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  1. A Naked scene at Chrysler Champ

    I ripped the video and uploaded it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZMoY4LnOy0g
  2. Official Big Break VI (Trump National) Thread

    I'm with you Allin. I think the Australian girl is great. Not only is she a cutie with a great personality, but her game seems dead solid. Right now, I'm picking her as one of the final 2 girls unless her partner somehow drags her down. I also agree about Albert bringing out the best in his partner. They seem like they are going to be tough to beat as a team.
  3. Tin Cup

    Garden hoe.
  4. Taylormade...now made in China???

    Just curious, can anyone provide a list of where each company's clubs are made? (I like knowing this kind of stuff.)
  5. Ashley Prange misses her card.

    I was rooting for her. I'm not sure why, but I find her incredibly annoying and arrogant, but sympathetic at the same time. But frankly, the way she was playing in the last few tournaments, I don't think playing in the LPGA event made any difference. I don't think she would have finished in the top 5 money list of the Futures even if she hadn't played in the Safeway event. Now that her back is against the wall, maybe she'll do well enough in Q-school to qualify.
  6. Using Hogan Points

    To get the ball into the hole in two strokes when starting from off the green. For example, if your second shot on a par-4 is just short of the green. If you make par, you've made an up-and-down. "Up" = first stroke was up onto the green; "Down" = the second stroke was down into the cup. A "sand save" is an up-and-down from a greenside bunker.
  7. What is the great appeal of ther Ryder Cup?

    It's a team event, which makes it fairly unique for golf. I think the players probably like it because they rarely get to experience the camaraderie of a team since they are usually competing against everyone else. Also, its unique for the fans because its match play instead of the stroke play they see every week on the PGA Tour. Finally, its a chance for the fans to root for their country instead of a single player. National pride, just like the Olympics.
  8. On rest and excuses...

  9. Who thinks Kelly Tilghman is hot?

    This thread is useless without pictures
  10. Using Hogan Points

    Never heard it called "Hogan Points", but I am in the middle of reading "Every Shot Must Have a Purpose" and they recommend a point system to keep yourself focused on each shot: 1 pt. for each fairway hit 1 pt. for each GIR 1 pt. for par 2 pts. for birdie 1 pt. for each up-and-down (p.41)