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  1. This completely disregards the young (or not so young) people who could become golfers. Changes are not made for those playing now. We're already happy as. And will continue to wear the gear most comfortable to play in. I think the rules should be changed to remove the barrier of entry. The rigid rules on dress seem archaic to the younger generation. Self expression in the game will bring better golf, more character and more courses and more revenue
  2. Scrap them altogether. Wear what you want. Get the numbers up. Play in a chicken suit for all I care. What you wear and the general snobbishness of golf is at huge detriment to the game. There are two generations of younger folk being massively deterred from playing by all this old fashioned nonsense (and also by a certain orange-tinged premier ), and the whole game has awful PR as a result. It needs to be FAR more inclusive. I'm a very keen golfer and it drives me mad that I can be playing a course with such strict rules in and around the clubhouse when they don't even enforce the ones that truly make the game enjoyable. Golf needs to adapt. Rory wears collarless shirts in the Majors. Relax the dresscode ASAP. The only clause should be to make sure the footwear is suitable. The rest should be as optional as what bag you use or what balls you hit.
  3. I like to play with a very fast swing. But when I start to lose it, I smooth it right out. 50% speed, slow and easy, just getting the rhythm timing/back. Then I build back up to full speed. The longer clubs are less forgiving of poor sequence and rushing the downswing to mash the ball will kill control/distance imo.
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  5. Swing slow and easy. Hit 40-50 half swing shots off the soft stuff on a range. Don't try and hit it hard. Get the feeling of contact. It'll demonstrate how the loft does the work. Bad 3W shots I see a lot of the time is folk hammering wildly at it to give it absolute max. As soon as you're off balance with the extra distance and clubhead speed you get with a longer shaft you're dead. Practicing at 50% sorts out that sense of wanting to smash the fek out of it.
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