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  1. Originally Posted by LBlack14

    Not gonna happen these days. You must be retired and it's been a looooong time ago since you've partaken?

    Eh, you're a little off. I haven't had my first job yet. Hell, I haven't graduated high school yet...I'm only 18, lol.

  2. Bump! I'm in North Canton...

    Home course is The Fairways at Arrowhead. It used to be Arrowhead Country Club before it went public 4-5 years ago. I also play alot at The Sanctuary, Seven Hills, The Legends, Tam O'Shanter, and Mayfair CC. The Quarry(#4 public course in Ohio) is about 15 minutes from me. Never played there but I'm organizing an Ohio Outing on GolfWRX next season so I'm really excited to play there and have heard alot of good things.

  3. Originally Posted by westcyderydin

    If you are not used to smoking pot, i wouldnt think you would be very good if you are feeling its affects.  i would stick to drinking.

    It really doesn't have any effect the first time or couple times you do it...

  4. Craigslist. Meet up somewhere, let them take a look at it...SOLD.

    If you could post it here, it probably wouldn't even do you any good because it'll end up just like Ebay shipping it to them and doing all that crap.

  5. Age: 18

    Height: 5'10''

    Where are you from: Canton, OH

    How Long have you been Playing: Next season will be my 4th season. I started playing in May of 2009.

    Best Score: 80(Carroll Meadows Golf Course)

    Favorite club in the bag: 8 Iron

    Golf Books / DVD's that have helped you: Never seen or read any, lol

    Where do you play: NE Ohio-The Fairways at Arrowhead, Seven Hills CC

    Best courses you've played so far: Little Mountain CC

    Things you enjoy most about golf: Everything about it!

    Goals for 2012: Play alot of new courses with some of the Ohioans on G-WRX and Break 80. My others are listed in the Goals Thread.

  6. Originally Posted by bwdial

    Yeah... who wants to see a no-hitter or a perfect game?  Real fans want to see the bullpens emptied out by the seventh inning.  Oh, and lots of errors to keep things exciting. [/sarcasm]

    I want defense.  Boa constrictor wrapping itself around an offense and squeezing the life out of it like a helpless rabbit defense.  I want quarterbacks peeing down their legs and audibling out of pass plays because their ribs hurt too bad to breathe defense.

    And I wish the NBA had just stayed locked out and run the whole friggin' league into the ground.

    No-hitters and perfect games are different. That's defense to the extreme which is fine.

  7. Originally Posted by sean_miller

    Not sure I'd want to see a 1-0 shutout every game but some of them are very exciting for a true fan.

    Everybody wants to see missed tackles, poor coverage, sieve goaltenders etc? I doubt that - I want to see good defense.

    I agree. And I'm not saying they want to see poor defense, just big plays on offense and defensive scoring plays.

  8. Originally Posted by shades9323

    Different strokes for different folks. We just appreciate football in different ways. The majority of people like to see touchdowns and exciting offensive plays. Very very few can get excited about a game that had 5 field goals and no touchdowns. I doubt LSU would beat OSU by 40.  They would win, but not by that much.  Especially with the lack of competent QB's.


    Nobody wants to sit around and watch good defense. That goes for any sport. Nobody wants to watch a 1-0 baseball game. Nobody wants to watch 1-0 hockey games. Nobody wants to watch 75-70 basketball games. And nobody wants to watch 6-3 football games. Well, I take that back. The purists for their respective sport, love to see it. But other than that, the guys sitting out in the outfield want to see homerun balls flying into the seats, the guys in the dawg pound want to see kick returns and 95 yard TD passes, the guys in the court seats want to see dunks and three's, and the guys on the glass want to see pucks flying into the nets.

  9. Originally Posted by act0fgod

    How would you get the ball on the lifesaver in a high school match without being seen and quickly called out on? This one seems kind of weird.

    I was wondering the same thing...what kind of rules do they play by? Lift, clean, and place?

    A kid on my high school golf team pours his extra gatorade and powerade on his wedges to make them tackier and spin more. When he told me about it I busted his chops about it the rest of the year.

  10. Honestly, what the hell happened? He went from arguably the best running back in the league to the worst in a matter of months. I can't even watch Titans games any more because I just cringe every time we hand him the damn ball. In the game against the Falcons right now, we're down 20-3 and he has 10 carries for 14 freakin yards. I mean c'mon! WTF!

  11. These stories are great! Hahahaha

    My first year playing I was on the 18th hole at my home course. Not OB their's a grassy area full of trees to the right, and as I do quite often, I go right and lose my ball. For some reason I great really, really, really pissed off when I lose a ball. I don't mind losing one in the water or in the woods, but when I just flat out cannot find a ball, I get f'ing pissed off. So I lose it, and it was a practice round so I don't feel like walking back to the tee so I drop one and all pissed off I hit a crappy shot and I yell "MOTHER F>>>ER!" and slam my 4 iron into the a tree and it snaps in half. To add to it, I realized I left my 7 iron back on the 17th fairway(I had thrown it and forgot to go get it), so I go back and can't remember where it went so I walked off the course two clubs down and on the verge of going to the hospital for how high my blood pressure probably was, haha. I was PISSED! All over losing a ball, lol. Three years later, I still haven't learned to control my anger and have meltdowns every so often. I've only broken two clubs since then though, haha.

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