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  1. Picked up the game this year and just read this book. Loved it. Lot of info to process and he's very much an instinctual player, but just fantastic stuff. It's pure Nicklaus. When he explains his shortcomings in the short game it's because he doesn't miss enough greens to practice enough short game. Great stuff. It definitely is pretty old school regarding his leg action and body move. Not to many guys swinging like Jack any more.
  2. It's certainly important to match up your swing type with equipment but that can be overdone a bit mentally. A slice is a slice and it's in your swing not the shaft. You can fix a little bit too much l to r action with a shaft but not a true slice. And I'm not being critical, because I've been down a similar path, but your not going to fix a slice with a "draw" driver. Nothing wrong with draw drivers, but they don't "fix slices." Dig in, fix your slice and you'll be 100% more reliable and 100% more rewarded.
  3. No way. There is nothing the LEAST bit immoral, unethical, "scumbaggy" about demoing and finding a reasonable price. If anything you are encouraging the superstores to stay reasonable. (or really, get reasonable.) Find the most decent equipment you can without stealing. Find the price your most comfortable with and go. It's an expensive enough hobby in the first place without forking over unneccesary cash to somebody for letting you use thier jacked up and skewed swing monitor.
  4. I know two things. One) this is clearly a major key and explained very well in the original post. Two) As a mid handicapper, very new to the game this can destroy your swing in a heartbeat if you don't have a serious grasp of other sound fundamentals, or don't understand that it's a sway forward and not back and THEN forward. Either way, I became obsessed with this hip move after reading a Hogan book and watching the video that the stills in the first post are from. If you've never seen it, the first split second of the downswing he demonstrates is Rembrandt beautiful. Completely over my head and led to vicious spray and FORES for a month. It is a vital piece though. I read an interesting piece once that Hogan late into his career was saying that moving the hips forward was detrimental. I have a hard time believing a swing junkie like Hogan wasn't aware of his hips.
  5. Rudy Guiliani's kid is a piece of work. There was never anything funnier than him interrupting his father's speeches or making faces behind George Bush's back when he's giving a speech. It's funny that on the preview he's wearing a Duke Golf shirt when he has been booted from the team and filed a multi-million dollar lawsuit against the school that was bounced from court. By all accounts he's a world class douche-bag. Some of the stories out of Duke were ridiculous. Breaking partner's putters if they weren't playing well, trashing courses, and my personal favorite, chewing up an apple and spitting it in his coach's face. What a sweetheart. Great job there Rudy.
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