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  1. Thanks Vinsk and Denny. Looking forward to the journey. If you were to have any 'must understand/see/do' for a beginner, feel free to share. I surely can use all the help i can get.
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  3. Hey Guys and Gals!!! My name is Mike and I currently live in York, Pa (work in Abingdon, MD, which is pretty close to Mountain Branch). I am new to golf (spent 1-2 years golfing for fun in late high school and early college), but have recently decided to pick it back up at age 32. I am a competitive person by nature and like to have to have something, other than work and family (wife and 2 kids), that pushes me to be better. I purchased a new set of clubs to get me started (nothing fancy), while planning on putting money away to get a better set down the road. I hope to use this forum as a place to meet new people in my area (hopefully someone is from around me that would like to golf after I get some more work on the course), and to learn. I am concentrating on the range/green right now to get my swing comfortable, and then plan on heading to a local par 3 course to break back into the swing of things. If anyone is in my area and interested in getting together just let me know.
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