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  1. Hello, everyone! I feel like I am forced to start this thread although I have had no desire to do so at all. There are two reasons for this. First, I would like to warn everyone that the way halpennygolf (Ireland) do their business is extremely unfair and you should refrain from having any business with them. Secondly, I would like to kindly ask for your advice on what to do next. Here is the story in brief: On April 4th 2014 I have ordered a set of irons from their internet store. The irons were a present for a friend of mine who lives in Ireland. I paid everyt
  2. Hi, Groomyd! I am a very frequent visitor to Turkey and particularly to the Belek area. It is the major golfing destination for the Russian golfers. There is about a dozen courses there and some of the turkish pros are my good golfing friends. Let me know what exactly you want to know about the place and I will try to help you out. PS: I have to disappoint you but The Gloria courses are far from the best in the area both conditioning and design wise. TAT is also a somewhat "lesser" place. There is no course called Catalya. But there is Carya ( which is what you meant I bel
  3. As a Russian golf pro, I feel like I may chime in. In no particular order the reasons are: - no history of game, no traditions and a bad perception of golf in the masses. As others have said, golf was considered a bourgeois sport during the USSR and this hasn't changed yet. - very few golf courses (around 10 in the whole country now) which are also very upscale and expensive, actually closed to public - as a result very few people play golf, especially youngsters, who prefer more aggressive and dynamic sports in general - climate is also part of the reason, but it ain't
  4. The latest update re: my improvement. This past week was spent in Russia where I couldn't refrain from playing golf. I have played 9 holes on my local GC with a CR of 70 and SR of 128 and shot 37 (+1). By far the best round of my life - 100% fairway hit, 70% GIR and decent short game and putting. THE conclusion: go to the Golf Evolution Academy, spend some time and money and get better, way better. Period.
  5. When it is correct it feels like crap, while when it is crap it feels very smooth and beautiful! -))
  6. So, dear ladies and gentlemen, here comes the stuff to prove what was said above. Of course, I do realize that I am not close to perfect or even good by any means, but who is!? My point is that in 10 days I changed my swing from craptastic to nice and now I need to further improve it and then groove it/make consistent and learn how to apply it on the course. There is a lot of work to be done yet but I feel like like I am on the right track. 1. How did I look like on the first day? Down the line: http://www.flickr.com/photos/47116379@N02/4598813981/ Face on: http://www.flickr
  7. 4 iron? Why not? OOPs, sorry didn't notice the right answer.
  8. Today seems like no wind it all, am I right?
  9. Many good answers here but what really draws my attention is how your shaft look like at impact - isn't it way too soft for you?
  10. I finally realized that the most important thing for me to work on - is hitting the ball from in to out. I believe 99% of guys who can't break 90 on a moderately difficult golf course are those who swing over the top. Let's be honest it is soooo difficult to compensate the out-to-in path!
  11. Not yet, of course, you can't drop it down to 4 in like 10 days. But I'm sooooo close! Seriously, though, I am improving greatly and will soon kick my own ass. Remember, golf is a sport where you need to fight with yourself all the time.
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