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  1. Here are my distances, I just changed several clubs including my irons. This are the distances I've been having during this few warm days I've been able to go out and play. Will see what are they during the summer when weather is warmer and the ball flies a little bit more. Driver 9.5* - 275/280 FW 13.5* - 255/260 Hybrid 17* - 235/240 4i - 210/215 5i - 200/205 6i - 185/190 7i - 170/175 8i - 160/165 9i - 145/150 47* - 135 50* - 120/125 55* - 105/110 60* - 85/90 This are maximum distances, although in wedges I use 1/2 or 3/4 swing a lot for what I may use different clubs for distances under 120 yds depending where the pin is located.
  2. Confirming serial numbers?

    I just bought a set of Mizuno MP 58 on ebay. What I made sure first is that the seller has a return policy. Then if the seller gives you the serial number in advance you can call Taylormade and check to which set that serial number belongs to. But once you get the clubs make sure you have them checked by a pro near by to confirm they are authentic before the return period is over. That is a little bit of work but certainly worht it. Good luck with your purchase!
  3. Steve in Tiger's bag?

    Sorry about that, evidently I did not realize it was a repeat since I only watch a short part of it. Thanks for clarifying things.
  4. Steve in Tiger's bag?

    Was watching the golf channel and saw that Steve was in Tiger's bag in the Travistock cup. Does anyone know what happened?
  5. I recently bought a set 3-pw of Mizuno MP 58 at a little more than $400 from an ebay store with >99% feedback and more than 20K transactions. When I bid I confirmed that there was a return policy. So the first thing I did once I got them was to send Mizuno an e-mail with the serial number and the specs, they confirmed that the serial number was correct for that special order (2* upright and 1" long with a PX 6.0 shaft), then I took them to the Golf Tec store near my house. I was surprised when they told me that they nwere not going to sell any more clubs there because they couldn't copete with the internet prices. He said that big companies like Golfsmith, etc buy massive amounts of club sets and they sell a percentage of those in the store and the rest in ebay. In order to be able to compete they significantly reduce their prices but they still make a profit, although the margin is much less. So for those that say that if something is too good to be true, it is not true......it looks like with the economic crisis things are changing a little bit. Only thing I would say is that you have to be super cautious on ebay and make sure that there is a return policy or that the product is ebay protected. Happy Hollidays!!
  6. Mizuno Serial Numbers

    Very interesting. I just bought on eBay a set of Mizuno MP 58 new from a very respected seller with more than 20K transactions and 99+ feedback. I checked the serial number for this custom set (1 inch long and 2degrees upward) and they said it was authentic. Custom sets have only numbers in the hosel, no letters. I got them for a little bit more than $400, so at first I was very suspicious. I took them to GolfTec and they told me that they were authentic. Even more, they told me that they are not going to sell clubs anymore because they were not making enough money because companies like Golfsmith will buy tons of sets and then sell them on ebay for $400-500 even if their profit is much less, but they still make some money. My two cents
  7. thanks for the advice, I've been thinking about taking some tape off but I haven't figured out how to remove the grips without cutting them. If anyone here knows how to do it I'll appreciate any info. Thanks again.
  8. Approx 4 weeks ago I decided to change the grips of my clubs for midsize GP New Decade. I have big hands and decided to put 3 rolls of tape under. It felt good to start with but when I went to the course I noticed that my natural draw with my irons was almost gone. I have to exagerate my rotation and close the face of the club significantly to get to hit a draw. I imagine that having larger grips somehow changed the way I grip the club I guess making me having trouble drawing the ball. So now most of my shots are straight and my miss is a fade. All this made me loose approx 5 to 10 yards per club. NOt sure if anyone here has experienced something similar.
  9. Wow!!! That's more than wearing out, it is almost ripping appart!!! I haven't seen anything similar. If I would have been from OGIO I would have not only replace it but would have done so by giving you a different model. I wounder if there's anyting wrong with that model in particular. Definitely they should replace it again.
  10. I'm curious if you happen to use pants with velcro in the back pockets. It happened to me with my Nike golf bag that I was feeling how the velcro got caught witht he bag for the whole round and then noticed how this wore the padded area badly. Since then I've used pants without velcro in the back pocket. Just wondering if you happen to have that problem too since I consider Ogio to make superb bags, but I might be wrong.
  11. I don't think that therre are clubs that are overrated, but that there are brands that know how to sell their products better. The issue is that they happen to do excellent products still, that's why I don't consider Titleist or Taylormade to be overrated. What I do see is that other brands that make excellent clubs (Nike, Adams, Nickent and many others) do not get to hold the prices of their products. You can certainly obtain putters that are the same quality that the Scotty Cameron for half the price, but the Cameron' are still great putters. From my experience I do think that Nike irons are somewhat underrated. I've been playing the CCI Forged irons for more an 3 years now and After testing Mizuno and Titleist irons I can say that they are at the same level IMO. I've tested the adams forged, Wilson FG and others and they are all great products that perform almost as well as the others but their value comes down quite quickly compared to the previously mentioned brands.
  12. Wedge gaps

    From what you've said, it looks like your new PW is going as far or a little bit longer than your old one. Probably the best thing to do is to wait until you have a good feeling of what the real distance of your new PW is and then look to how fill the gap. I think it might be better for you just to bend your 52 to 50, that will give you a 120-125 yds club and then you can probably bring down the 56 to 55. This will decrease the bounce of your gw by 2* and the sw by 1* that shouldn't affect much the way they play unless they have very little bounce to start with. This setting will give you 5* of loft between your wedges. I've been in a similar situation with my setting until I decided for my current one.
  13. Need a new 3 wood, suggestions?

    I don't know if the 909 F3 would be the best option for wou since it has a deeper face and it will be a little more difficult to hit off the deck. I can tellmyou ,y experience with the 909 F2. By far is the best 3w I've had, I use it off the tee in short tight par 4 or whe ther is a bunker/hazzard in play with my driver but can still get 260 yds with it. Overall I think it would be a club that you should give it a try since you can get it very cheap on ebay. Good luck.
  14. Thanks for your input, my question was aimed mainly to the fact that a lot of the guys that are selling this clubs/club heads are advertising as them having a hot melt technology or something like that. I can understand that the Tour issued heads have some loft/lie difference from the regular heads since they are custom made. Thanks again.
  15. Just wanted to know if anyone know what the difference is between a Titleis 909 D2 tour issue head from the ones you buy at the stores. Is there anything different in the face (thinner, different components)?? I see that this heads are significantly more expensive on ebay than the regular heads. Thnaks.