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  1. I had clicked the name but it all froze up. But I'm sure it has worked for me in the past. I'm thinking it's a plot by Microsoft to force me off my Windows 7 machine.😖
  2. Yes, I tried that and when that black box with the name inside came up I couldn't get my cursor to reappear in the writing area - it was all frozen. And then I repeated it and had the same experience, so I'm not sure what I was doing wrong. Perhaps if I write the message first and then go back to the top and put the @name in?
  3. Not sure I'm following this @Club Rat, but as noted above, it is one shot penalty for causing your ball to move off the putting green and ball must be replaced. Failure to replace the ball elevates the penalty to 2SP for playing from a wrong place.
  4. Yes, Rule 7.4 identifying ball is a good example. Also when proceeding under a Rule, eg, lifting the ball to take relief but moving a loose impediment next to the ball first causes the ball to move (9.4b Exc 4). Another is if the ball in play is back in the teeing area and against a loose impediment - no penalty for any accidental movement in that situation.
  5. Understood. And you are doing a fine job here, I seek only to complement.
  6. DDA. But in Q3, while A is the general answer, there are exceptions where B is also true. Bonus points for identifying (other than the putting green case).
  7. I doubt that number (half already infected) is realistic, but if it's 30%, that's a big head start. Unfortunately, that is currently data we do not yet have. Until a quick test is proven, reliable and sufficiently widely available (eg the 15 minute pin prick test), modelling and subsequent policy resolution is punting in the dark. We have never been more dependent on the scientists.
  8. I'm not a fan of Q7, it muddies the water with a mismatch of wording in the question and answers. Answer B is a true statement but bears little relationship to the language of the question.
  9. can he play the ball using his 3 wood while standing on the path? That is, is the requirement of complete relief fulfilled? No, complete relief means precisely that. After defining NPCR for an intended stroke with the wedge and then correctly putting the ball in play, the player MUST play the ball from where it lies using any club but if there is any contact with the path during the stroke with stance or swing the player gets the general penalty under R14.7a for playing a ball from the wrong place in breach of R16.1.
  10. 1) There is no timing restriction on when you can 'inform the Committee' beyond 'before returning the scorecard'. 2) Yes, the alert player can certainly avoid playing a muddy ball in a 'playing a second ball' situation. In fact, the player can also put the second ball in play (drop/place depending on the situation) before deciding which ball to count, providing done before making a stroke.
  11. That 9 month PL raises an interesting variation on Q1. When proceeding under a Rule, such as that local rule, if moving the pine cone causes the ball to move, there is no penalty via 9.4b Exception 4.
  12. Always check those Local Rules. Many courses, including mine, have "clearly defined wheel ruts" or words to that effect, as GUR. And it is on many Hard Cards.
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