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  1. Head out to the practice green...you can never spend too much time there. Hope everything goes well with the surgery and here's to a speedy recovery...
  2. I'm about 5 minutes away. Only played there once this year though. Really nice, fun course.
  3. Congrats man! I'm still awaiting my first one...but actually I almost had one today-twice! First Par 3 was Hole #3 and I stuck it 10 inches away! Second Par 3 was Hole #7 and I hit it right at the pin but it was like 3 feet short...ugh! Can't wait til I finally get one! I'm becoming impatient haha.
  4. Only had a cart die on me once and it was on the 1st hole haha. Every once in a while I'll lift up the seat and flip the switch to the "Tow" setting and get enjoyment out of their reaction.
  5. Driver~Warrior Custom Golf 10* 3 Wood~Warrior Custom Golf 15* Hybrid~King Cobra Baffler 3h 20* Irons~Voltage Acuity 7-PW(Came with the boxed set I got when I first started playing) Wedges~Warrior Custom Golf 52* GW and 56* SW I can't wait to replace my irons. I'm gonna order the Nike Ignite 3's in the next couple days and get a set of Adams Watson wedges. Not real thrilled with my bag but I have a hard time forking the money out to put together a nice bag that I would be happy with. Slowly but surely I'll get there though. Hopefully by the start of next season I'll have
  6. You should see the bunkers at my home course. You could easily mistake them for a man-made lake.
  7. Great post btw...just wanted to comment on something I saw for the first time today. I played with a kid in tryouts today who moved in from New York. Let's just say he shot a "108". He shaved a stroke here and there but he was so far from making the team I was just like whatever. But the thing I was impressed with was how good his ball striking was and how poorly he scored. He was probably the best ball striker in my foursome but managed to score the worst haha. It seemed like he hit every ball clean but just didn't manage his game very well and he couldn't putt worth a crap. I'll just throw o
  8. This thread got me a par today! I'm being dead serious when I say this...I was on the 11th tee today. A 301 yard dead straight Par 4. Usually I go for it and can get it up somewhere in the rough by the green and have a pretty good look at getting up and down for birdie. The hole is pretty heavily bunkered. Front right is sand, front right is sand, and their's a little maybe three yard wide opening where you can run a drive up to the green. So I'm on the tee trying to decide between going for it or hitting a 7 iron and then having like a 9i or PW in. I've been having trouble hitting my d
  9. Ugh!!! Another very frustrating round. Shot a 91(+21). Still having trouble off the tee. Hit just 3 fairways today. One with my 7 iron, one with my driver, and one with my 3 wood. That gives me 5 fairways hit in my last 3 rounds. A week ago the way I was swinging it I could've doubled that in one round.
  10. Not really recently. In elementary school we used to have fights at recess all the time. During our recess kickball or football games I went at it a few times...just like a couple pushes and punches before one of the monitors broke it up and put you on "the wall".
  11. I think clubs make a little bit more of a difference than most people will admit. In my situation a buddy of mine was using an old boxed set of clubs(probably 5 years or so old). He recently bought a new driver and irons and his scores have improved from high 40's to low 40's, high 30's at times. I don't believe it's ALL the clubs, but I think it has definitely helped him. He keeps nagging me to get new irons and get rid of my boxed set that I'm still using now in my third year golfing and he's actually got me to order some here pretty soon. I've finally got the money and am gonna bite the bul
  12. I did my first year I played until I got a wedge set at the beginning of last year.
  13. I did too! ------------------------------ I would go with #3. Not sure what the Euro to Dollar ratio is though. At my home course it's two minutes down the road, and my dad knows the guy who owns the course so he gives us a good deal. It's open to the public but it's a pretty nice course and it's my high school golf teams' home course so that's nice too.
  14. Well...I couldn't have played much worse than I did today. 98(+26). Absolutely horrible round at a course I usually play pretty well at. Didn't hit a fairway yesterday, shot a +15, 87. Hit just two today and shot a 98. Two fairways hit in my last 36 holes. I guess you can't expect to score when you can't hit fairways.
  15. The days of buying clubs off the racks are pretty much over. Now days you really should be fitted unless your just a couple times a year golfer where spending that extra money would really be almost useless.
  16. Gotta love Carlos Guillen haha. He's usually pretty classy I would have never expected him to show up Jered Weaver like that. Weaver deserved it though he's a dirty little bastard.
  17. Welcome to The Sand Trap! I'm a little under an hour away from you. Ever played Deer Creek or Mill Creek by chance? When we played Boardman and Fitch last year we played those two courses.
  18. 87(+15). Doubled the first two holes. Then got two pars and bogied out on the front for a 45. Was 3 over after 7 on the back. Then I doubled 17 and bogied 18 for a 42. Very frustrating round though. Did not hit a single fairway(no, not even one). Had to work my ass off to even make bogies.
  19. 88(+18) today. Almost eagled #2. Hit a poor drive way right onto the other fairway. Hit a towering 7 iron into the green, one hopped, off the base of the flag stick and went on to miss the 4 foot birdie putt. 3rd time I've hit the flagstick in as many rounds and none have fallen. First two were with my 9 iron from about 140 out. This one was with a 7iron from about 160 out. It's weird though because I've never hit the flagstick before on a full shot and they've all come in consecutive rounds. Played poorly overall but was really out playing to get my driver under control before golf try
  20. Hahahaha omg I didn't even think about that. Make that 13/14 holes excluding Par 3's haha.
  21. I hit my driver on 17/18 holes on my home course. The only hole I don't hit driver on is #16 because it's a dogleg right at 90 degrees and only 240 to the bend so I can't hit driver without going OB into the woods overshooting the fairway. I think this golf season during practice I'm going to try hitting irons and woods off the tee more. Maybe I'll see something I like and continue doing it. It's just hard for me to do that though because I feel more comfortable with a driver in my hand off the tee than just about any other club other than short irons.
  22. You shouldn't have to go back accross the hazard once it hits over it, at least I wouldn't think so. What would happen if you were on the back of the green, chipped it accross the green into the water? Would you then have to go back accross and recross it?
  23. Shot an 85(+15) yesterday at my home course. 10-16 I par'd every hole but doubled the two Par 3's. Then bogied the last two holes for a 41(+6). Played poor on the front shooting a 44(+9)
  24. Not everyone has the same "grand scheme". So who gives a rip about grand schemes. Not sure why it was even brought up.
  25. Yea, all they do is stand on first base and stretch...nothing else.
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