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  1. My razor is calling my name as well. I think I'm gonna cave tomorrow morning.
  2. Nah, more like straight up, straight down. If you step forward you're going to get out on your front foot and hit weak groundballs to short and 3rd all day.
  3. I'd try to trade it in somewhere for a left handed club.
  4. Same here. I've never bought a tee in my 2 1/2 years on the course.
  5. C'mon up here this winter. We'll get a round in on January 15th. Bring at least 100 balls though, good luck finding them in the 1'-2' of snow.
  6. It's very common to get backspin off a drive in wet conditions...
  7. Tomorrow I'm gonna go grab a tennis ball and a racquet. I'm gonna practice for hours on end. In five years when I'm 23, I'm gonna be playing Roger Federer for the US Open Tennis title. Wish me luck! Anythings possible!
  8. Where's iacas!? It's the perfect time to buff up Scorecard!
  9. That is crazy! If I was playing like that I probably wouldn't have even made it to the 5th hole without my head exploding! "What'd you shoot?" "I had a hole in one!" "What's you shoot?" "Shut the hell up dude, I hade a hole in one!" "Dude, what'd you shoot?" "I had a 39...after 6 holes. ;)"
  10. That's me. I hate practicing but I play at least 5 times a week during the summer.
  11. Just packed up my clubs for the winter. Last round was 10/11.
  12. It's called practice. Who the hell needs a lesson on putting? Line it up and whack it.
  13. 1) Get Handicap down to 9.0 or better 2) Play all public courses within 30 minutes from my house 3) Hit 45% of fairways 4) Hit 25% of GIR 5) Win a tournament 6) Have a 9 hole scoring average of 42 or better 7) Have an 18 hole scoring average of 83 or better 8) Break 80 for the first time 9) Shoot par for 9 holes for the first time 10) I need to find consistency. I'm sick of being so inconsistent off the tee and not being able to repeat my swing.
  14. Quote: 1) Get Handicap down to single digits 2) Play all public courses within 30 minutes from my house 3) Hit 50% of fairways 4) Hit 25% of GIR 5) Play in at least 5 tournaments(non-scholastic) 6) Have a 9 hole scoring average of 42 or better 7) Have an 18 hole scoring average of 83 or better 1-No, close though. 11.1 to date. 2-No, 17/25 so far 3-Not even close. I still suck off the tee and am way too inconsistent. 4-Not even close. Can't hit greens when you can't hit fairways 5-No. Only 4. 6-No, it's right aro
  15. That is crazy! 65 yards is rediculous!
  16. I almost had mine today. It was a short par 4 like 360 yards. I hit a decent drive left. Had about 80 in. Hit a little punch GW and it came up like half a foot short. Closest I've ever been. And congrats BTW!
  17. I'll probably call it a season pretty soon. I just haven't felt like touching a club since having one of my worst 9's of the year Tuesday at sectionals right after one of my better 9's.
  18. During sectionals last week I went 39-47(the 39 was on the back because we started on #10). I think that might be the most lopsided I've ever had. Stinks that it came during the most important 18 holes I've played in and we missed making it to districts by two strokes.
  19. 41(+6). Played bad, but managed to score halfway decent.
  20. I think he should be allowed in. He's one of the greatest hitters in the history of the game and the all time hits leader. But eventually, I think he will be let in. Hopefully before he passes away.
  21. Had a 38(+3) this evening. Would've been my lowest round to date if I wouldn't have 3-putt #1.
  22. Tough week for me on the golf course. Best shot was probably a 7 iron from about 155 or 160 out. Put it to 8-10 feet and made the birdie putt to get back to E thru 4. Went on to shoot a 39 on that 9.
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