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  1. Runied what should have been my best 9 hole score. Shot a 43(+7). Started off absolutely on FIRE. Par'd #10, Bogied #11(3-putt), Birdied #12, Par'd #13(lipped out birdie putt), Par'd #14(lipped out birdie putt), Doubled #15(3-putt), Doubled #16, Bogied #17(had to get up and down just to bogey it and I did), and Doubled #18(3-putt). Should've at least threatened par and I walk away with a freaking 43. Can't believe how poorly I played down the stretch. After #14 I just flat out lost it.

  2. Originally Posted by newtogolf

    You accept the risk and potential for injury when you play golf from an errant shot.  While no sane individual would ever intentionally hit at someone, we all know there is the potential that someone slices their drive into the fairway or green you're on.   A golfers obligation is to yell fore if their shot is far enough off target that it places people at risk of getting hit.  Camper is right, some people might not hear it, or react incorrectly to it (looking up instead of ducking), but the golfer can't control that.  Fans at baseballs games sometimes get hit with foul balls, but they don't sue and win damages from the baseball player.

    At baseball games their are signs that say that objects may leave the field of play and enter the seating area and they announce it before the game as well. I agree with you though. I've seen signs like that on the first tee at alot of courses.

  3. Finally WITNESSED a hole in one! Their was a girls high school golf tournament today and the boys golf team had to work it. I was sitting on the 14th tee because if someone got a hole in one they got a $10,000 scholarship. Had a couple close calls but finally going on four hours of watching a girl hit one, hit on the front of the green, hopped once, hopped twice, IN THE HOLE! She said it was her first hole in one...what a time to get it!

    Now all that's left is for me to get one!

  4. Originally Posted by camper6

    You're still missing the point. Just hollering FORE doesn't absolve you of any responsibility to make sure you don't hit someone.

    What more are you supposed to do? Buy insurance.

    Oh I know it doesn't. But if you don't intentionally hit into someone, then yelling "FORE" is just about all you can do.

  5. Originally Posted by camper6

    I never made that assumption.

    The point I am trying to make over and over is that just hollering FORE doesn't necessarily let you escape liability.  Even though you duck you can still get hurt if the ball hits you.

    What more are you supposed to do? Jump up and down yelling and screaming? Sound an air horn?

  6. For me I have got to get off to a good start. Yesterday my golf team was playing in a tournament. Their were 13 teams there so shotgun started. I started on Hole #3, a par 3. I birdied it! After that I struggled most of the front 9 but turned up the heat on the back shooting a 38, tieing my lowest 9 hole score to date. I was 7 over thru 7 on the front, shot a 38 on the back, then came back on 1 and 2 to finish with a bogey and par for an 81. My second lowest 18 hole score. The key for me is to get off to a good start and don't get too comfortable. As soon as I get comfortable I think I can just go through the motions and keep scoring without thinking about my swing or anything. And I can't.

  7. Originally Posted by camper6

    Just a minute now.  You are not clear of liability just because you holler FORE because it might be windy and he can't hear you.  Or he could be deaf. Or he doesn't see you.

    No sir.  It's the responsibility of both people to make sure that no one gets hurt on a golf course.

    Believe me.  I have seen more than one person hit with everyone hollering FORE.  And you're supposed to holler FORE before you hit the ball and make sure the person hears and sees you.   The ones I have seen hit really badly (On the opposite fairway) were unaware where the ball was coming from and looking up trying to find it in the air.

    If you have ever seen someone hit by a ball you would never hit with someone in range of your drive no matter where they are standing.

    There is no such thing as bad luck when it comes to a law suit.  Someone will be found liable for the court costs.

    If you yell "FORE" you've done your part. Now if you deliberately hit into them, yelling "FORE" isn't gonna help you much if they get hit. You'll still probably be liable.

  8. Played so bad today. 49(+13). Couldn't catch a break all day. Put two balls in the drink, was on the beach three times, and had my first four putt. I went for the first par 5 in two. Crushed a hybrid and fairway running up to the green was so wet my ball hit and plugged. I had to get my divot tool out and pry it out. The top of the ball was even with the turf around it. Had it not been so wet it would've run right up onto the green but I shook it off. I just have a little pitch onto the green and two putt it for my par. Ugh, no. Tried to play my low running pitch and check it up but it was too wet and the club just sank into the turf and I chunked it. Just an all around terrible round. Couldn't make putts, and couldn't get to the green. A bad combination leading to a bad round.

  9. I only play ProV1's and ProV1x's. ProV1's on harder greens where I need more spin and ProV1x's on softer greens where I don't need as much spin. If you play often enough you almost need to stick with one ball. It helps alot around the green when you know what it's going to do and on your approach shots where you know if you can go passed the pin and spin it back or leave it out in front of the pin and let it release up to it.

  10. Originally Posted by ThominOH

    Also don't forget that .. correct me if I'm wrong..  nothing more then a double bogey counts towards a USGA handicap.. If you are notorious as I was about 10 years ago.. I always had one "oopsie" hole in a round.. Usually from doing something dumb like trying to carry 230 over water to make the par 5 in two.. ooops.. hit the shot a little fat, scull a shot over the green and you're staring at a triple real quick. or worse.. LOL

    It depends on your handicap range. 0-9 handicaps the max is a double. 10-19 the max is a 7. 20-29 the max is an 8. 30-39 the max is a 9. And 40 and above the max is a 10.

  11. Originally Posted by mymizunosrock

    OK, so I dont have the time to read right through this thread, but how about people wondering onto your fairway? If they are within my landing area, I'll wait, wave my arms, maybe give them the bird. Other than that, i'll just hit right over them. Doesnt take long for them to realize they are in the wrong place and need to be paying attention. Usually I will just say to them when I walk past "Trying to get yourself killed today are we??" or "you need to pay more attention out here. If you get hit on another fairway, it will be your own fault". Some people unfortunately dont have a clue, and thats part of playing on public courses.

    People who play my home course do this ALL THE TIME. It's absolutely ridiculous. If someone is on the tee ready to tee off and you are in their fairway, they have the right-a-way. I've never hit into someone in my own fairway who is on another hole but it really pisses me off. The other day I had already addressed the ball and was about to hit and this guy goes walking right in front of my tee box to his ball. He's right in front of me maybe 20 yards in front of the tee box. Doesn't even look at me or anything just walks right out to his ball and hits it. Their was someone else on the hole on the other side who had also hit his ball on my fairway and he waited for us to tee off, hit his ball, and thanked us for waiting on that guy. He said that guy had no etiquette and was really grateful we didn't unload our drives over his head.

    I would urge you to discontinue hitting into them. It only takes one time. It's stupidity on both sides. Them for being in your fairway while you're ready to tee off. And you for hitting into them. I can never find an excusable time to hit into someone. Their are times where I've really wanted to and thought to myself about how little chance their is of hitting them, but again, it only takes one time. It's just not worth it.

  12. I hear ya man. The last week we can't get anything but rain. I've gotten a round in almost every day but not without having to take out the umbrella. I don't mind playing in rain but my home course can't take any rain at all. If it rains for much more than 15 minutes at a steady pace they won't let any carts out because of wet the course is. My buddy and I always wait it out but most of the time they'll call all the carts in. Yesterday we played the front(last two holes in a downpour) and waited it out for about a half hour. Then they called all the carts in. We went back an hour or two later and were able to play the back and we were the only ones on the entire course, it was awesome. I know the course owner so he just told us to back the cart in to the barn and lock it up when we were done. Anyway so after the back, we went back to #1 to play another 9 or maybe 18 before dark. I par'd #1, birdied #2, par'd #3, bogied #4. Even thru 4 which was my best start ever but their was a big storm moving in quick so we called it a day. I was so pissed haha. I hate the first 3 holes and am usually happy with bogey golf thru 3 but I was freakin even after 4. I told him we needed to go back and pick up where we left of on #5's tee. We were both playing really well. I was even, he was one up.

  13. Quote:

    I'm sorry, but GET IN DA HOLE is the definition of a doucebag cheer. I would have no problem with people roaring sensible things like GO ON TIGER or something, but stupid things like GET IN DA HOLE and MASHED POTATO turned into a golfing joke years ago. The only reason they are shouted is because people think they are being funny/want to be heard on tv. They are not shouting it to cheer on the player, at all.

    Is their really anything wrong with that? The game is getting growing and getting younger. It is evolving. The same old golf claps and "GO ON TIGER"(LOL) aren't bringing people to the game. The rowdiness of the galleries and "GET IN DA HOLE!" and "TIGER, YOU DA MAN!" is.

    But I will agree with the "MASHED POTATO!" stupidity. I don't get that at all, but I do find it funny.

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