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  1. You want to grip in the fingers.....
  2. Pretty good swing. I will say it looks like you have too much weight in your heels at address. I am going to guess you hit more fat shots than thin? No slo-mo but looks like there may be a little flip in there at impact.
  3. Try the Wilson Duo. It's the best $20 ball on the market. You won't be sorry.
  4. Rickie is ill from his honeymoon and rumor is he was hanging the clubs up for a bit anyways. Na is the pick if Koepka can't go. He's gritty, he and Tiger have a great relationship, and 2019 has been his best season on tour.
  5. Yes. This happened to me during Nine Bridges.
  6. They say their telecast has been stale and boring lately, so they hire the most vanilla guy in the game of golf. DL3 will really spice things up! CBS used to be my favorite broadcast team with Nantz, Macatee, Kostis, Faherty, and McCord.
  7. Tiger would never joke in the fashion of signing off as "your playing captain" with the chance of not carrying it out and backing out of the statement as to look foolish. Not his nature. Anyone still against him playing after win #82? lol
  8. Great point! There is a lot of sliding and lateral movement which makes the player lift to get the club to parallel instead of turning or rotating. That creates separation with that right elbow.
  9. First pic the red line is the line your shoulders are on, way left of target. This promotes an outside-in downswing which produces a slice. The blue line is where the should be, square to your target and parallel to your feet, thighs, etc. 2nd pic the red line shows the position of your right elbow, cocked up and out. The blue line is closer to where it should be. If you stick a headcover in there and swing, if you fly that elbow out, the headcover will fall to the ground.
  10. All flaws that you possess are common with your miss; high and right. Shoulders are open at address, flying right elbow, coming over the top, and chicken-winging through impact. Move your ball back an inch or 2 in your stance with your driver. Right now its align with your left big toe. Play it inside your heel or off your left chest pocket or logo if you have one. This will square your shoulders better. Swing with a headcover or towel under your right armpit and don't let it fall out at the top of your swing. You're also sliding. Look at your slo-mo vid from head-on and look how far your head
  11. Courses, and players, need to stop associating the tee color with gender or age. The reds are ladies, golds are seniors, etc. Its all bs. I know plenty of guys over 60 that are single digits and can carry their driver 260. Look at the yardage, think of your handicap, and pick a tee that way. Not every course has their tips be blue anyways. Their tips may be black, the next tee up is blue, then white. That's why I like when courses number the tees or name them.
  12. He is the captain and he already said he will be picking himself. The picks aren't officially due for a few more weeks. He finished 13th on the list so it's not so far fetched. He is the GOAT and I'm fine with the decision. He continues to grow the game and draw eyeballs to an event, like most of you have stated in this thread, is of little interest or is an "exhibition." He's playing because he is competitive as hell and knows it will help the event. As far as his current game? Its nonexistent. He was just cleared to practice today since his most recent surgery.
  13. The Virtues is the former Longaberger. Usually #1 in the state. Fantastic place. Stonelick Hill outside Cincy is phenomenal. The owner is a restaurant owner who didn't like the stuffiness of a club he joined, so he bought land, hired an architect and started his own. Little Mountain is good but gets a lot of play so it's not always pristine. I think The Quarry is much better than Boulder Creek. Management and the "pro" are extremely rude at Boulder as well. If you've never done the 9 Stars of Golf package with Eagle Sticks and The Virtues, grab your buddies and a weekend and get it done. They
  14. If they were "deserving" they would have made the team on points.
  15. dagogolfer25


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