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  1. I like to play a a good high draw with the irons, and I low fade with the driver and 3 wood.
  2. I have asked an engineer buddy of mine why formula one and other racing leagues don't do this. I can see why ford wouldn't want to dimple a car (can you imagine what a PITA it would be to wax a dimpled car) but in racing they don't really care how the thing looks, just performance. The answer is in order to dimple the car's surface they would have to make the body panels thicker, which would increase the weight to the point it would not create any significant gain.
  3. Nothing really good to add, just thought I'd tell you, you really should go hit a few balls at least before your round. Just to stretch out and get a little blood flowing. I don't know if you walk or ride, but you might want want to try walking a round or two if you don't already. I almost always play better whe I walk. I really think getting your heart rate up a little bit keeps your swing more even.
  4. pounc007


    In my all time low round I eagled 3 of the 4 par 5's on the course. It was in a three day tourney and I was 1 stroke back on the last hole, which was the last par 5, and I tried a hero shot, about a 240 carry over water with more water behind the green. The ball bounced off the green and into the water. Then I skulled the shot after my drop back into the water and got on the green and three putted for a good easy nine. I was playing way beyond my skill level that day hit every GIR except that one and never had mere than about a 10 footer for birdie. Ahh... those were the days.
  5. I was thinking of putting some in some water in my electric skillet at about 170, letting my balls swim around in there for a few hours then wrapping them in a towel and putting them back in my bag before I go out next time to see what happens. If nothing else I should be able to use them as hand warmers.
  6. That's right. Smoke them, people who play slow deserve to get konked in the noggin'. Ha Ha. As much fun as that would probably be (I can remember doing it a few times in my reckless youth), It's probably best to try to catch them on a tee box and TELL them you are going through. It does really suck for those of us who walk to try to sprint up to a cart in the fairway and tell someone to quit being an ••••••• though.
  7. 39 on nine holes at Ol' Colony in Tuscaloosa before I had to quit to go to work. :(
  8. Is it just me or does it really bug everyone else when some hack is out at the driving range telling you how to correct everything with your swing. I had some jerk today keep telling me how to quit "hooking" it when I was working on drawing my iron shots into the flag from the right edge of the green. Then he didn't want to put his money where his mouth was when I bet him $20 I could carry one of his drives with my 2 Iron.
  9. About 8 years ago, took about 6 years off and picked it back up about two months ago.
  10. A problem I often get myself into is trying to hit my scoring irons and wedges higher, and swinging too hard to accomplish this. I usually hit my long irons great 2-5 iron, but inside about 140 I hit everything thin. I really think it's just me trying to hit the more lofted clubs harder, as opposed to just letting the longer clubs do the work for me. I know most people have exactly the opposite problem. I was wondering if anyone else on earth does this and had any drills or anything to help a brother out.
  11. Oh and My driver SS is 167mph and I carry my 7 Iron 285 yds. 'Cause I'm a MAN! GRRRRRRRRRRR!
  12. I live in Alabama, so there is no such thing as low humidity. But I usually fly it around 175. DG s300 shafts. Either Top-Flite Gamer or Nike PD soft balls.
  13. Good that's what I originally thought you meant then after I reread my post this morning I could see how it was confusing. I try to keep my right knee feeling like most of my body is coiling around it and keep it still. This doesn't happen of course, but that is the best way I can describe the feeling.
  14. I could be wrong, but are the CG Golds "game improvement" irons? In my experience, big cavity back sets tend to have dead long irons. You could also be simply mis hitting them and not realizing it. When I was in high school I had the same problem and when I switched from some ping shovels to Hogan blades the distance was about right. The only other thing I can think of is you are just swinging your short irons harder because you saw some PGA guy say his 180 club was a 7 iron or some nonsense like that and you are inadvertently trying to do the same. Again, when I was younger I was deter
  15. I'm in pretty much the same boat you are. I was about a 4 handicap around six years ago, then decided to join the army and was stationed several places where it was impossible to play any golf. I've been playing again for about two months, and I am still rarely breaking 90. I mostly practice on my short game, just going out to my local course's practice area and trying different things from the same spot over and over till I can get most of the shots inside of a 5 foot ring around the hole. Then I move to a different spot and spot and try to figure out a shot I am comfortable with from there
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