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  1. I heard something about piped in noise at the dome but there was no truth to it - it's just a loud place and the Pats did fine in that environment. Have to admit I'm getting tired of the press playing up the good vs evil BS, but I suppose all the hating just motivates them all the more, so bring it on. The latest tirade is from Don Shula himself, who now says that due to the camera violation and signal stealing, if the Patriots go 16 - 0 this season, the NFL should put an asterisk next to it. I don't understand this logic. If the team goes 16 - 0 this season, they will have done it under
  2. GreensDruid

    Go Sox!

    Sox in 4 games! What a great time to be a sports fan in New England. Compensation for our cold winters I guess. Time for a new thread on Patriots vs. Colts. Someone else will have to start this one, but I'm pulling for the Pats, baby. Tough to beat Indy on the road but it'll be a great matchup.
  3. I've noticed the same thing. I wonder whether it has something to do with the inside out swing of most tour pros. Perhaps as we follow the clubhead on it's inside out path we naturally assume that the ball is following the clubhead. Or maybe its just the camera angle that is throwing us off.
  4. GreensDruid

    Go Sox!

    Great series! I think home field advantage was very important to the Sox and I'm glad we'll have it with Colorado, who were looking pretty impressive a week ago. Go Sox!!!!
  5. Ski, snowboard, bushwacking, cycling, running, admiring naked women.
  6. The local golf club where I've played for the last couple of years has two courses - an 18 hole "championship" course and then a 9 hole executive course. For all of this time, I've played the executive course because I thought a 20 - 25 handicap (I don't really know what it is) doesn't belong on the big boy course. Better to hone your game on the small course and play the big one when you're a little better. I should say the the executive course is an interesting little track. It was designed by Geoffrey Cornish maybe 15 - 20 years ago and consists of two par threes and then seven par fou
  7. Whenever I make it a point to turn my hands over on the drive, one of two things happen: either - a wicked slice - or - a nasty snap hook. I try to think of my hands as litttle as possible, and that's when things seem to work best. They'll work properly on their own so if your hitting well, don't try to analyze and/or monkey with it. Advice from a 20 -25 handicap - take it with a big grain of salt.
  8. Last year was mild up until about mid January. Most courses close but one near my home opened right up into January depending on weather. Once the snow flies (and sticks) they all close. What do you do when that happens? Easy - ski (both xc and downhill), snowboard, snowshoe through the backcountry in moonlight, trim your apple trees for next spring, get some brush cut and cleared, burn brush piles, drink some beers around the fire, cozy up with your main squeeze and make mad, passionate love - whatever. We're only limited by our imaginations. Before you know it, spring comes and we
  9. GreensDruid

    Go Sox!

    Cleveland is playing so well right now and the Sox seem so flat that unless something changes (like in 2004), tonight could be it. Much as it would pain me to see the Sox lose it, I will tip my cap to the Tribe and wish them well against the Rockies (let's hope they cool down between now and Wednesday, whatever happens tonight)!
  10. I just read a column on Fox Sports Net that suggests the Patriots caught Mangini videotaping on their sidelines last year but didn't go running to the commish. The column also said that when the Pats turned in their tapes to the commish they also gave information on other teams videotaping practices. Anyway, they're looking pretty good after curb stomping the Boys. It's funny that Cowboys fans are now sniveling over the Patriots running up the score on them. Just tells you there are some serious Patriots/Bellichick haters out there and as long as the Pats are winning, the hating will conti
  11. GreensDruid

    Go Sox!

    I agree - it's just not the same without the Rem Dawg.
  12. GreensDruid

    Go Sox!

    Well, not quite what I expected. I was thinking the Yankees in 5 over Cleveland. I'm not sure who the Sox would rather face but now it's Cleveland and we'll have our hands full. It's funny that all of the sports commentary this morning is on the future of the Yankees. The fact that Cleveland won was almost an afterthought. With so much up in the air for the Yankees, I suppose this will be an incredibly interesting off season. I especially feel bad for Joe Torre being publicly bitch slapped by Steinbrenner. If I were Tony LaRussa, I'd think twice before accepting a call from the Boss.
  13. GreensDruid

    Go Sox!

    Well, we made it to the post season - phew! It started looking like just another Red Sox September. Just wouldn't be the same without some drama. Yankees fans - see you in October. Hope our pitching is rested and recovered and your bats cool down! Cheers!
  14. Noticed that too. And as I'm watching the Patriots play SD I have the same complaint - this is not HD. C'mon NBC, get with it!
  15. I feel very badly for the team but I suppose rules are rules. If you read the commentary it seems very clear that everyone tries to steal signals but the Pats coaching staff was pretty brazen to videotape, especially after being warned. We'll see how things go this year. If I were a Patriots player I'd be playing the rest of the season with a chip on my shoulder and something to prove. Beating SD will do a world of good. Then the rest of the NFL can get off their collective high horses and get back to business.
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