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  1. I'm pretty sure there is one particularly slow tour player, who is partial to maths and flat caps, who would say there isn't any point. And he's done ok!
  2. Shocking front 9 of 48 (which was lucky not judgement to even get that) and a stronger back 9 43. Been reading "Golf is not a game of perfect" as I'm so bad at getting in my own head. Hit 4 consecutive pars trying the techniques which was nice.
  3. Was with a lad today who used a driving iron off the tee, never used a driver. For me, I can't see the benefits. The range is down on a driver, and there seemed to be zero forgiveness. And as for taking it off the deck, you may as well have a spade in your bag! As with all things golf - it's all down to personal taste I guess.
  4. Didn't realise this. Thanks for the advice. I've got a round tomorrow and given the usual standard around South London I'm guessing most of the bunkers are going to be bare, stoney pits I'll probably have to give it a try!
  5. All golf courses, the world over, have your idiots. The ones who talk a great game, laugh at others whilst standing proudly next to their full set of PXGs and proceed to shank it off the tee whilst looking at their playing partners and declaring, loudly, "it's been YEARS since I did that!", whilst the scuff marks on their clubs tell a different story. Ignore them, enjoy the game and the learning experience. I marshalled the open this year and was with Rosey when he shanked a ball onto the next fairway. He laughed, at himself. It happens. Still the greatest game in the world, at all level
  6. Bunkers are my nemesis, and firm sand is the worst of all. Are you saying you would approach playing the ftim sand shots like you would from from the grass? I'm assuming a softer strike and let it pop out and roll on? These shots have always eluded me.
  7. NavyDave


  8. Thought it was time to join a forum to find somewhere where people might actually be interested in talking about golf without rolling their eyes when I bring it up 😂 Been playing for about 25 years all told, but with a huge gap between 23 (when it seemed drinking and partying were more important) till about 2 years ago when I went back to it big time. Unfortunately golf not being the game you can play without practice I have struggled to get my handicap back to an 18 (played 10 to 12 a few years back). Been in the Royal Navy 10 years which has allowed me to play all over the place with so
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