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  1. Thanks! Makes sense. I probably should have backed up away from hole a bit more but I’m glad to know the rule applies to OB even when when not on the tee box.
  2. So yesterday I hit a perfect drive On a par 5 and proceeded to go for the green in 2. I ended up pulling my 2nd shot left of green. Shot was pin high but way left. I couldn’t really see where it went so I did not even think to hit a provisional. Once I walked up to green I realized that my ball likely went out of bounds pin high. Rather than walk back to original spot from the fairway I figured I should just take advantage of the new rules where you can take 2 strokes and drop a ball in the fairway. So, I dropped a ball in just in front of the green and took 2 strokes. I then 2 putted for what I thought would be a 6. is this Legit for amateur play?
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