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  1. Ehh, I'm not a fan of suggesting drivers over the internet honestly. I think the OP needs to get to a big golf shop and spend a good half hour trying out different drivers on a launch monitor, then leave without buying anything. Rinse and repeat until you find something that works for you. I dunno if I would bother getting fitted, you're not going to be able to produce consistent enough swings for a fitter to really analyze. Plus you probably swing differently one day versus the next.
  2. I doubt the dent affects playability. Do you really just not like everything about the driver, or do you not like the results you get with the driver? If the latter, I suggest you stop blaming the driver. If the former, well, you need to like the club you're using in order to feel confident with it, but it's easy to cross the line between not liking the aspects of the club, and not liking the results you are getting with it.
  3. LOL hilarious! I think I will watch the full episode. Love Hulu.
  4. I played Hemet GC recently. Not a bad course. Welcome to the board.
  5. 6 months previous driver, 1 year for my current driver, and will likely be changing it out this summer. For me, it's because of my swing changing/getting more consistent as my handicap has come down. I'm ready to get fit for a driver now, will probably keep that for at least 2 years.
  6. Oh man, I just realized I never thanked my parents for letting me play hockey when I was a kid. 1-2 weekly practices plus weekly games that they drove me to and back and hung around during... All that equipment! Damn, looking back and comparing to life now with work, commuting, being tired from all of that, etc, that was a huge thing that they did for me. I just thanked them. My Step Dad said you're welcome and then my mom started ranting about "the damn hockey pants" that were really expensive (although cheaper than my skates...). HAHA Oh man I love the holidays. Going to spend the day with m
  7. Ahh, thread ruined because of the second question asked of the OP. OP should have just asked the first question. That said, I know a 15 handicap that plays SGI irons. Looks like every one of his clubs is a hybrid without the cavity filled in. HUGE soles, dunno what brand they are exactly, hence the horrible description on my part. I personally play GI irons. I just can't stand the look of SGI irons at address and that does me no good when I go to make a swing. So like people said, use whatever irons inspires the most confidence in you. If you wana spend some cash, go get fitted.
  8. Unless the putt is close enough to where you're going to walk up and tap it in quickly, you should mark it and let the person farthest out take their turn. If you are going to spend any time lining up, practice swings, etc, you should mark.
  9. Yea, I decide before a round whether or not I am going to record it. Luckily I have not had any stellar rounds while doing this!
  10. I know there are no set standards for what to call the wedge, but in general.. -49 - pitching 50 - 53 - gap 54 - gap/sand 55 - 57 - sand 58 - sand/lob 59+ - lob In between ranges I would call gray area one way or the other. Add a lot of bounce to any wedge between 54* and 58* and I would call it my "sand wedge" if it were in my bag.
  11. Do you take out a club depending on course conditions?
  12. I have cast clubs, so not too worried about bag chatter. I only use them when walking because I don't like walking with a chattering bag near someone taking a shot. It's easier to just keep walking than have to stop while the person takes their shot, or to try to hold the clubs still. I always make sure that my clubs are dry before storing them, whether I use the head covers or not.
  13. I doubt anyone is offended. I'm certainly not. I think I see where you are going with this now. I would possibly look into a wine tasting class or gathering of some sort at a local tasting room. Or if you have a friend that is very experienced with tasting and can actually describe things to you, pair foods, etc, that could work out. This is sort of similar to seeing a PGA Pro for golf lessons btw, the person needs to have some skill and experience! Classes are offered almost everywhere, at least out here. You will likely be tasting a lot of wines from CA and South America, some Europe and
  14. I definitely enjoy both, and they both serve a different purpose. It depends what I am eating, the weather, what activity I may be involved in, what my partners are drinking, etc. Given all that, beer may be a better fit as well. I generally default to red wine though, as I can really appreciate it. Good scotch can't be beat though. I loves me some Laphroaig or Johnny Blue. As far as forcing yourself to like wine, that's not the right attitude! Drink what you enjoy, but don't bring it down for those around you if someone decides to open a bottle of wine and give you a pour. Just take it slow
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