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  1. I won some tournaments when I was a kid at my home course but nothing significant. Haven’t had the time or the money to do much in the way of progress or exposure over the last 10 years. Family health issues (not mine) , economy. I play with friends mostly and make small wagers to keep it interesting. Just love the game don’t play as much as I would like but still have a respectable game given my limited time on the range or course. Just keep hearing from my golf buddies the same thing and finally thought to myself why not!!
  2. Well I’m 56 and still hit my drives 285 to 300 yards, I hit my 6 iron 106 my wedge 136 to 140 consistently. Been playing all my life and had a chance to go pro at 16 and chose to work and not go to school. I was a scratch golfer until 30 and then kids, work, life and so on took over. Currently I play maybe 2 times a month or less and still shoot 78 to 83 and sometimes lower. My friends say I should practice and take it to the next level. They say I have what it takes including the passion for the game literally. Is it to late at this stage of the game or should I just can the thought. What do you all think? I’m a big boy and can handle candid responses. Thanks
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