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  1. My best shot of the week was actually two shots. Friday a friend called and we played 9 holes around noon. Hole #1 I chip in from in front of the green for par...later that evening I go golfing with another friend. Almost the exact same senario except I'm on off the back of the green on the side of a mound. I chip that one in on Hole #1, once again for par. Two chips ins on the same hole for par in the same day. If only I could actually get off to a decent start for once and have one of those for birdie instead of having to get up and down for bogey or chip in for par.

  2. I shot an 84(+12) yesterday at Maumee Bay Golf Links. Went 40-44. Had three doubles, had three penalty strokes, all were on the holes I doubled. Conditions were just brutal. It was right up on Lake Erie, and it was windy as hell. The front was windy, but fairly easy. The back however, just flat out brutal. Every hole was a battle. I hit a 5 iron from 145 on one hole, and a PW from 150 on another. A couple drives I really got a hold of, weren't even 210 yards haha. Some 390 yard par 4's played like 450 yarders. It was really fun though, I guess since I played pretty well.

  3. Shot a 46(+11) yesterday. Played like crap. Only hit two fairways, one green. The one green I hit was on the last hole so by then it was too late. Bogied everything and had a double, triple, and a par. Had so many putts lip out I didn't know what to do. I had three par putts lip out, and a bogey putt lip out. I was so close to just snapping my putter in half. Had 18 putts but I had a lot more than the stat shows because of how many I had from a couple inches onto the fringe.

  4. Swing looks really good to me. Only thing I see is that you come over the top. When I'm coming over the top I just focus on taking it straight back and straight through in a smooth motion.

    I really like your setup as well. Only thing I would say is to keep your upper body a little straighter up. I think you're bent over a little too much.

  5. Finally broke back into the 30's with a 39(+4) today. Didn't play great, but got the job done. Had one birdie and no doubles which is key for me to score. The doubles always kill me. I can really only think of one stroke I left on the course which was on a short 340 yard par 4. I was right down the middle, maybe 50 yards out. Missed the green short and in the sand and bogied the hole. Should've been an easy par.

  6. Shot a 42(+7). Really upset with it though. Could've easily been a 39 or 40. +1 thru 4. Bogeyed 5. +2 thru 5. Go to #6, easiest hole on the course, a dead straight 490 yard par 5. Not much trouble other than sand traps around the green. Just short in two, get it on, freakin 3 putt for bogey. #7 is an easy 145 yard par 3. It was really windy and the wind was at our back but for once all day the wind was pretty calm. But it was really windy all round and it was finally at our back and I usually hit a 9i but with the wind I decide to muscle up with a PW. Bad idea. I blade it. Then I hit my second shot over into the sand, don't get the first shot out of the sand out, get the next one up and down for a double. So I was just three over on the two easiest holes. +5 now thru 7. Still, not too bad. Go to the hardest hole on the front, and I get a par. +5 thru 8. Go to #9 with water on the left. So I ***** out and shove my drive way right. Hit my second shot just short of the green. Blade it over, get it on and two putt for a double and a 42. So many shots left out there. Three were just flat out stupid(3 putting from like 25 feet on #6, taking two shots to get out of the bunker on #7, and just playing #9 stupid. Should've been a 39, three strokes better. To add to it, we ****ing lost by three god damn strokes.

  7. I chose Little Mountain, and played it today with three friends. I can't even begin to describe how disappointed I was with this course. Maybe my expectations were just too high or something. Not sure what to think.

    -Clubhouse~Good. Pretty small though for such a big-name course.

    -Putting Green~Poor. Small and flat.

    -Sand Traps~Pathetic. Probably a quarter of them were flooded. The others were dry and collapsed on the walls because of how deep the go and how steep the slope they are on.

    -Fairways~Great. What I expected. Really, really wet though.

    -Rough~Great. Again, exactly what I expected for a 5 star course, #2 in Ohio.

    -Greens~Pathetic. I’ll give it a pass though because they were just aerated five days ago and were really sandy. I would hope that they were really good before being aerated.

    -Driving Range~I saw something to the left of #10 that looked like a driving range but I’m not 100% sure. It looked really poor though if that’s what it was.

    -Tee Boxes~Average. Nothing spectacular. I’ve seen a lot better.

    -Layout~Average. I wasn’t really a big fan. Not really much of a view on many holes. A couple really nice, good-looking holes, but still…

    I’m not really sure why everything was so wet. I live about 1:15 away from the course and it hadn’t really rained all that much. Maybe it missed us, but it sure didn’t miss the course. The fairways, the rough, and the tee boxes were absolutely soaked. A lot of the bunkers were flooded which surprised me because of all the great things I’ve heard about their sand traps.

    When I think of a 5 star course, and a Top 3 course in Ohio, I think of an exceptional, flawless course. The course I played today, I don’t see it even in the Top 10 of Ohio Publics’. And maybe, maybe, a 4.5 star course. I I had to rate it today, I’d give it a 3.5 or 4 based on the ratings of other courses I’ve played.

    I hope I just caught the course at a bad time.

  8. 42(+7) yesterday at Mill Creek. Played really bad but didn't score too bad. Only had 13 putts!...but still shot a 42. Any other day with that putting and it could've easily been a 37, 38, or 39. I somehow managed to double the first hole and I was 145 out right down the middle. Should've been an easy par. UGH!

  9. Not a bad swing.

    A few things I noticed are that you don't get much hip slide, your feet at setup is not exactly ideal(looks like a closed stance in baseball or you're aiming way right of the target), and your follow-through sorta wraps around your head and looks like it would cause a slicing issue.

  10. Originally Posted by BugDude

    On my home course where I'm a member and own my own cart, I go out as a single a lot.  About 75% of the people will wave you through.  In the case of the other 25%, I just skip around and play open holes to get the entire round in.  By myself, I usually play 18 on my home course in less than 3 hours just messing around.  In a hurry, I've played it in 2 hours.

    I often play other courses with my father-in-law as a 2some, and on public golf courses the percentages are 25% wave you through and 75% don't.  We are both pretty fast players.  Together we can play 18 holes in less than 3 hours.  The worst was a 4some in front of us where they had carts and were walking back and forth across the fairways, walking off distances, helping each other find balls, and not paying any attention to how to traverse the course efficiently.  The husband was walking all ove the place giving the wife golf lessons (and it looked like she had never played before).  We were waiting on the tees with them before they finished teeing off lots of holes.  Their round must have taken over 6 hours.  We finally skipped a hole and came back to it later and never saw them again.

    When I go out with the guys from work as a 4some, I always wave faster groups through singles or not.  My experience is it only takes an extra 3 minutes and they're not breathing down my neck the rest of the day.

    A majority of public course players on Saturdays don't know squat about etiquette and don't care about anyone but themselves.  That extra 3 minutes to let a single through isn't going to make a dent in their day but they're not about to let someone through.  It's like the people that drive in the left lane on the interstate.  Saturday and Sunday mornings when most courses are very busy shouldn't be the time to take someone and give them lessons all over the whole course, dig golf balls out of the creek, hit 5 balls off every tee, etc.  That's weekday or evening kind of stuff.  Unfortunately, it has gotten so bad with that stuff in the traditional golfers times, that I play in the evenings and have the course to myself.

    Right on the money. I really could care less who is behind me. Single, twosome, threesome, foursome. It doesn't matter...if they are faster and their is room ahead of you, then let them play through. I'd much rather let them play through than to like you said, have them breathing down my neck the whole round.

  11. Shot an 89(+19) this morning. Once again too many doubles. Had a three doubles on the front for a 44 and a double, triple on the back for a 45. Haven't played in a four days which is the longest I've gone without playing all summer so maybe I was just a little rusty.

  12. Originally Posted by Paradox

    It wasn't you.

    DaSportsGuy said he'd rather be 145 out than have a partial shot from 60 yards.

    True, but it's not like I won't be happy with a 60 yard partial wedge in. I'll gladly take a 60 yard shot in, but I'd feel more comfortable having a full 8i in my hands.

  13. From what I see, you swing the club like it's a baseball bat. When I first started a couple years ago I did too since I've played baseball my whole life(and still do).

    Try standing closer to the ball and dropping your hands a little bit rather than having them in a straight line with the club. Also, try to keep you're front leg stiff upon impact. You have good hip action but keep that front leg stiff just like you're turning on a fastball haha.

  14. It's simple-manage your game. Don't put yourself in that position. If it's a short par four that a driver will take you inside 100 yards, take less club off the tee. Remember, closer isn't always better. I'd much rather have a full 8i from 145 than a partial wedge from 60 yards.

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  15. I've gotta decide on one of the two to play next Sunday. Stonewater for $45 and 1:10 away or Little Mountain for $39 and 1:20 away. I'm looking for great conditions and great views. I've heard Stonewater is pretty flat? Also, I'm not real big into aiming my approach shot at someones' chimney. I'm not a fan at all of housing on golf courses.

    Any info on either is appreciated!

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