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  1. What i posted earlier was a direct response to the op's video on the little "twist" cock in that video sir. I just wanted to point out that Hogan simply did not do any of of that nonsense is all. It is apparent in all his swing footage and photos (as kindly mentioned by other members in earlier response). So please pardon my strange sense of irony and humor in trying to make people realized that all of this knowledge and swing advice by so called Hogan expert on how "Hogan did this, Hogan did that" is pure nonsense. And since the "lil twist" the video described was one of the most common misconception that it must be "the secret" or the way Hogan took his club away from the ball. I guess my sarcasm towards that misconception could be qualify as me trying in my own strange(or some might say arrogant) way of trying to discuss Mr.Hogan's swing by poking fun at the fact that so many people are so hell bent on finding the lil things Hogan did and thinking it will be the "'magic pill" or "the one move to better golf" while ignoring good basic fundamentals backed up by science and bio-mechanics taught by almost all qualified golf instructor nowadays. So my apologies. Cheers sir!
  2. Yes, yes good good. I'm glad you realized there is no secret.
  3. Isn't Ben Hogan brilliant? He "gave" us the secret but did he really? He cups his left wrist and fans the clubface open as much as he could so he couldn't close it enough to hook it? What was also the other secret again? Oh, the kicking in of the right knee and the digging in of the spot on his back foot where he had the "extra spike" installed? Trust me guys, those aren't even close to what the real secret (which he took to the grave by the way) is!!! Too bad that golf magazine didn't pay up so he would finally reveal the "real" secret the second time. Oh well, good for us so we can still find this game of golf difficult and challenging! LOL Here's the real secret guys... drum roll plzzzz . . . . . . . . . . . . . . He reverse the "flip" tendency he had.. what do I mean by that you say?! After he discovered that secret, in his downswing he actually flung the club-head at the ball the same way he was doing in his "duck-hooky" days. But what changed???? I guess we'll never know coz none of the top golf instructors or PGA or LPGA professionals has been kind enough to tell us.. (myself included lol) or is it because nobody but our dear Mr.Hogan knows it? LOL Before the secret pix After the secret pix Ben Hogan's the best and I'm glad nobody knows his secret. He's a really great human being. A true humble hero. He's my idol in golf and life. He worked really hard for it and he does not owe it to anyone to share! I'm happy his swing is still the golfer's holy grail. Cheers guys n have a lovely day :)
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