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  1. I think being a touring pro is largely what he is referring to. Or a hustler that's trying to make a living off golf. We all dream of waking one day in the PGA on tour but I suspect it is not as desirable a life as the dreams suggest. Discipline can be hard on the individual, as rewarding as it often is.
  2. I hit my 7 iron about 170 on average, and very high, to my detriment in the wind. The other day I was behind a tree and tried hitting a knockdown 6 iron from 160 out. Decided to make sure the club did not go far above the knees. The result - a 6 iron hit so flush it went way past the green, about 210 yards. (Didn't even roll much in thick rough.) A mixed blessing. Again, it was barely a half shot. No wind or anything and on a humid day for here in San Diego. I think it had something to do with how I (accidentally) trapped the ball. Anyhow, I think people who hit extremely far know how t
  3. Been having better success with the side hills. Realized that opening up the stance and, most importantly, staying upright rather than hunched makes the balls much more predictable on side hills. They say to stay upright but I was going way too far onto my toes in an effort to not fall back. Sorta misunderstood 'upright.' Let's see how this goes, hope one day to no longer dread the side hills, especially with the woods.
  4. Funny, Billchao. Tennis is possibly even tougher than golf to learn (say, the equivalent to scratch ability) but people tend to feel more comfortable with a lack of ability in tennis than in golf, the special pastime that reminds you every day precisely where you stand. As for the grip pressure, Patch, I was taught to hold on to the racquet as loosely as possible and only grip it at the moment of impact and release it. That did wonders for my body. In golf I need to grip it a bit earlier and longer.
  5. the greens do not hold and it plays inconsistently as a result. They say it will take another ten years before it will be more like what it should be. That said, it is fun to play. Not the beast that South is. I think South plays 8 strokes tougher, for me. I hope to par north this year but South, no way.
  6. agreed. As a former competitive player I just look at it as two different sports and do not play tennis golf. Better to take lessons and groove the correct grip and it will feel natural before too long. Maybe even an hour.
  7. EXCELLENT SUGGESTIONS, Patch, Ratpatrol. I wish there were more places to practice these sidehill lies, and I suppose you are right that it requires diligence. When I do practice them at this one range (with side hill lies) I think, I GOT IT, and then it gets proved otherwise on the course at times. Y'all are right, I am probably being too ambitious and swinging too big. I have MAJOR issues taking my medicine. I do it from behind trees sometimes, reluctantly. But if I have a clear shot to the green I find myself unable to not go for it, even though I see the logic of laying up safel
  8. Hi Vinsk, yes, I had looked at that. There are details in my problem that I think are different. For example, I had one (of my three over the years) teacher tell me that long irons and fairway woods will go right when the ball is above you (and left when below), the opposite of just about every window and book. That's why I decided to bring this up. I see other players do it as well. Aim right because the side hill is supposed to go left, and the ball goes even more right... Thank you.
  9. I find my mind needs a rest more than my body, when I play more often. And it depends on whether I am sleeping well. I used to play a lot of tennis. When I played 3-4x a week (competitively) I would always be sore. When I switched to playing daily I was never sore. Go figure. Been having issues in general on any course (or starting on front or back) with focusing on the day's back nine, where my score can blow up. So many variables, such a tough game to get right on any given day.
  10. Been hitting many more fairways and playing happy boring golf at times except for one problem area that's frustrating on some days. The other day I hit 13/14 fairways, which is fantastic for me. But ended up bogeying each par 5 (from short) because of the third shot in on a very hilly course. Ended up +6 only because of the side hills. I like to think I have a decent, if not good, short game, relative to my ability. From 60 -160 (8 iron) yards out, I often have issues with sidehill lies and mess up the score. I aim as I am supposed to (right if the ball is above me) and the ball ends
  11. Epopt


  12. I play Mizuno and Honma, have a set of each. Just depends where I am. Got each at a steel. Can't really tell them apart. Love both. Wondering whether to switch to Mizuno wedges, from Fourteen. Only because they've more bounce varieties available. On the fence.
  13. I have read the book many times. The book is actually a masterpiece, to my pov. It has so many insights and presents his system in the most precise manner imaginable. I don't understand the detractors. I share insights from it with players better than myself with low handicaps and more technical approaches (body oriented swings) and they're always stunned by Manuel's insights. Not to say it is for everyone. I would suggest people watch the videos. I am a reader and some people are not but I would say it is important to read the book to recommend it. I just wish I had met the
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