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  1. never hit a 4 wood before, but i love hitting the 7 wood. man, what a go to club for me.
  2. it could be you try to hit them like a fairway wood but they are different. you need to hit them like a mid-iron. more back in stance and hit down on it like an iron. you may already do that but if not, try it.
  3. most people hit the ball best with what they call your "natural swing". it's the swing you feel comfortable with. i think your best solution would be to just stick with this swing, don't think too much, and make some small tweeks to improve on it. i don't believe there is one right way to swing the club. heck, look at jim furyk's swing. he is probably the most consistent ball striker out there and his swing is ugly but it works for him and he has swung that way his whole life. i tried all the "correct" fundamentals of the swing and they just don't work for me, so i went back to my "natural swing" and i hit the ball great. i just grip it and rip it. just use whatever gives you the best results.
  4. you have to break down his rounds and see where his strengths and weaknesses are. how many putts, fairways, greens, where is he missing, right or left etc. then focus the majority of the practice time on the weak areas. also work with him on the mental side of the game and course management. i bet the areas he can improve the most are the short game and course management, meaning how he plays the holes and which part of the green to leave his shots. are his practice sessions productive or is he just hitting a bunch of full shots straight out there? if so, it could help him a great deal to pick spots and aim towards specific targets. he seems to be on the right track, it takes alot of time to score better. good luck to him.
  5. i bought the refiner driver and 5i a couple years ago. i used it a couple times and it fixed my swing. i'm willing to sell them if anyone's interested.
  6. exactly what i was gonna tell him..other than that your setup, grip, stance, everything looks alot better since the first videos. you are improving very fast, keep it up.
  7. Fantastic tips ks! i also have the inside-out slight draw and i have the same tendencies as SQ bimmer. i hit a nice, slight draw consistently but sometimes the ugly, over-the-top hook comes in out of nowhere. this should fix it, thanks.
  8. exactly what i was seeing with the new video. stick your butt out a little and bend forward at the waist, down toward the ball while keeping your back straight. then let your arms hang down straight. in the first vid, you were reaching your arms out to the ball too far, and in the new vid, your hands are too close to your body. so if you get them in between, you will be in the correct position. the swing is looking alot better, you are definitely improving.
  9. an inside-out swing is exactly how you were told to swing. if you were watching your swing from behind while facing the target, you would take the club back at about 7 o'clock(inside) and your path on the downswing would be pointing towards 1 o'clock(out) with your clubface pointing slightly right of your target on the follow-through. i like what you said about pulling down like a rope but that is on the downswing. on the backswing, i would start the club back with a one-piece takeaway(arms, shoulders together as one)with a nice low path while extending those arms out(think sweeping the floor backhanded). remember get a nice big shoulder turn, taking the club back so your back is facing the target. this swing should give you a nice powerful, slight draw. it will give you alot of clubhead speed and you should see a big increase in your distance. on the video, i was pointing out that you were swinging inside-inside not inside-out meaning instead of 7 o'clock to 1 o'clock, you were swinging 7 o'clock to 11 o'clock. i think you have the right idea, now you just have to get your body to do it.
  10. her swing looks very nice. maybe just trying to lift it a tad. i'd tell her to just stay down a little longer until after impact. just trust that the club will get the ball in the air. also, i'd recommend to her to not take her backswing past parallel, keep the backswing a little shorter and compact. she will probably be a very good player in time. not much to critique from what i saw.
  11. swing looks good. maybe the tempo is a little quick but many good players have this tempo. i would slow it down a little. you also swing inside-inside. this is very common. this is very difficult to time and hit the ball consistently. if you want to hit a draw, swing inside-out, to fade, outside-in. i would recommend using one or the other and swing this way consistently. good looking swing though.
  12. from watching your swing, i noticed a few things. first is your grip looks off. work on using the correct grip and that will help you alot. second, it looks like you are standing too far from the ball. third, you are swing inside-inside. if you want a draw, which i recommend, swing the club inside-out. if you want a fade, swing outside-in. inside to inside makes it very difficult to time and hit the ball consistently. if you work on those things alone, you should hit the ball more consistently right away. good luck.
  13. like you said, it looks like you are swinging inside-inside and coming over the top. you'll have to ask the others how to fix it. i just visualize in my mind that i have to swing inside-out and make myself do it over and over. good luck, you should be able to fix this by practice.
  14. practice ON the course that you usually play to get yourself comfortable hitting all the shots. hitting the ball great on the range means nothing. you mentioned swinging and hitting the ball. as you know, golf is a game of scoring. focus more on scoring and short game, than hitting the ball. i think if you concentrated on course management more, you would score better. you have to be comfortable over the ball on the course to hit the shots. also don't put so much pressure on yourself. it's just a game and who really cares what you shoot as long as you have fun. sometimes i don't even keep score, i'll just play to have fun and practice out there. the more tension or stress in your swing, the harder it will be for you to hit good shots, simple as that. relax and loosen up out there. don't think as much, just hit the shots.
  15. this is true. this is the shot i play. if you close your face a little, then you get a bigger draw. i use an inside-out swing path for this shot.
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