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  1. the read nike is a tour only, and my suggestion would first be, get rid of everything nike, and second worry about spending that money on a lesson or something else to improve your swing first. You still gotta swing the club no matter how pretty your equipment looks.
  2. go to golfsmith.com then it's all under the pre-owned section.
  3. Pre-owned 2009 Taylormade Burner $83.93. Pre-owned Callaway x-14 3-p $111.93. Pre-owned Rife black aussie $145.93 Taylormade RAC TP 54*&58* wedges $42.93 each. Taylormade 2008 Burner Hybrid $59.93 All for$487.58. I know it says it's pre-owned but its all inspected and still performs excellent. I'm guessing that your a beginner so it wouldn't be a bad idea to get this used equipment anyways.
  4. First people need to realize these clubs a re scotty cameron. not a scrubby rossa or anything. they start at 300 dollars. second every tour issued putter goes through scotty's own hands so it is a perfect club made for the best players in the world. IF you dont want the clubs go to dicks and shop for some clubs or something cuz anybody that could afford them would obviously have one.
  5. Golf is all about feel and gaining more of it. just consistently hit balls, but dont get into a rush. Remember your pre-shot routine.
  6. People get way to caught up in the way a person's swing looks. The only thing that matters is the clubhead squaring up at impact. when people get to caught up in otherthings they forget that all they really have to do is hit the ball. unless these people are pga class a certified then they should not be giving out to much advice. my coach has always told me to go with what is natural granted there are tweaks to be made but don't change your entire swing. As long as your hitting the ball straight what more can your honestly ask for.
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