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  1. Shot a 96 at The Honors Course. 141 slope from the 6400 tees. Probably the toughest golf course I've ever played. Classic Pete Dye. No bailouts, very penal. A few holes with OB or water on both sides. Gust of wind around 15-20 mph. Tough conditions with a stretch of 4 holes with wind directly in our faces. Despite the score (16.9 handicap), I am ok with my round. Back 9 I had 5 pars and a bogey with an 8, 8, 7. If I can clean up some errant play off the tee and stop short siding myself on elevated greens, it gives me confidence that I can play any course pretty well.
  2. Break 80 (previous low is 86, handicap is 16.9) Improve driving off the tee. Need to cut penalties and poor drives in half. Currently lose 4-6 strokes a round off the tee with driver from penalties or shots where I have to punch out / hit long irons Improve lag putting and putting in general, averaging around 38 putts a round. Want to average 34 or less. Improve short game. Need to leave myself with more shots at 1 putt per round. Specifically on confidence and decision making around when to putt, chip or pitch. Need better technique for shots that require higher ball flights at short distance Improve my swing - ball first contact on most swings Working on increasing my shaft lean from perpendicular to the ground to slightly forward - really work on Keys 2 and 3 Better pivot before impact - shoulders and hips more open than current swing Shorten swing to slightly before parallel Beat my dad on 18 holes (he is an 8 handicap. I have beaten him on 9 holes.)
  3. I've been working on this over the past month. Really feeling like I'm pushing my hips hard to get weight forward, it appears on video that I have a bit more rotation and slightly more open shoulders, but still don't think I'm getting near as open as has been suggested. How should I initiate my downswing? Should the feel be really pushing the hips forward? Right now I am uncertain about how to move down with my hands, too. I've been told to feel like I am karate chopping into the ball, then other places I hear that the hands play a more passive role, while others say to feel like the back of the hand gets back to the same position at address. I've included a driver swing and an iron swing. It looks like I really lose my posture in my driver swing compared to iron swing.
  4. Thanks. I’ll have to check that out. We are willing to drive if needed
  5. Heading down w/ family for a week for Thanksgiving. First time. Course options are overwhelming. What are the best public courses?
  6. Got it. Thanks for the help. Will work on this over the next few weeks
  7. A pic from bobby Jones in Atlanta... probably the last day of green fairways for the year
  8. Thank you. In terms of the pivot, should the feel be firing the hips hard along with the feel of getting my arms forward in position from the key #3 drill you’ve posted in the past? During my first few lessons, I was very stuck on the downswing due to slow arms, so maybe I am overdoing staying closed on the downswing as a reaction?
  9. Posting a few more swings from today and yesterday. Read around the forum and have been working on key #3... getting a flat less wrist. Feel like it’s been helping. Hitting a lot of pull hooks however. Also, is my grip too weak? Would appreciate any advice! Thanks!
  10. Yep, not a lot of public courses in Alabama worth playing outside of RTJ. Though there are 11 sites on the trail. If you are a member of a club you could try to have your pro get you onto the Ledges or Shoal Creek Not sure how off the beaten path you want to go, but for Georgia - Old Toccoa just opened in Blue Ridge. About an hour outside of Chattanooga, Atlanta. Maybe a few hours outside the border of Alabama. It's the best public track I've played in Georgia. Barnsley Garden is another one that's great. It's outside Adairsville, Georgia. About 45 minutes from the Alabama state line.
  11. If you are stopping in Chattanooga - Sweeten's Cove is a must. It's only a 30 minute drive. Sweetens Cove Golf Club Sweetens Cove Golf Club is a nine-hole golf course in South Pittsburg, Tennessee, just 30 minutes from Chattanooga. Featured in The New York Times and ranked #50 on Golfweek's list of the Top 100 Modern Golf...
  12. I've been Playing Golf for: 1.2 years (grew up playing baseball) My current handicap index or average score is: 17 My typical ball flight is: high ball flight with a draw, hook, pull-hook with all clubs but driver. driver is high ball flight with two way miss. big push slices or big hooks. The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: push, push-slice, especially with the driver Videos: Hi all, Looking for advice on my swing. I grew up playing baseball and really got serious with golf in August 2018. I've been going to lessons regularly and working on my swing. I like my swing coach but am curious by nature and all for hearing different opinions. I know that I cast / flip the club and have been working hard to correct this. It's gotten better over the past year, but just can't seem to get rid of it. I know that my low point needs to be ahead of the ball, but I tend to hit balls fat no matter how hard I try. It's killing my distance and consistency, especially with longer clubs. I do notice in slow motion that my club face seems open on the downswing, which is weird, because I try very hard to keep it closed. On radar with practice swings I can hit 112-115 mph with my driver using moderate effort, but it seems like once you put a ball in front of me I'm lucky to hit 100-102, and I generally average more around 95-98. I typically hit my wedges, irons and hybrids much better than my driver / 3 wood. I feel very comfortable 140 yards and in. I probably lose 5-10 shots off the tee per round on penalties or errant drives that leave me with punch shots or long second shots. Would appreciate any and all advice! Thank you!
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