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  1. Can confirm. Full swing skull shot + Pure grips = Tag ejection
  2. So I temporarily edited my last round. I deleted all of the zero distance shots (there were a lot ha...) and added a +2 penalty to the only tee shot. The club performance stats didn't change. It did change some stats though. The "Off the Tee" insight was showing an increase in percentage of fairways hit, but the average distance was now correct. Before, the average distance was accounting for the zero distance shots. Also, strokes gained moved some points from the off the tee category to the approach category. Not sure what happened there. I think I'm going to stick with the zero distance shot and the +1 penalty for the stroke and distance penalties. Thanks guys.
  3. How do you guys deal with your stroke and distance penalties? When I hit a drive off the planet, I tag again and hit my second shot. When I edit my round, I have 2 tee shots. One is set to zero distance with a +1 penalty attached to it, and the other is my second drive. Pretty sure that zero distance shot is messing up my stats. Wondering if I should just have my second drive only with a +2 penalty attached to it...
  4. I was tired of sweating through gloves last summer, so I just stopped wearing one. At the time I had Golf Pride MCC grips and my hands were getting tore up. I changed to Pure Pro grips and they have performed great so far.
  5. Prices in the Las Vegas valley range from $10 to $750 + Hotel Stay. Depends on the course and the time of year. Middle of summer is the cheapest.
  6. I just put my net on 2 patio chairs to raise it up.
  7. Thought I'd share this because I don't have any mirrors in my home that are large enough and located in a place where I can freely swing a club. I do, however, have an Android phone that supports DisplayPort over USB-C(Samsung S8+), an LCD TV with an HDMI port, a USB-C to HDMI adapter and a long HDMI cable. I position my phone just like when I am recording my swing. I place an LCD TV on the ground above my ball, relative to my line of sight at address, and prop it up on something so it is angled enough for sufficient viewing. Then I connect my phone to the TV with the adapter and cable. I can view my swing nicely without turning my head and record my swing if I want to. The only issue is a few millisecond delay. This could also be done with a wireless stream but my spare TV does not support that and I didn't want to purchase another gadget.
  8. Changing my vote. I'm playing the "correct tees" from now on. Just finished playing the back tees on a course I've never played and everything went fine. 2 strokes better than my course handicap. Only topped one drive. Just need to get used to new approach distances. Thanks @klineka
  9. Yeah the Live version has a very robust belt clip.
  10. I got really close this time but it still hasn't happened yet....
  11. I was responding to support@gamegolf.desk-mail.com when we were discussing my replacement tag, but that was in Sept/Oct of 2019.
  12. I just read this article and was wondering how often this happens to people who play a lot of golf. I haven't been playing for that long and this has never happened to me. I've watched a lot of golf on TV in the last 3 years and I think I have only seen a couple tour pros hit their approach shots out of a divot. I'm pretty sure I heard this topic come up in casual conversation when the rules where changing and people thought they should get free relief. I'm thinking it's got to be pretty rare. So my ball ends up in a divot once a year...big whoop. What do you guys think? SURVEY: Is golf really fair? Non-golfers don't think so... Non-golfers not put off by complexity of golf rules - it's the unfairness they do not like...
  13. Hopefully you get some assistance... I've been waiting since September of last year for a single replacement tag.
  14. My live device has behaved this way on Android devices since day one. I only use the app to upload my rounds.
  15. i've tried so many ways with no luck. "UP UP DOWN DOWN LEFT RIGHT LEFT RIGHT B A START" doesn't even work... Here is an old link but it no worky... https://gamegolf.desk.com/customer/en/portal/articles/2245289-factory-reset-live-device?b_id=10625
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