank god because my team is fine so far... although I still kind of wanted Amendola (someone else picked him up). I have Leshoure, Andre Brown, and Jamaal Charles starting in my other league... KILLING IT!
  11. Woops I left out a BN spot where I DO have a back up D filling it: Buffalo Bills. Thanks, I was going to pick up Spiller but I was number 9/10 on waiver priority and thus denied! There really arent many quality RBs left in this league. I find myself extremely adverse to picking up any RB from washington, Im scared from last year. Someone dropped Cutler so im going to pick him up and drop Luck, although Im hesitant to do that because damn I want to believe in Luck. Im feeling the same about Greg Little but damn Weeden sucks balls. I want to drop him for Amendola (which will pro
  12. Unlike last year where I had injuries to 4 of my starters in the first 2 weeks (I believe steven jackson, jamaal charles, Andre Johnson, and someone else)... everyone healthy so far (fingers crossed) this year. http://img52.imageshack.us/img52/227/91276399.jpg If this was your team would anyone trade: Matt Ryan, Brandon Pettigrew, and Jamaal Charles for Ray Rice and Giants D? QB: Matt Ryan RB: Matt Forte RB: Jamaal Charles WR: Julio Jones WR: AJ Green TE: Jermichael Finley W/R/T: Willis McGahee K: David Akers D: GB Packers
  13. I live in NYC where finding parking can drive any person insane so if someone takes up two spots I make sure I go back to key the car after I find a parking spot (if its basically the direction I want to go). ...anywayzzz this year I hit a drive way left and it curved around a tree and I assume onto the road (I couldnt see) and hit a car because I heard the thud but none of the cars driving by turned onto the golf course so I assume they didnt care.
  14. I always knew she would be the first.... I would have been surprised if she wasnt.
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