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  1. I've read good things about the 588s...before new clubs, my vote is for lessons. even 1 or 2 will do wonders....
  2. stay in play...doesn't matter if it goes 300yds or 75yds...as long as it stays in play, we're moving forward.
  3. only open course is about 40 min away...supposedly, other courses MAY be opening May 1st.
  4. i'm too new to the game to con myself about being good at any of it.
  5. I've kinda sorted out my driver issues after my lesson...it's not perfect but the slice has mostly gone away...that being said, after a few rounds I've found I don't use my 3W or 4H and I reach for the 2i or 3i when one the course....
  6. just picked up the HB Soft 11...love it.
  7. if this doesn't work, i'm blaming you 😉
  8. chile

    2019 Presidents Cup

    someone's gotta take one for the team
  9. I think the bleed over into the President's Cup is kinda overblown...I mean, I get it but it'd be nice to not let that overshadow what this team can do.
  10. initially, I had a huge problem with my slice...then I realized I wasn't hitting the ball straight on so I concentrated on getting the face around...it seemed to work...sometimes, i'll toe it, though :/...I do need to get more range time as opposed to playing. 100% agree on driver confidence...when I was hitting well, it made the rest of the game much more enjoyable (as less than stellar as it is 😉 ) but i'm new and still have a lot to learn. i'll be taking some lessons soon...
  11. not out of line at all...but even when i'm hitting the driver good 230-250, I can still hit my 3W 200-220...straighter.
  12. I was going to try the mini but have kinda exhausted my gear fund for now :/...I do have a shorter, stiffer shaft (44") for my M2 driver but I don't really care for how it swings...
  13. this made me laugh harder than it should have....but I get the sentiment
  14. how many people don't use their driver? I've found that I hit my 3W straighter (and the distance is pretty close) off the tee...I would imagine other folks have had the same results.
  15. chile

    Pace Problem

    got stuck in, between and around a bunch of groups today...the marshal came out and asked if it was an issue...at the time, it wasn't but after he came through, it seemed like everyone slowed even more :/...first group let me play through only to be trapped behind a 5-some...so I skipped the following hole. then got stuck behind another group...played a few strokes, then skipped the rest of that hole. only one group offered to let me play through 😕
  16. i'm gonna give myself till the 29th 😉
  17. i'm trying to resist this deal...
  18. I just started playing by myself and found it much easier to get through a round...especially if i'm just playing 9...I lucked out yesterday and had NOBODY on the course I was playing while I was out there 😉 ...
  19. choose the 3 playing partners...misery loves company
  20. another A from a beginner...doesn't do me any good to hole every 10ft putt if it takes me 6-7 shots to get to the green 😕
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