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  1. chile

    Pace Problem

    got stuck in, between and around a bunch of groups today...the marshal came out and asked if it was an issue...at the time, it wasn't but after he came through, it seemed like everyone slowed even more :/...first group let me play through only to be trapped behind a 5-some...so I skipped the following hole. then got stuck behind another group...played a few strokes, then skipped the rest of that hole. only one group offered to let me play through 😕
  2. i'm gonna give myself till the 29th 😉
  3. i'm trying to resist this deal...
  4. I just started playing by myself and found it much easier to get through a round...especially if i'm just playing 9...I lucked out yesterday and had NOBODY on the course I was playing while I was out there 😉 ...
  5. choose the 3 playing partners...misery loves company
  6. another A from a beginner...doesn't do me any good to hole every 10ft putt if it takes me 6-7 shots to get to the green 😕
  7. lost 5 (all on the front 9) into the fields the other day 😕
  8. I kinda figured about the machinery set up being a key factor...but I also YUGELY agree that it's a form of oppression to try and stem the tide of left power ;)...
  9. forgive me if this has been asked but I've notice some MFGs do not offer LH clubs...and if they do, they're limited runs...is there a production/sales hurdle with LH clubs?
  10. Thank you...and yes, I always work on what's "ailing" me...got a lesson scheduled to get me steered in the right direction as well.
  11. the group I golf with says I am pretty good for a noob...especially off the tee...so I just went all in and bought some new TMs...don't regret it ;). i'll be doing this for a while...I got time 🙂
  12. thank you...already loaded up on TM clubs :/...that being said, I've been working on my tee shot and was wondering how much range time is too much? have had my M2 driver for about 5 days...have hit about 250ish balls with it already...too much?
  13. retired Marine...brother got me out golfing and now i'm blowing money on clubs and stuff. thought I was over new hobbies 😉
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