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  1. when i play by myself i get pars mostly, some bogeys and rarely a double if i go 3 off tee. however when i play with others, I get a lot of double bogeys, maybe a triple bogey, some bogeys and some pars... anyone got any tips or drills to fix this?
  2. I've been Playing Golf for: maybe 6/7 months? i played for a few months when i was 11 and then stopped until this year and played since august this year. My current handicap index or average score is:handicap is 20 but if i play on my own i usually shoot 6-9 over par.. no cheating or anytthing just get nervous playing with others lol My typical ball flight is: high The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: snap hook. appreciate any tips. I drive around 260-280 i think.maybe i can get more disstance im not sure if i transfer my weight very well? also sorry for bad quality, all i got to work with atm lol my 7 iron goes only about 150 unfortunately, any tips? do i need new irons or do i just not have the power? im using old nike slingshot irons. Videos:
  3. my goals for 2020 in golf are ; 1. get to +2 or better handicap 2.win tournaments throughout the year 3.drive 300 yards atleast( go to gym constantly) 4.learn to play good when playing with others i know its a bit ambitious, at the moment I can drive 270-280 my short game is my biggest weakness although I shouldve put learn to play good when playing with others first as I can go round in about 74 (my course is par 67) when i play with others its more like 85-90 lol, the people I play with put pressure on me by saying wow I got really good swing etc and expect me to be shooting par and i guess that puts me off a lot. if anyone has any tips with dealing with pressure. i used to golf when i was like 11 for a few months and got my handicap to 36 then quit for ages just due to moving and doing otherstuff, now im 23 and refound golf 3months ago and have picked it up super fast
  4. wow firstly congraTs on the score, did any of you find you felt worse the day after? or just recovered the same? debating going golfing tomorrow. my cold has almost cleared i think.
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