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  1. Couple of things that’s my driver speed and shoulder is all healed so that’s what I am working with. As for fitting I live a good hour from a fitting place. Been playing for 45 years before shoulder I was a 5 handicap with age and a few health problems like both shoulders and hip replacement I am just looking for a few extra yards Really want to know what people think of rogue vs rogue x clubs. Bought Cleveland launchers last year hated them sold them now back to X2’s
  2. I play the old X2 irons. My swing speed is low due to shoulder surgery. So it's around 80 mph. I am looking into getting new irons. I am going between Rogue and rogue X with graphite shafts. I hit my X2's low and never had a high ball flight. So I need some input on which one would be better for me. Handicap is a 13 trending to 15. Need to start trending other way. Thanks
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