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  1. We hear a lot from the Pros that rhythm and tempo is so important for the golf swing. Has anyone heard of or tried hitting balls on the range with a metronome sound track playing through headphones. What would be the ideal beats per minute.
  2. Looking for info on Tennis Elbow. Tips, Success Stories, Experiences, Swing Theories on the cause, Swing remediation etc.
  3. I have gone through the replies and the main claim is 'Serious misconduct'. I get that but it seems like a grey area. open to interpretation. I can't find any section of the rules that describe the scenario that i provided and the rules are very specific in terms of objects, balls hit, touched, where participants stand, act etc. There are other reasons the said example could count as legitimate play. Perhaps Player B is putting away from the hole because he wants an easier uphill putt to finish the hole. Also if Player B's ball is directly opposite Player A's ball and putts it pass the hole and just pass his partners mark it is an over hit and the putt coming back is going to show the line for the next putt. Misconduct or inherent part of the game. Have we lost the freedom to decide on the direction of the next stroke. NB. The 4BBB I am referring to would be part of a Team Stableford competion. So there is no conceding putts involved. Ahhh I have found some clarity. Point 7. 1.2a/1 - Meaning of Serious Misconduct The phrase “serious misconduct” in Rule 1.2a is intended to cover player misconduct that is so far removed from the expected norm in golf that the most severe sanction of removing a player from the competition is justified. This includes dishonesty, deliberately interfering with another player’s rights, or endangering the safety of others. The Committee must determine if the misconduct is serious considering all the circumstances. Even if the Committee determines that the misconduct is serious, it may take the view that it is more appropriate to warn the player that a repeat of the misconduct or similar misconduct will result in disqualification, instead of disqualifying him or her in the first instance. Examples of actions by a player that are likely to be considered serious misconduct include: Deliberately causing serious damage to a putting green. Disagreeing with the course setup and taking it on himself or herself to move tee-markers or boundary stakes. Throwing a club towards another player or spectator. Deliberately distracting other players while they are making strokes. Removing loose impediments or movable obstructions to disadvantage another player after that other player has asked him or her to leave them in place. Repeatedly refusing to lift a ball at rest when it interferes with another player in stroke play. Deliberately playing away from the hole and then towards the hole to assist the player’s partner (such as helping the player’s partner learn the break on the putting green). Deliberately not playing in accordance with the Rules and potentially gaining a significant advantage by doing so, despite incurring a penalty for a breach of the relevant Rule. Repeatedly using vulgar or offensive language. Using a handicap that has been established for the purpose of providing an unfair advantage or using the round being played to establish such a handicap. Examples of actions by a player that, although involving misconduct, are unlikely to be considered serious misconduct include: Slamming a club to the ground, damaging the club and causing minor damage to the turf. Throwing a club towards a golf bag that unintentionally hits another person. Carelessly distracting another player making a stroke.
  4. Can I please add to the discussion. In a 4BBB If Player A has 5 ft birdie putt (so pretty certain to make par). and Player B has a 6 ft putt for par 9o degrees from Player As ball. Can Player B putt his ball to just behind Player As mark and not at the hole so that his next putt will show Player A the line for his birdie attempt. thanks.
  5. If you make a very small mark on the fairway by tapping the ground with your club 3 feet from in front of your ball, does that count as not allowed. I know pros have been making a divot with their club on the tee box then using the up turned turf as a tee for the ball. eg Laura Davies. same thing or different.
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