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  1. I am coming back from a long term injury in my lower back. I am literally starting from scratch. I was playing at a 2 handicap when I had to stop and now it's been 14 months since I've played a complete round of golf with a score. My 2020 goals are to improve my fitness to a level commensurate with (amateur) tournament golf, rebuild my swing from the ground up focusing on driving distance and proximity to the hole on approach shots, and of course putting stats. These goals are in no particular order so my question is where would each of you start and what would be a reasonable expectation for
  2. maybe just get a tune up fitting, not a full scale fitting. Should be able to have someone give you a look for cheap since its only your irons in question.
  3. Impossible to tell from these photos. It all depends how much time and effort you are willing to put into the project. You might be able to sell the lot for more than you paid for it, or you could clean and repair them to sell individually. There isn't much money in selling vintage clubs unless you get educated on what is worth it and what is just trash. I would compare it to baseball cards. It's hard to know the true value unless you are a guru. You might be able to make some pretty cool decorative items out of them. Those things sell pretty well if you are handy with tools or know someb
  4. SPOT ON!!! This is the best quote I've seen in this whole thread (all of the rest of you have given him good advice and I agree with you). Whatever set you feel most comfortable with in order to develop YOUR swing. Once you have that swing, get fit. HOWEVER....If money is no object and you feel confident that you will be a life-long golfer, I would find an instructor that also does fittings. Once you start lessons ask your coach about the fitting and when he thinks it best for you to get one. Then buy the clubs that the numbers fit you to. Find the coach with the best reputation in your a
  5. Congratulations, Brother, and Semper Fi! Range "time" is relative. My recommendation is going to the range or practice area with a specific goal in mind. Also, make every shot mean something. Golf is so mental that if you put yourself in golf course scenarios on the range, it can help to translate to the course. Mindset is everything and the game is to be enjoyed first and foremost. Be careful of just being out on the range hitting balls for the sake of hitting balls. If you have bad habits and you aren't working to change them, then you are just reinforcing those bad habits by
  6. I totally get that. Everybody is fight their own battle. I'm just saying the higher percentage of transfers are for getting a playing job. On the other hand, it's like the news. These things have happened in the past and, of course, the landscape of things is always evolving, it is just that we now have immediate access to information as it happens and it seems like a lot more than it really is. It's the 1% taking attention from the 99%. I don't blame them at all. It is a business and NOBODY will look out for your future like YOU. Like you said...it is just a small percentage of folks
  7. @iacas I broke par on the Scarlet Course (68 on the par 70) at Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune, NC during a charity Pro-Am. I got under par with an eagle on the 16th hole (a short Par 5). I won a charity tournament there with my partner, John Ashton (played Sgt. Taggart in Beverly Hills Cop). Funny dude. Also (not on the same day) I aced the 12th hole at the Legacy Club at Alaqua Lakes (The Tiger Trap hole from the Buick commercials). I thinks that puts me at Broke Par, Eagle, Hole-In-One, and Tournament Winner. My next goal will be LSW. I meant what I said when I told you t
  8. @Vinsk Absolutely! The ugly "business" of professional sports continues to rear it's head in the NCAA and even down to the high school level. It is tough enough to keep a leash on these kids by managing their expectations, but the parents and "managers" don't help by convincing the player that they need to "put themselves in position for the draft". It kills me every year. Commitment is no longer rewarded because professional players switch around from team to team through the trade system and the college kids are just taking that example and moving to where ever they think they can get the st
  9. I'm a "see it all" guy as well. As long as you can keep up with who is doing what, it can really tell you a lot about their course management and how they think their way around tough golf courses. Then, of course, there is the entertainment value of being able to see all of my favorite players.
  10. I would consult with Erik on that if I were you. I can only hope it's that simple. All I am defending at this point is that there are thousands of us coaches east coast to west and we all have our way of doing things. At the end of the day the highest percentage of us are looking out for the best interests of our students and want the best for them. I truly believe we are all chasing the same goal. I really believe in Erik's methods. I've just been out of the loop for a while. My bottom line lies with the condescension. Let's keep it classy.
  11. I agree and I just want to keep it that way. As stated, I am here to learn. I am NOT a top 100 instructor and I have been absent for most of the past 15 years on deployment. What I have done to this point is based on my own reality and as I learn I am sure I will catch up with the more modern and educated coaches out there. Do you do everything you are asked to do if you have something further to say on a particular topic? This is an open forum for all of us to discuss our theories, hypotheses, purposes, and the lot. I am doing just that. I never said he was wrong, I am just supportin
  12. Out of context, @phillyk. "Just fine" was my way of saying I have success with my method the same way you do with yours. I will be more specific in the future. My apologies.
  13. If I have a lie the puts me at risk of injury (i.e. my ball is behind a tree root or a rock) then I will move it to a safer spot. Generally, though, I play it down all the way through.
  14. 1. Agreed...dust it off and focus next time around. 2. How old are you? It makes a difference as far as recovery. Hold off until you know exactly what the source of the pain is and how to fix it. 3. Don't do anything foolish like "play through the pain". It could make it worse. Just remember, "It's easy to be hard, it's hard to be smart". Get medical advice and follow it. Recover the best you can and don't rush it.
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