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  1. Course Mangement

    Dear Sand Trap, I know I can be a much better handicap but I do not make good choices when I need to. I think that I can be playing much smarter. I constatly go for pins that I should not and I do not go for pins that I should. I know what I do wrong its just that I do not realise it as I am looking over my ball. Does anyone know how I am able to correct this.Thanks
  2. Home Practice

    Is there any way it is possible to work on my game from home.
  3. Utility Woods

    I was thinking about buying a wood like a 7,9,or 11 wood. What do you guys think of them. How far do you hit them? Do you like them from the rough as well as the fairway? Do you hit them accurately? Lastly can you hit them from the tee. Thanks. SUMO
  4. Best thing won at a charity tournament

    I won a hi-bore xls driver
  5. Golf Team

    About what do you need to shoot to make a golf team and how many kids do they take. I was wondering because its about time my kid tried out for the team. Thanks. SUMO
  6. What Club to Keep

    I have 15 clubs that I would like to keep in my bag but I understand that I can not. I have a putter,pw,sw,gw,lw,4h,5h,3i,6i,7i,8i,9i,d,3w,and 5w.What should I take out of my bag?I would not take out my hybryds or 8i because these are my go to clubs. Also does the ball I play with make a difference in my play if yes what do you suggest? Thanks.
  7. Now go try to beat 75
  8. DEBACLE! Shot 111 on week Index fell to 8.3

    Try to forget it the best you possibly can. If you dwell on it you will shoot that again.
  9. Carpet Puttting

    Does putting on a carpet help your putting at all? If not can I practice putting at home.
  10. Driving range appreciation

    moral of the story go where you go and nowhere else
  11. -putting because I usally die on the green. -chipping from about 30 yards
  12. Am I the worst putter for my handicap?

    No you are not the worst just practice alot. You will get better.