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  1. Originally Posted by poser

    Like it here alot more than golfwrx.  People are not so fast to ban someone for 3 months for expressing their opinion and actually allow open discussion.  Well worth the 39.00.  I paid it gladly now ban me please.

    I agree.

  2. Originally Posted by Fourputt

    I haven't bought a tee in at least 20 years.  People who do buy them leave them scattered all over the tee boxes, so I just pick them up.  That's a much better deal than even $3.75 for 500.  I start each round with a couple in my pocket, and by the end of the round I've usually got 6 or 7.  I don't break one that often, so I can often get 18 holes from a single wooden tee.

    Same here. I've never bought a tee in my 2 1/2 years on the course.

  3. Originally Posted by alexevo91

    i dont get why you have a winter break? im playing every day over here and its raining then its shining then its pouring down. but i love it so what if my waterproofs get wet?

    just noticed this topic on a few threads and thought id ask why you take  a "winter break" your game will decrease everyday you dont play in my opinion.

    C'mon up here this winter. We'll get a round in on January 15th. Bring at least 100 balls though, good luck finding them in the 1'-2' of snow.

  4. Originally Posted by BuckeyeNut

    If you're like me and never practice and you want to get better.....all I have to say is you had better play A LOT....

    Weekends wont cut it......

    That's me. I hate practicing but I play at least 5 times a week during the summer.

  5. 1) Get Handicap down to 9.0 or better

    2) Play all public courses within 30 minutes from my house
    3) Hit 45% of fairways
    4) Hit 25% of GIR
    5) Win a tournament

    6) Have a 9 hole scoring average of 42 or better
    7) Have an 18 hole scoring average of 83 or better

    8) Break 80 for the first time

    9) Shoot par for 9 holes for the first time

    10) I need to find consistency. I'm sick of being so inconsistent off the tee and not being able to repeat my swing.

  6. Quote:
    1) Get Handicap down to single digits
    2) Play all public courses within 30 minutes from my house
    3) Hit 50% of fairways
    4) Hit 25% of GIR
    5) Play in at least 5 tournaments(non-scholastic)
    6) Have a 9 hole scoring average of 42 or better
    7) Have an 18 hole scoring average of 83 or better

    1-No, close though. 11.1 to date.

    2-No, 17/25 so far

    3-Not even close. I still suck off the tee and am way too inconsistent.

    4-Not even close. Can't hit greens when you can't hit fairways

    5-No. Only 4.

    6-No, it's right around 43.

    7-Not even close. 88.32.

    Reflecting back on this season, I had a terrible year. Didn't reach any of my goals, and for the most part, I played like crap. Had a couple good rounds, but I'm just way too inconsistent. Any given day I can go out and shot an 80, but I could also shoot a 90. I had alot of 9's in the 30's but just can't put two 9's together and shoot in the 70's. Next year I have got to find a way to make my swing repeatable.

  7. I almost had mine today. It was a short par 4 like 360 yards. I hit a decent drive left. Had about 80 in. Hit a little punch GW and it came up like half a foot short. Closest I've ever been.

    And congrats BTW!

  8. Tough week for me on the golf course. Best shot was probably a 7 iron from about 155 or 160 out. Put it to 8-10 feet and made the birdie putt to get back to E thru 4. Went on to shoot a 39 on that 9.

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