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  1. Hit a weak shot off the tee on a 160 yard downhill par 3 that ended up short right(35 yards from pin). The green was very long sloping right to left. Pitch on with the 60 accounting for slope and the ball rolls out and curls for 25 feet into the hole for a 2 and a skin worth $12.75. What a feeling after a weak tee shot.
  2. Yesterday I drove left on a 315 yard par 4 and ended up 30 yards behind a tree and 130 out. The tree was in the way of my path to the slightly elevated green about 10' high. Put plenty of shaft lean on my 4 iron and hit a 100 yard carry punch right under the tree which hit the hill and skipped to about 10' high of the pin. Made the 10 foot downhill breaker for birdie! For a poor drive it was great to make a birdie out of it.
  3. I have a set of these I bought before I knew much about clubs. They are a low end model from the early 80s. They hit pretty good though and seemed a bit more forgiving then some the of pro model blades. Had a great day on short 5300 yard course with them one day.
  4. Shot a 92 today. Ground was saturated and steady 15-25 mph gusts. I'll take it. Only 3 pars all day but no major blow ups. just quite a few double bogeys. Maintaining that newly found 16.7 handicap.
  5. Update: The current swing. Plenty of head movement which I minimized after reviewing this.
  6. Yesterday I had my best round of this year and 2nd best ever (87) on my local muni.. Downhill par 4 only 323 yards. It's usually a 7-9 iron with a decent drive and my limited distances. I hooked the drive short left probably only 155 yards and wind up blocked by a large tree 50 yards ahead blocking my path to the green. I try hitting a 3 wood aiming right of the green. It was a hillside lie and I duff the 3 wood 25 yards left further blocking my shot to the green. Although this time I am left of the first large tree (65') lining the left edge of the fairway but have 2 smaller trees maybe 35-40
  7. Good to hear things are coming together for you. I myself had an encounter with wrist shattering fat shots off the mat. Haven't been playing for over a week due to the bad wrist which couldn't have came at a worse time with everything reopening.
  8. How is a cart with wheels on the fringe worse with say 25 lbs per wheel if a two wheeled cart divided by about a 3 sq inch contact patch (8-12psi) an issue vs. s human weighiing 200 lbs who is walking which means at a some point in the stride there is 200 lbs on about 6 square inches(one foot in the air for step, weight on toes of trailing foot at 45-40psi? (Sorry to revive this thread, just saw the original posting date.Don't see delete option)
  9. Before. Could find ay over the pocket picks. This is my 9 foot olhausen. Was a tournament table out east in the early 2000s I would guess. A guy in portsmouth Ohio had three of them and I bought the last one for a cool $900(around 1600 installed). Had it Diamonized winter of 2018-19 and it has been a great table ever since.
  10. Had to take measures into my own hands today as all local courses have been shut down.This nearby park is rarely if ever used so I decided to get my tax dollars worth today.
  11. I played 9 holes today in sopping wet conditions from overnight rain. At this municiple course (Madden Hills) in Dayton OH they left the cup coming out of the ground 2-3 inches. I am assuming that this is in response to corona virus to prevent people from putting their hands in the cup or on the flag stick. It could also be weather related but I had not seen that ever before.It really bothered me at first but once I accepted it as intentional and not odd mistake after seeing the same on whole two, it wasn't so bad.
  12. Set a new personal best on a shorter local track today(4932 yds). 81! 6 pars, 2 birdies and only 1 seven. 10 GIR and 40 putts.lol. Left myself some long putts today. Did sink a 25 footer to birdie a 535 yd par 5 (the second hardest hole on the course). Wonderful day. This comes just 1 week after a lesson,whole new grip and swing.
  13. Thanks Erik, I will look into Ernest Jones and keep my eye out for a medicine ball. Shot a better video tonight with more FPS and audio removed.
  14. Please delete if video is deemed too poor. Camera settings were off, should have vid with higher fram rate soon. I've been Playing Golf for: 1 year My current handicap index or average score is: 23.4 but shooting worse this last 2 weeks My typical ball flight is: High with good contact. low sclice when hit bad, Straight and short when hit super fat. The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: Irons and pitching. My irons have always been hit and miss. And always very high and short. 5 iron 145-155 carry. Videos:
  15. Shot about 17 over my average using these old copper faced MT Tourney Clokorum M75s. I would say 9 of the 17 was due to me not having a swing today.
  16. The small headed metal woods from the mid 80's was the key to your statement. I have 80's metal Macgregor clubs and I easily drive 15-20 yards longer then with my persimmons. I would argue that if you played with persimons you would see where the other 7 shots comes from.
  17. I don't know the correct answer. I consider them blades but there is definitely a shape to them.Once I shortened my swing I was nailing greens with these things and getting my usualy distance, the greens were litteraly frozen solid though so balls were bouncing off or rolling to the back edge often.
  18. Hello Snapfade. Fun to know these Clevlands were once valuable. I am well aware of Guided By Voices and their cult following. My neighbor across the street was actually collaborating with one of the GBV members a year or two ago so I would see him pull up.(Not sure which member). I haven't devoted any time to listen to the band yet. Just a youtube video or two. As for the Clevelands. I am not over the moon about the shafts. Much heavier feel then my old Ram's with fiber shafts. I recently picked up a mint complete set of Mcgregor Jack Nicklaus CG1800s
  19. I just ordered a left handed set of Strata Plus clubs to give to my father as a retirement gift for his retirement this thursday to hopefully get him back in the game.After arrival I studied the box carefully and it is hard to see how they are considering this a 14 piece set when there are only 11 listed items on the box. Is there a golf ball, tee and glove inside to make it a 14 piece?
  20. Had a magical day today on and off the Course. Went thrifting and found a immaculate and complete set of MacGregor, Jack Nicklaus cg1800 clubs. 3-S + 1,3,5 wood ($11) . I also found a Ping O blade (2.99) and a Ping Anwer 5k ($22). I decided to go test out these clubs on a local short course. 4,932 yards from the whites. The Macgregors felt so so good. Feel much lighter then my Cleveland TA7 and more comfortable/ forgiving. Had the most GIR I have ever had on this track (11). Ended up shooting an 83 which is nearly my best round on this course with a $11
  21. The results are in. Today I went to the range with a specific goal of ranging in my new to me Cleveland TA7 irons. I have always known I don't get a lot of distance out of my irons, now I know exactly how little. All measurements are in yards carried. All with range balls. 4i= 140-145 5i= 135-145 6i= 130-150 7i= 110-140 8i= 130-135 9i= 90-100 pw= 50-75 Didn't hit driver today but usually I carry about 200-220 driving with a 9 degree driver, plenty of roll out resulting in 220-250 drives. I am thinking swing speed and lack of hips
  22. Thats better... Can't wait to try these old but new to me TA7s and see if they are as good for me as the many people who's reviews I read.
  23. Hello. I am a fan of anything and everything old that man has created. What can you tell me about this set of 2-10 Macgregor blades I just picked up?
  24. I am waiting on my 4-pw TA7s to come in next week. I read about 100 reviews and everyone seems to like them. Will be interesting going from the old rams to the somewhat less old Cleaveland irons.
  25. I saw those during my research and find them hillarious. I also find it hillarious that it saved the brand during turmoil because Taylor Made and other companies had to pay royalties to Cleveland when they put similiar pieces on their irons.
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