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  1. Vokey SM5

    Love my 60 and 52 black finish SM5's. Really fantastic wedges.
  2. When is it too cold to stop playing golf?

    This time of the year, it's about 50 degrees for me. Catch me in January or February when I start getting the itch and you'll find me on the course if it's above 40 and sunny.
  3. What'd You Shoot Today?

    88 in the first day of the club championship. 4th place right now in 1st flight. Real tough setup and 20+ mph winds. Chasing 6 strokes gross and 4 on the net.
  4. The best Driver ever

    My G15 w/ Oban Devotion is just ridiculous right now.
  5. Contests! Lots of milestones there. What's the course rating?
  6. Angle of Attack Issues

    I hitthe range real quick after work because this is really eating away at me. Changes I made were moving the ball what felt to be way up in my stance, teeing it quite a bit higher, and working on firing my lead knee at the target. Here's a video I had someone at the range take... Ball flight was MUCH higher. To a point that I'm not comfortable with. Distance seemed fine as I was blowing them out over the tall net in the back at 240 yards, but there was a 10mph tail wind. I still had a baby fade, but I wasn't getting the big banana pull slice or the big push left slice. I'm still on my phone so I haven't been able to watch in slow motion, but I'm a little worried I could be flipping. Comments are appreciated! Thanks
  7. I always play a new course a few strokes higher than my cap. Not being familiar with the greens, a miss to an area I wasn't aware of, fuming mad and taking driver when I should be hitting 4i ;)
  8. Chicago Golf lessons?? help!

    I just took a lesson at Top Golf in Wood Dale. They have state of the art facilities and you actually can hit from indoors out onto the range. I was happy with the instructor as well and plan to go back for a few more soon. Check out my post here: http://thesandtrap.com/forum/showthread.php?t=30099
  9. What'd You Shoot Today?

    Shot a 41. Some really bad holes and a few good ones. Couldn't hit a a middle iron off the tee to save my life. Did fly a drive 275 to the front of the green on a par 4 in 42 degree weather :)
  10. So I had a free golf lesson/video anaylsis voucher from Top Golf and took advantage of it tonight. Here is the web lesson from that session. I've never had a golf lesson and the two things he had me work on was my setup and transferring my weight through the ball. I found it to be very informative and the real time video analysis was extremely helpful. I'm thinking about signing up for a lesson package here. Another benefit is that in the winter time you are hitting from an indoor controlled environment onto a real range. And afterwards I recorded a few swings on the range. My setup still needs work as it almost seems like my back is arched in too much. Here is a link to the golf academy: http://www.topgolf.com/Locations/US/...o/Academy.aspx
  11. ]So I'm taking my first lesson ever today. I've been golfing on and off for close to 20 years, but I've been playing at the same level for probably the last 12. I shoot right around 100 most of the time. I only play 5-10 times a year on a good year. I've decided to make an effort at improving and would like to be shooting mid 80's by next year. Today's 'lesson' is actually a swing assessment with video analysis. If I like the facility and instructor I plan to sign up for a lesson package. What should I be looking for in an instructor? What are average rates? Anything I should do beforehand? Here's a video of my current swing. Any feedback is appreciated as well. Ok, I suppose reading the FAQ was a good idea. The video should work now... Also, I can't seem to edit my original posts... This is at the TopGolf facility near my home. If you aren't familiar with what that is, here is a link: http://www.topgolf.com/Locations/US/...o/Default.aspx
  12. Big Break Disney

    I just watched most of the Prince Edward season. Not the best show...but not the worst either.