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  1. Originally Posted by michaeljames92

    It's people like that guy who are childish enough to think it's hilarious every time it is said. The first time it was said, yes it might have been funny, but repeating it over and over is just so lame that even the players say it pisses them off.

    Grab a coffee and head back to the office...

  2. Shot an 86(+16). Birdied the first hole after a great drive and I stuck a PW inside 2 feet. Knocked it down for bird and that would be the only one putt all day. Two putt EVERY green after that. Could've scored so much better if the putts would've fallen. I was so close on every putt but they just would not go down today.

  3. That's sweet man. After my first year I was a 21.9 handicap. I first started in 2009 in May. After last year I got down to a 14.2. Now I'm a 12.7 and about to complete my third year. I've been working on my swing most of this year so my progress has slowed down a bit, but I'm feeling really good about my swing right now and I'm becoming more consistent and I think I can get down to single digits by the end of this year. Sucks though living in the north because I don't even pick up a golf club other than my putter from November-March so it's pretty hard not to take a step back after the offseason. Plus, I was using a boxed set for my first year and well into my second. Maybe with the equipment and without the winter, I might've gotten down in the 10-15 range after a year.

  4. Shot a 41(+6). Played great other than a stupid triple on #5. Tried to hook a shot around a tree onto the green an pulled it a little and it caught a branch and made a mess of it. Overall played really well. Didn't score as well as I wanted as good as I was playing, but I'll take it. First round where I really felt like I had my "new swing" working.

    Played the back as a practice round but on #17 I had a PW into the green. Smoke it right at it over the trees overhanging the left side of the fairway right in front of the green and hit the flag stick...for the FOURTH time this year! First two were with my 9i from about 140 out, then I hit it with a 7i from about 155 out and this one was with a PW from about 130 out! Wish one of them would go down for eagle!

  5. 47(+12). Playing some of the worst golf I've played in the last two years right now. Working on some swing changes so I guess it will be worth it once I get used to the new stance and swing. Really looking forward to my next round though because my swing was really coming together from hole #5 until the end of the round. Started out triple, double, triple, triple so I was 11 over thru 4. Then I got to #5 and from their on out I have never felt better about my swing. Bogied #5, then went birdie, double, birdie, par. The double on #7 was just stupid. It's a little 140 yard par 3 and the pin was tucked right behind a front-right bunker. Made the stupid decision to go at the pin and I came up a little short and went in the sand. It wasn't raked and was hard as a rock so it took me two to get out and I two putt for a 5.

    +11 thru 4...

    +1 thru 5...

    Feeling really good about my swing going into my next round! I think my swing changes are finally starting to come through!

  6. Originally Posted by Paradox

    one vastly overlooked rule of etiquette....LEAVE GOLF BALLS THAT AREN'T YOURS ALONE.  Make sure no one is playing around you before you go snagging every ball you see that isn't your own.

    ^YES. So many people do that and it drives me crazy. If it's not theirs' it must be a "lost ball".

    Reminded me of when a buddy of mine hit his tee shot OB into someones fenced in back yard. They were in their pool swimming and he drove the cart over to the fence while I was sitting right next to him and asked if they could get his ball for him. They did but I was like wtf. If you hit your ball in someones back yard it's theirs'. If it's fenced in at least. I was like "dude, you've gotta be kidding me." I just wanted to disappear from the cart when he started driving over because I knew he was gonna do it.

  7. Originally Posted by Jimmy1993

    When we finished I was packing up, and he said "about time these clowns left", I went up to him and kicked the ball tray so it spilt everywhere then grabbed one of his iron and threw it as far as I could in the range and left.

    I lol'd at that part haha. That's freakin hilarious man! I can just picture that going down...seeing some guys' 7 iron getting helicoptered into the range and his balls going all over the place! Good stuff bro!

  8. When I first started I remember I used to take gimmies and mulligans all the time and never thought twice about it. Ever since I started golfing competitively I never realized how much higher you're scores are without mulligans and gimmies. Glad I got rid of that style of play after just one season of golf. Never looked back since.

  9. Originally Posted by FLOG4

    Funky Fred---A single has no standing on most courses.  They are not in the business of attracting Onesomes.  If you wanna be in front of people who will not allow you thru....Join the people behind you, Nobody there, then the group in front is playing relatively fast. Option 2- Go around them. Why is it you feel they owe you the right to play thru and disrupt their game. Go around skip a hole, you are the one in a hurry.  They have every right to totally ignore you.  You have no rights as a group of ONE.  And hitting into them is just plain DUMB.  I'd pick up your ball tee it up and smack it back.  I would let you thru or ask you to join within 2 holes.  As I play single a fair amount to start, I know the deal. But a single is at the mercy of virtually everyone, so you need to be even more polite than normal.


    Last year when I was playing with a buddy of mine. This single is behind us and he is just breathing right down our necks the first couple holes. We catch up with a foursome on the 4th hole, we're waiting, he's also on the tee waiting. We play the hole. We're waiting on #5. He finishes #4 comes up to the tee box pulls out his driver as they begin to get out of drivable distance and as we're getting out of the cart he's teeing up his ball. I was like wtf. I asked him if he wanted to play with us and he just says "No, I'll just play through". I didn't feel like making a scene out of it so I was just like OK whatever and he played the rest of the round behind the foursome with us right behind him the whole time. He didn't even ask to play through or play with us or anything he just tee'd up his ball and whaled away. If he could've gone anywhere after letting him play through I would have gladly asked him if he wanted to but my god he couldn't go anywhere.

  10. Go out for the team. You'll be fine. At my high school the highest score that made the team was 297 in a 56-hole qualifier. He was the last of the 12 who made the team. Then they kept 5 on the practice squad who practice with the team but will never play in a match. Last year our varsity team scores were usually right around 37, 38, 41, 42, 42, 43 for 9 holes. In Ohio's D1 Sectional Tournament our team went 78, 78, 81, 82, 83. It was play 5, count 4 and we advanced on the 5th-man scorecard. Par was 72.

    This year we don't have anyone who will give par a run, but we all shoot right around 40/40 with the occassional 38 or 39 to cancel out the 41 or 42. 80's are golden. Get four 80's in our Sectional and District Tournaments and you'll probably be moving on. This is NE Ohio.

  11. Originally Posted by permarkc

    I find a lot of etiquette lacking on public courses. My partner and I was playing behind a 3 some..they were slow....we deal with it...on the 9th hole, after taking a phone call and wasting about 10 minutes, we get to the tee box. They are chipping onto the green on a short par 4...322 yds. I figure all is good. I tee up and connect with one of my best drives ever...of course...ball rolls to within 10 yards of the green....One of them walks by and looks down....I didnt see him hit it, but when I got there, my ball is gone, I walk ahead and ask...where did my ball go? One of them gets real loud about not hitting into them...once again...they were chipping to the green, and it was 322 to the front edge...lazered...I asked again, wheres my ball and he says its out in the long rough, he hit it as he walked by. Now, at 300+, there is no way it would have ever hit them in the air. So, instead of an easy up and down for birdie, I take a drop (couldnt find my ball), chip on and 2 putt for bogey. Now Im not real concerned about the score as we were playing for fun, but the guy wouldnt leave it alone...Came up to me with a club in his hand....Now...Im not real big, but fairly well built...and unfortunately have no fear, ( personality flaw!), I reiterate that I hit the best drive ever, its over 300 to the green...he comes on like hes going to swing with the club, I take my glasses off, look him straight in the eye and tell him, You do not want to go there! very calmly...I think it scared him that I was sooo calm and not scared.....he backed off...I told the pro shop...they didnt care...

    There are buttheads everywhere...not just the golf course.....

    That really stinks man. I don't get why people get so mad about stuff like that. It's not like they were ever at risk. I mean you're not gonna carry the ball 320 yards so what's the big deal.

    I was playing at a course a couple minutes from my house that I play 5 or 6 times a year. Their's a hole on the back it's a big par 4 dog leg left over a corn field that you have to carry it around 290 to clear the cornfields and hit it about 300 or 310 to be on the green. This guy behind us unleashes a rope as we were walking off the green and sticks it off the tee with about a 7ft putt for eagle. He was playing alone and came up to the green all apologetic I was like "that was one hell of a shot man, nothing to be sorry about". He was a great guy and didn't do it on purpose. I was just with one other guy so he was playing quick so we hit our tee shots on the next hole a Par 3 and let him play through.

  12. 46(+11). Played absolutely terrible. Doubled the first three holes, then got a par, had three bogies, a double, then par'd the last hole.

    My putting has been killing me lately. Nothing seems to find the bottom of the cup. It's not like I'm three putting, I very rarely three-putt. I just can't knock down putts that I make when I'm scoring well.

  13. Originally Posted by Wallstreet

    Well, when you are at set up you should be as far away from the ball as you can extend your arms straight.  Now that doesn't mean reaching for the ball but you shouldn't have you arms bent at set up.  It looks like your arms are pretty straight at set up, but if you pause your swing at impact its almost like you are dipping down when you hit the ball.  Your brain in turn  tells your arms to bend a bit so you don't hit the ground.

    Look up Adam Scott's swing on you tube from the front.  You will see that at impact his left leg is straight.  If you pause yours at impact you will see that your left leg is bent.  That leg should be pretty much straight at impact.  If you can do that your arms should become extended and you should find some more consistency.

    I would say that this is where some of your consistency problems lie.  It is impossible to bend your leg the same exact way everytime, which in turn makes you bend and straighten your arms different each time in order to hit the ball.  This makes for inconsistency.  If you keep that left leg straight, and extend your arms through the ball, you should see a big improvement in your shots.

    Ok that makes a lot of sense. Thank you very much. I'll work on that tomorrow at the range.

  14. Quote:

    You're a little too much inside at the takeaway.  Do you slice the ball at all?

    If you can go frame by frame on your new camera or on a program on the computer...you will see that at impact both your arms are still a little bent too which can lead to inconsistency.  You want to extend fully at impact.

    Lately I have been slicing it or at best hitting a gentle fade.

    Inconsistency...that is what I feel is keeping me from breaking into single digits for my handicap index. Every day it feels like I have a different swing. Some days I'm drawing/hooking, some days I'm crushing it down the middle, and some days I'm slicing/fading.

    Would backing away from the ball a bit more get my arms fully extended upon impact?

  15. Here's a look at my swing from footage during my round today...suprisingly, I hit the fairway both times I recorded my swing.  I've been struggling lately with my swing but today I was striking my drives really well. Any tips are much appreciated.

  16. You should be shooting even par, hitting 9/14 fairways and 15/18 greens.

    On a serious note, it depends on many different variables. Their's really no such thing as "where you should be" at any point in golf. Just keep making yourself better and don't worry about it.

  17. For me it is usually at least one of these three things...

    1) Missing greens with an 8 iron of less in my hand

    2) Not being able to knock down putts

    3) Not being able to get off the tee or not being able to adjust my swing to get off the tee

    This morning, it was all three things for me. I couldn't seem to do anything right and when I got to about 14 or 15 I was honestly ready to snap every one of my clubs in half and yell the "F Word" as loud as I could haha. For the past probably 5 or 6 days my game has been absolute garbage. Usually if I can't get off the tee I can usually make an adjustment and get my swing into form by the back nine and be able to preserve my round and come away with a decent score. But these past few days have really gotten me down. I went to the range today after playing and I'm going tomorrow morning before I play so hopefully I can get my swing into midseason form with golf matches and tournaments starting next week.

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