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  1. This winter I really want to put sometime and focus on my putting but I’m not sure how to go about it. 

    what are some drills to do in a small apartment that will be the most beneficial come spring when I can get back outside?  I’ve seen a few things about working on hitting spots (coins on the floor or other balls etc.), but my kitchen and bathroom are tile and my living room and bedroom are shaggy carpet, neither surface allow for the ball to stay on the intended path for more than a few inches at a time. Does it matter? Any other drills?

  2. I have been seriously considering this for winter training. I did have a question regarding g it that maybe you guys can help me with. I live in a small apartment and do not have the room to swing a club even waist high to waist high, I get to out local indoor simulator twice a week, once for league and once for practice.  

    is it even worth spending the money?

  3. I know the feeling man. I went in on a streak this year that was absolutely atrocious, of course it was right before one of my biggest tournaments of the year.   Two weeks before the tournament I had rounds of 69 70 68 68. The week before the tournament I shot 87 92 96. First day of the tournament I shot 68 second day 98. 


    High and and lows are going to happen. Just got to believe in the process and that it’s going to get better. Don’t try to press it will make things worse. If anything simplify simplify simplify 

  4. Worked on this this morning during my warm up and loved the feel and ball contact. Took it to the course and on the front nine my distance control had never been better. Let things slip mentally on the back nine but man I don’t know if I will hit a full short iron ever again, things were so much more in control today than ever before

  5. Started off my round really good, went out in 34, distance control was great played out of most every fairway. Back nine was rough, my distance control went to hell and I started missing fairways and dear god the penalty strokes. 4 penalty strokes on the back. Ended up shooting 78

  6. Ive always been one that wore my emotions on my sleeve and get pretty frustrated on days when I just don't have it.  Well I was in my qualifying round for a match play tournament and I had been striking the ball terribly for the past week and was just not able to figure out what was going on.  On 12 I had to layup off the tee wit ha 3 iron (which I usually hit really well), and hit yet another hozzle rocket into the hazard and go so mad I reared back and chucked my 3 iron as far as I could.  The second it left my hand I felt like a total idiot and thankfully my dad who was caddying for me was able to snap me back to reality in only the way dads can (meaning he chewed my a$$ and told me he'd quit if I didn't pull my head out of my butt.  Went on to shoot -4 the rest of the way in).

  7. 25 minutes ago, NM Golf said:

    Erik already covered this but you do not have the skill to hit it inside 12 feet from that yardage very often. In fact I would wager you miss the green more often than you hit it inside 12 feet. You are living a dream, like most players you are a very poor judge of your own game. 

    I guarantee from 150-180 yards aiming anywhere other than the center of the green is costing you strokes. Playing at the center of the green from that distance is not conservative, its smart. You are not consistent enough. I am better than you, my handicap is 10 strokes lower than yours and I am not good enough to be taking on pins from 150-175 yards. Heck look at my GameGolf stats from 150-175. Does this look like I need to be taking on pins?  62% GIR while always aiming at the center of the green. Imagine where I'd be if I took on every pin. 


    Dude, take the ego out, take a good look at your game and learn to evaluate it honestly. You are kidding yourself and hurting your game in the process.

    This is exactly what I fight all the time. I think back to what I have done and can do on the range and let my ego take over, when the smart play is to play smart and go for the center of the green. I bet it cost me at minimum of 2-4 strokes aside. That takes me from 4-5 over to even most days. That’s a lot of saved strokes just by giving up the ego 

  8. 4 minutes ago, amished said:

    Then as somebody that's learned a lot from here, and from other reputable sources, I would work on shaping my shots every time you have a non-pitch shot.  Pick whichever one is better for you (draw or fade, I've come around to loving my fade even though my home course tends to set up for a draw better) and try to do that every time.  With practice, you'll get your shape down to a reasonable amount as your "minimum" shape, and occasionally if you overdo it you'll curve a bit more in the direction you were intending to have the ball go anyways.

    Also, keep in mind that when I say shape your shots, I'm not telling you to be Bubba and have a 20 yard curve on every shot.  Watching the pros, most of them don't curve it more than 5 yards it seems if they are trying to hit it straightish.  Picking a shot shape and sticking with it until you can be confident that every shot will curve +- 5 yards at the outliers will eliminate the misses you're talking about.  And it will give you something to focus on practicing.  Instead of working half your time on draws and half your time on fades, you can now work 100% of the time on whatever shot you decide to implement.  

    That’s a good way to look at it, that I never really thought of. I’ve been working a high, mid, low fade and draw, and I wonder if by doing that I’ve hurt myself on the course even when I’m wanting to or trying to hit it straight. 

    Of course this is with my irons. We won’t even talk about my incredibly lazy hands with my drive haha

  9. Just now, amished said:

    Either a block or a pull sounds like a double cross.  Are you trying to always shape a shot or are you just trying to hit it straight all the time?  Personally I try to have a little fade on all of my shots and occasionally I'll "screw up" and hit it dead straight which is something that I've planned for.

    If missing by 15 yards will put you in a creek, aiming away from the green even to take the creek out of play if you really hit it to such a penal area that often might be a change until you can eliminate that type of miss.

    I don’t always try to shape my shots. There are times I do but I have gotten away from it a bit till I can get a little more control of it. I can move the ball each way when I want too but controlling how much it moves is a work in progress. 

  10. Just now, amished said:

    Even pros will double-cross themselves from time to time.  If it happens every 40ish iron shots, you're looking at what, a little over once a round?  What happens with your other misses with irons that account for the 4-5 other misses?

    Getting a one-way miss is a big deal, so accepting a bigger curve on some shots will be your problem in the interim.  So occasionally I'll have a shot where it curves more than what I wanted or expected, but that's something that I can gameplan for.  How much curve (and what type) do you have on your shots currently?

    On the range it’s about every 40 swings. On the course I probably have a big miss with my irons every 4-5 holes typically. Sadly it isn’t double crossing myself when I try to shape a shot it’s more of a block out to the right or a hard pull. On my home course a 15 yard miss into a green can and will give you a nasty chip shot either way up a hill to the green or into the woods or a creek next to the green. 

  11. 24 minutes ago, JGus said:

    The only way this doesn't sound really really weird is if the patients are Wounded Warriors learning how to golf or playing as part of their rehab.  What kind of patients are we talking about here?

    Hmm, so maybe I read that wrong, sounds like you're saying you have patients waiting to get paired up, lol.   OT anyways...

    Haha. Stupid auto correct on my phone thinks it’s smarter than me 

  12. 46 minutes ago, klineka said:

    Just because you spend 5-6 days a week at the range doesn't mean you are practicing what you need to be practicing in order to improve. 

    Obviously there is something in your swing that is causing inconsistent delivery patterns with either your club face or club path. I would recommend seeing an instructor in person, taking some online lessons through Evolvr.com, or starting your own swing thread on this site so others can see your swing and help identify what is causing the inconsistent delivery patterns.


    Sorry that didn’t come across the way I wanted. I agree with you that just going to the range and hitting balls isn’t working, I need to make a change to my practice. The problem is on the range I have that miss, at least with the irons, one out of every 30-40 shots. 

  13. We are lucky where I live. We have a company that you get charged a monthly membership fee that gives you access to about 22 courses right now and a lot of gyms. I pay 70 bucks a month for all of that since I am a walker. 


    Its a phenomenal deal, although it does make getting on the course alittle tough at times but I can typically sneak out for a quick practice 9 about 730 during the week and can get paired up on the weekends with some patients 

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  14. 6 minutes ago, amished said:

    How do you typically miss your shot by 10-15 yards?  Is it always long left, always short right, or other?  Just knowing you miss isn't enough to really get you on a plan to fix what the miss is.

    Distance is usually pretty close. Unfortunately it tends to be a two way miss, not much of a rhyme or reason to which direction it misses. 

  15. 1 minute ago, David in FL said:

    Neither of those misses strike me as outlandish.  If a 10-15 yard miss with an iron is causing penalty strokes, and doubles, could some decision making/management issues might be more of an issue...?

    David I agree it’s not outlandish by any means until those misses put you in some nasty stuff or short sided in a bunker. Most of the penalty strokes come off the tee box with the driver (which a huge work in progress). I will agree that decision making and course management is part of the problem which I’m working on as well. 

  16. Shindig,

    My handicap is sitting right now about a 4.5-5.0.  I am not sure what you mean by playing my swing pattern, if you mean playing my miss then no I am not because its only 5-6 times a round if it happens at all.  I've had round where my miss was nice a small and those rounds typically end up under par, when the misses show up that's when scores start to skyrocket and I have to scramble and grind just to keep it in the 70s.

    I hate to be brash, especially since I just joined, but if working on my swing in generally was the answer then I wouldn't be here asking for advice.  I spend 5-6 days a week on the range and play at least 54 if not 72 holes a week (the joys of being single with no kids HAHA), so just working on my swing in generally isn't fixing it.  

  17. Hey everyone, long time lurker finally decided to join.  Ive got a question for all of you if I may.  Now that my tournament season is over its time to start working on the little things that kept me off the top of the leader board and one of the biggest is working to make my misses smaller.  Right now I tend to miss 5-6 times a round that are pretty big, with the driver it can be 30-40 yards with irons its 10-15 yards.  I make good contact on those, I'm typically right around the center of the club face on most shots so its my swing that is to fault, either leaving my hands open or getting quick.  These misses tend to lead to either penalty strokes or too having to scramble my butt off which ends in either a bogey or a double. 

    As we are getting into winter I am looking at trying to find some things I can work on inside to help make those misses smaller, they are still going to happen I would just like to see those come down to 15-20 yards with the driver and 5-10 yards with my irons.



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