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  1. The results are in. Today I went to the range with a specific goal of ranging in my new to me Cleveland TA7 irons. I have always known I don't get a lot of distance out of my irons, now I know exactly how little. All measurements are in yards carried. All with range balls. 4i= 140-145 5i= 135-145 6i= 130-150 7i= 110-140 8i= 130-135 9i= 90-100 pw= 50-75 Didn't hit driver today but usually I carry about 200-220 driving with a 9 degree driver, plenty of roll out resulting in 220-250 drives. I am thinking swing speed and lack of hips have much to do with these results.I'm 6'1 225# large framed person.
  2. Thats better... Can't wait to try these old but new to me TA7s and see if they are as good for me as the many people who's reviews I read.
  3. Hello. I am a fan of anything and everything old that man has created. What can you tell me about this set of 2-10 Macgregor blades I just picked up?
  4. I am waiting on my 4-pw TA7s to come in next week. I read about 100 reviews and everyone seems to like them. Will be interesting going from the old rams to the somewhat less old Cleaveland irons.
  5. I saw those during my research and find them hillarious. I also find it hillarious that it saved the brand during turmoil because Taylor Made and other companies had to pay royalties to Cleveland when they put similiar pieces on their irons.
  6. Hello All, After getting back into golf this year I started with my childhood set of irons which I am still currently playing (Ram formula X titanium). A persimons 1 wood and a no name 3 wood. Nike 21 degree rescue. I also had a old junk putter I bought at dicks when I was 13 or 14. First I replaced the persimons driver with a Taylor made 580x. I had great carries with the driver but I could not keep it straight. I then replaced my no name 3 wood with my current Cleveland golf 15.5 degree 3w. The first 20 shots I hit with it at the ranger were all very straight with 190-210 carry ( good for me with a three wood). The club just felt so right in my hands and straight drives with it were effortless compared to the taylor made driver. I then replaced the Taylor Made driver with a Cleveland classic 270 9 degree driver. I alson replaced my putter with an old Ping B60 I got at a pawn shop for 25 and regripped with a large super stroke style grip byt golf pride.I have been hitting the Cleveland classic straight much more consistantly then I ever did the taylor made. My good results with Cleveland could very well be circumstantial based on the setup of each club but I have been a fan ever since just for the strokes saved switching to cleveland.I also enjoy the classic good looks of some of the Clevland line. I live in OH, despite there being no known connection between Cleveland golf and Cleveland OH, somehow the name draws me in as an Ohian. I just ordered a 4-pw set of Cleveland TA7 irons used off the bay to replace my old Rams. From what I have heard they are quite forgiving which I will need considering my on again off again iron game that haunts me every match. Does anyone happen to find they hit Clevelands well or a have a story about how they landed on Cleveland?
  7. Shot a 102 today on a 5877 yard course with lots of elevation. I started good with a par and two bogeyes. Then I decided to let an older gentlemen also playing single join up with me as I was following a quick moving three pack. The golfer who joined me then decided since he had much more experience that he would be giving me a lesson the rest of the round. This did not help my game, the course is not the place to make changes.Many of his tips were probably good but I was out driving him all day and driving straiter so there was a strange dynmanic. Started doubling everything from there on out and didn't get another par all day. The guy was a good dude but this definitely derailed my game.
  8. Has anyone in the Dayton area had a good luck with a local pro?
  9. Today I tried hitting my old Ping Eye 2's again. I cannot hit Ping Eye 2's to save my life. Clearly my swing must be garbage since I can't hit the most popular iron of all time. I hit my Ram titanium X oversized irons well about ever other round and getting pretty good and consistent with them under 100 yard ons. I just don't like the fact that they are not a name brand club, that is why the siren song of the old Pings was calling my name today and ruined my day. I do like the way the Pings look in the bag but that is about it. Selling the old Pings before they ruin any more rounds for me. Shot a 110 today out of frustation. Had been shooting in the low 90's on short courses and just around 100 on longer courses until today.
  10. I am new to golf so I don't know the finer points of this, thanks for the info. If was to land 3 inches in front of a stick that had fallen from a tree, would it be improving the swing path to move the fallen stick which shouldn't be on the course in the first place?
  11. A little bit of both. Slicing alot of drives, probably swinging to hard or over the top a little. Most of the drives were playable though. Had a line drive on hole three , (thought i was driving the greenl)that caught the steep hill going into the stream and rolled in. Irons were hit and miss, one minute I was puting them pin high from 120 out with the 7, next minute a duff. Same with the fairway woods. 170-190 yds one shot, duff 70 yards on the next. I caught my self jumping out of my shoes on more then one occassion. I would say the driver was hurting me the most yesterday just making for alot of tough 2nd shots from the rough. It would be fun to head out to Columbus for a change of scenery to see what wisdom @Chetlovesmer has to offer while enjoying 18.
  12. I had a par putt from the fringe about 20 feet out yesterday, uphill mind you, that hit the pin just off center rolled around the edge of the cup and then past the hole about a foot. I had never felt so robbed.
  13. Thanks for the tip. I will have to get the app.
  14. In reality it's probaby more like 5-8 inches behind the ball now that I think of it. I'm always extra careful not to disturb or improve the lie.
  15. Played it again today after my morning apointments and it was a mixed bag. Kept making bad shots then three decent or good shots to save bogey. Less greens in regulation today then yesterday. Overall can't complain too much but this 93 felt like a 103 with all the poor striking. Where as yesterday was a much better overall consistency with tons of bad putting.
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