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  1. US courses appear much more suited to walkers, although I've never played on one. UK courses are often affected by the weather, and are rarely flat...
  2. Nett Swing

    Golf Books

    I have recently released a book about my introduction to the game, the research for which involved reading lots of great golf books. I was wondering what were some of your favourites? The Bogey Man by George Plimpton is probably my personal pick, (strongly recommended), and the works of Mark Frost.
  3. I've never used a golf cart; or even a trolley, and most of my golf has been played 'underwater' as it were, eg; in the rain.
  4. Is anyone able to confirm the rules pertaining to footwear; specifically concerning my recent completion of a round, holes 17/18, with just one shoe? I did at least finish with two shoes about my person, however was only wearing one of them...
  5. Interesting to hear from American golfers on here. Have any of you played in the UK? Would love to hear about your impressions of the English conditions by comparison. By contrast, the US game looks so glamorous; although I'm sure it's not...
  6. It never fails to amaze me what happens to a golf ball once it has left the club face! Absolutely anything seems possible, except what was intended....
  7. Hi all; new to the site, so take this as a general 'fore' Currently writing a humorous book about the absurd yet strangely addictive past-time/sport/affliction that is golf. All nonsense welcome. Thanks for having me.
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