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  1. My best shot this week was on Sunday. I was in the sand on an 8th hole Par 3 and I hit my tee shot into the bunker to the left of the green. The hole was on the other side of the green and I chipped it out it landed 5-10 yards in front of the hole and rolled in for my first career chip in and second career birdie!
  2. I have a Regular Flex Driver, 3 Wood, and 5 Wood and slice it huge with all three of them. And I recently got the Stiff Flex Nike SQ SUMO Hybrid and I hit that thing as straighter than you can imagine.

    My question is am I not slicing it with that club because it's a Stiff Flex or is it something else? I need to figure it out because I don't want to waste my money getting a Stiff Flex Draw Driver to cancel out my slice if I'm going to hit a Stiff Flex straight and then end up with a draw out of the driver.
  3. I actually prefer to be in the sand over being in the rough a couple feet off the green. When I'm in the sand I don't think about it, I just go in there and take a good cut at the ball. Half the time when I'm in the rough just off the green I either leave it way short or overthink it and try and make sure I don't leave it short and shoot it accross the green no more than two feet off the ground.

    For a while I would take a half swing and not even get it out of the sand. Then the guy I play with alot told me to take a full swing at it for once so I tried it and ever since then my shots out of the sand have been absolutely fantastic.
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