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  1. Thanks for the Promo Code Erik!!
  2. That is really cool. One of the instructors I am looking at is located at an indoor facility. He is a bit more pricey than the golf clubs near me, but a conversation with them should lead me in the right direction. Thanks
  3. I just got back to the range and worked on some things, and you hit the nail on the head with "Bad shot, hit another ball, that one was good, okay swing is working". Hoping that I can find a good instructor soon. Will be making calls this week at some point. I am a note taker by nature (i have a terrible memory, and forget things pretty easily), but i am intrigued by the video comment you made. Do they film you? or do they tend to send you a self video of things to work on?
  4. Thank you (and Patch). This was super helpful. Absolutely want to go over all the stuff you mention, and was hoping to get drills from the lesson to practice at home. I can usually spare 30-60 minutes a day at home chipping, putting, hitting some practice balls after the kids get put down for the night.
  5. Thank you both. I have found 2 or 3 local to me that seem to be highly thought of. Thanks for the help, made me ease up a bit and give it a shot
  6. Hey Everyone, I introduced myself a while back, and have sat in the corner and have tried to read every part of this site (I have almost made it through all the rules threads, almost 😨). I had a few questions that I hope you all could help me with. I have spent the last 2 months at the range/backyard with limited distance balls (foam/plastic/birdie balls), and have yet to go to the course (want to feel a bit more confident with people around in case they pair me up with others). I have hit 1000's of balls so far (I thought i would hate the range part of starting out again, but its really nice, especially being able to hit the range at my lunch break (mountain branch GC near Abingdon, MD). 1. I am swinging and hitting the ball MUCH better than 2 months ago. Out of 100 balls, only a handful refuse to get airborn (thinning?), but I am certain I need lessons as I have no idea on what i should be feeling/looking for to correct things. But I am not sure on how to find a "good" coach. I see a lot near home (York, PA), and down near my office in Maryland, but not sure how to choose 1 vs the other. Any input would be great on this. I feel like i fall into the Malaska swing style as he was the first guy i found online that i can relate a swing too (baseball background), but being so new, i have no clue what to look/feel for in the swing. I have also considered signing up for his online teachings, but I honestly do not know if that would go well, as I am so new, and could be thinking one thing and doing another. 2. I bought second hand clubs. Ping i5 irons (3-9), Ping G2 Driver (8.5), Ping G5 3 wood and PW, and the Ping Tour Gorge 56SS SW. I spent a bit more than I initially wanted, but I did not want to go the complete set route (bad experience). My question is, Can i get those fit for me and adjusted, without buying new clubs? I want to buy all new, but there is no way I will justify that until i get better and spend a bunch of time on the course. Thanks
  7. Thanks Vinsk and Denny. Looking forward to the journey. If you were to have any 'must understand/see/do' for a beginner, feel free to share. I surely can use all the help i can get.
  8. mey123


  9. Hey Guys and Gals!!! My name is Mike and I currently live in York, Pa (work in Abingdon, MD, which is pretty close to Mountain Branch). I am new to golf (spent 1-2 years golfing for fun in late high school and early college), but have recently decided to pick it back up at age 32. I am a competitive person by nature and like to have to have something, other than work and family (wife and 2 kids), that pushes me to be better. I purchased a new set of clubs to get me started (nothing fancy), while planning on putting money away to get a better set down the road. I hope to use this forum as a place to meet new people in my area (hopefully someone is from around me that would like to golf after I get some more work on the course), and to learn. I am concentrating on the range/green right now to get my swing comfortable, and then plan on heading to a local par 3 course to break back into the swing of things. If anyone is in my area and interested in getting together just let me know.
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