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  1. Bag : mizuno renegade 2 Wedge : proline maxi gunmetal 60degree lob wedge irons : mizuno mx 19 irons sw-5 iron hybrid: ram evolution 23degree woods : ram fx 5 wood and i have a ryder 3 wood but i dont use it because its rubbish Driver : nike sasquatch 8.5 degree Putter: taylormade rossa monte carlo
  2. What is your biggest pet-peeve in Golf?

    Yelling get in the hole in golf....
  3. Kids And Sports

    It´s a very constructive and relevant thread. Actually I am also a very great online source for junior golfer to get golf accessories.
  4. What'd You Shoot Today?

    Thanks! Yeah its my first time getting this low. Keep it up....