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  1. i'm new to golf so be easy on me but what is a divot tool used for and should i have one?
  2. well i had been struggling with my driver and irons for the last 2 weeks.went to the golf shop and found out i needed stiff shafts.I bought a used driver and 3w and the results were huge i'm hitting 10x straighter with my driver.the question is should i try to find a good used set of irons with stiff shafts?will it make that much of a difference with my irons?i'm hitting a little to the right with my irons but i notice if i hit with a 3/4 swing its alot straighter.any thoughts
  3. i found my 3 year old's shoe that had been missing for over a week he's always hiding things and i guess he thought it would be funny to put his shoe down the top of my bag.the funny part is i was walking the course on a bright sunny day and as i was going down the fairway i noticed something down in the bottom of my bag after pulling out all my clubs and turning it over to fish it out i just had to call my wife and tell her by the way after i gave him his shoe and asked him where he put his shoe he told me in your golf bag
  4. i like the grom but the price is a little high i'm also looking into the bag boy clip lock stand bag so far those are the 2 that i like the way the tops are made but still undecided
  5. i use a push cart how well do you think it would do?
  6. as long as they're right next to me i'm fine with it but what i don't like is seeing cigarette butts thrown on the course if your going to smoke show some kind of respect for the other players
  7. i do the same with a green smiley face and when i put it on the tee i face the smiley face towards me my father in law writes his initials simple enough by the way i have a few smiley face marks on my driver head but none of them are in the same spot go figure
  8. i have the sumos in steel and love them they're very easy to hit i bought the 4-aw then got on ebay and found the sw and its awesome the easiest wedge to hit out of the sand at least for me good luck and let us know what you decide on
  9. thanks for the replies by the way the wedge is an old nike that a guy gave me that looks like he used it to chip from the concrete and the ball is a nike karma thanks again
  10. i've never played the slingshots but i love my sumo's i know alot of people don't like nike but they really are quality clubs
  11. today i shot my best game ever! i got started back in late oct then shut it down with the weather for a while i played 9 holes yesterday then 18 today and shot a 95 which i think is pretty good considering i'm a rookie after i got home i looked over my score card i keep track of how many putts per hole and boy was i surprised if i could get my putting worked out i'de be alright
  12. you might be joking but i've thought about using the ole 4 iron instead of the driver a few times i have some wiffle balls and practice alot in my back yard and for some reason the 4i and 7i always seem to be the ones i'm the most comfortable with i try to hit the hybrids like my irons i just feel more comfident with the irons i guess everyones different
  13. yesterday while at my local course i practiced quite a few shots at a 210 yd par 3 and i realized that i only hit my 4h 5 yds longer then my 4i and i hit my iron alot better i hit 4 shots with both and 3 of the 4 with my iron hit the green and the shots with my hybrid where terrible i can control my iron shots better off the tee and off the fairway so should i drop the 4h or hang on to it? thinking of getting rid of it and picking up a 5w because i hit my 3w pretty good
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