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  1. I go diving into the cart like I'm diving into 2nd base on a steal. Just kidding, duck...and cover! Just like an atomic bomb is about to blow up down the road.
  2. Was able to get out today and get my third round of the year in. Got my first birdie on my 33rd hole of the year!
  3. I workout seven days a week in the off season. Alternate days with upper and lower body. During the season I workout four days a week and do upper and lower body all on the same day.
  4. I usually don't play when it's very cold out so I've never had the issue... ...well now that I think of it...I've cracked a few...with a lawnmower.
  5. Eh, you're a little off. I haven't had my first job yet. Hell, I haven't graduated high school yet...I'm only 18, lol.
  6. Bump! I'm in North Canton... Home course is The Fairways at Arrowhead. It used to be Arrowhead Country Club before it went public 4-5 years ago. I also play alot at The Sanctuary, Seven Hills, The Legends, Tam O'Shanter, and Mayfair CC. The Quarry(#4 public course in Ohio) is about 15 minutes from me. Never played there but I'm organizing an Ohio Outing on GolfWRX next season so I'm really excited to play there and have heard alot of good things.
  7. Anyone who's never smoked a bowl, go do it and let us all know that you don't feel any different.
  8. It really doesn't have any effect the first time or couple times you do it...
  9. That was a terrible situation for LSU. Should never have to beat a team twice to win the National Title.
  10. Are you talking about buying or selling?
  11. Craigslist. Meet up somewhere, let them take a look at it...SOLD. If you could post it here, it probably wouldn't even do you any good because it'll end up just like Ebay shipping it to them and doing all that crap.
  12. Age: 18 Height: 5'10'' Where are you from: Canton, OH How Long have you been Playing: Next season will be my 4th season. I started playing in May of 2009. Best Score: 80(Carroll Meadows Golf Course) Favorite club in the bag: 8 Iron Golf Books / DVD's that have helped you: Never seen or read any, lol Where do you play: NE Ohio-The Fairways at Arrowhead, Seven Hills CC Best courses you've played so far: Little Mountain CC Things you enjoy most about golf: Everything about it! Goals for 2012: Play alot of new courses with some
  13. No-hitters and perfect games are different. That's defense to the extreme which is fine.
  14. I agree. And I'm not saying they want to see poor defense, just big plays on offense and defensive scoring plays.
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