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  1. Yes, both were. First one was a Callaway Big Bertha V-Series(2014) that I bought on the Callaway Pre-Owned site a couple years ago. Shaft broke after 6 months. Callaway said since the break was not at the hosel it was not under warranty. Bought a new shaft. A few months ago I emailed Callaway the pics of that driver head cracking. Didn't get a response. Bought a Callaway XR16 driver head only from an ebay seller(won't do that again). Everything was great until a couple months later I noticed the crease. Callaway said since the club head was not purchased through their preowned program the only thing they could do for me was to give me a discount on a new driver. I decided to by another XR16 on the preowned site. In all fairness, I had thousands of impacts on that V-Series driver.
  2. A few weeks ago during a Mevo session I noticed my avg smash factor was lower than normal.(~1.39) When I got home I looked closely at my club face and noticed a crease starting to form around the toe. Bought another used club of the same type and it went back to normal.(~1.46) Not sure how common this type of thing is but it has happened to me twice in two years(both used clubs). The first time cracks started to develop on the bottom of the club head causing a similar decrease in smash factor.
  3. KoHo


  4. I purchased a similar bag about 2 years ago (https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00IS79LP2) I have used it a lot. It came with a strap, but I removed it. I've only had 1 problem with it. The fabric covered foam that is wrapped around the center club divider became detached. I just used some rubber cement to glue it back on and it has been fine ever since. It fits 5 clubs and my putter perfectly. 3 on each side of the divider. I don't remember this Par3 version being available when I bought mine or else I would have gotten it due to its better storage options.
  5. If you happen to discover that the foil sticker, for some reason, must be round. I use that same foil tape and a standard paper 1-hole punch to make my dots. The results are consistent with the oem stickers.
  6. I have that Rukket net also. It took about 1 year to blow a hole through it hitting about 100 balls per day on average into it. 4 iron right into my garage door. In retrospect, I should have inspected the net at some point before that happened. I contacted them and they sent me a brand new net without question. I hung a trimmed piece of the original net in front of the new net so it lasts longer this time.
  7. These are fairly simple to make if you have the tools. I used parts and pieces I already had on hand. The bolt has a hole drilled through it to fit the Opti-fit adapter. A thin slice of a nut was taken and ground down to the proper weight. I set it up for 3 club weights. Shaft + Grip + Bolt/epoxied washer ~ 255g Shaft + Grip + Bolt/epoxied washer + nut ~ 285g shaft + Grip + Bolt/epoxied washer + 3 epoxied washers + nut ~ 335g Works great.
  8. Just wanted to mention 2 things. My GG Live unit would no longer hold a charge so I purchased a 603048 3.7V 900mAh LiPo battery(w/pcm) on ebay to replace the oem one. I believe there are multiple versions of the belt clip. Mine has the clip with the flat profile. There are 4 screws (tiny torx T6) that must be removed to open the unit. 2 of them are partially covered by the clip so it must be removed. That was the most difficult part. There is a piece of spring steel molded into the clip. You can slide a tiny flat head screwdriver or something similar between that spring steel and body of the unit, pry it up and slide the clip off. Then remove the screws to access the battery. If you don't want to do that, you could probably use a dremel to carve small notches in the clip to allow clearance for the torx tool. The battery is adhered to the main circuit board, so pry up gently/slowly to release it. Cut the wires, solder on/shrink tube the new battery's wires, put some mounting tape on the new battery and adhere it to the original location. Reassemble and you're done. Works like a champ. One of my tags stopped being recognized so I read the FAQ page on their website, clicked on the link that is supposed to bring me to a page where I can purchase another one, but the link was dead. I emailed them with a photo of the tag showing no physical damage. Today, 17 days later, they replied stating that they will send me a replacement.
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