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  1. This year we had a total of 15 teams with probably an average of between 3 and 4 per team. Generally speaking, there is one person in charge and I am not that person. I wouldn't say a majority of people are unhappy; I think plenty of people are happy to just be out playing. I do hear grumbling from several people, though, both about lack of attendance and the "wild" handicaps for teams with a wide variety of skill levels.
  2. Hi all, I’m looking for suggestions on how to improve my company golf league. It is a low-stakes league for players of all skill levels. We play 9 holes once a week with a two player scramble format. Four points are available each night – two from low net team, and two for net holes won. Team handicaps are set as 90% of the season average score. Some of the complicating factors are: A) many golfers do not play at all outside of league, so individual handicaps would be difficult to establish, B) teams are made up of anywhere from two to five players with no way to predict who will show on a given night, so some teams’ scores vary weekly by upwards of 30 strokes throughout the year, and C) we routinely have teams no-show, giving teams free points. Our league results the past few years have been largely erratic, seemingly with the highest-finishing teams being the ones that earn the most free points due to no-shows or the ones that manage to play teams when their best players are at home for the night, meaning that the randomness of who plays who and when has a greater influence on results than the golf itself. Are there any changes we could make to the rules, the scoring, the format, or the league setup itself that would even things out a bit and encourage people to actually show up to play? Thanks in advance for the help!
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